List Of CommentLuv Enabled Blogs In 2021

Is backlink building tough for you?

Well, it’s not that much tough as you take it…

But you need to follow the best practices to build backlinks for your blog, following the right pattern and techniques make it easy.

I am sure that you also heard ever about Comment backlink building. But do you think it still works…?

It works! Yes, it works, you read that right.

Comment backlinks still work if you do comment on authority websites. Read this: Do High DA Backlinks From Blog Comments Help Rankings?

Have you ever listen about the CommentLuv? If not then you are missing most from comment backlink building.

You don’t need to be worry if you are totally unaware of the CommentLuv blogs and how you can build backlinks from that. Because I going to share everything that you should know about CommentLuv.

What is a CommentLuv Enabled Blog?

Before knowing about the CommentLuv enabled blogs, you should understand what is commentluv?

List Of CommentLuv Enabled Blogs In 2021

CommentLuv is a WordPress commenting plugin that gives incentives to commentators who drop comments on a CommentLuv enabled blogs.

If more simple words, you can build a Dofollow backlink from a CommentLuv enabled blog if you do it in a good way.

Commentluv enabled blogs are those that have the CommentLuv WordPress plugin installed and activated in their site.

So, therefore, getting backlinks, especially the Do-Follow backlinks, from any CommentLuv enabled site are very much important for you to rank your brand new blog.

How To Find Commentluv Blogs?

Don’t you have any idea about how to find CommentLuv enabled blogs?

Don’t worry! I have made this work easy for you, because I have collected 50+ CommentLuv enabled blogs which you can start with.

Even I will show the method that I and other bloggers use to find blogs that have CommentLuv plugin installed. So, it will be easy for you to find relevant blogs to your niche.

There is a tool called Drop My Link which can make this process easy for you.

Visit the dropmylink.com and create a free account there using your email address and enter a password.


Once you created your account and logged into the tool, you will see a screen like the below image.

List Of CommentLuv Enabled Blogs In 2021

Now enter the niche of your blog in the box and hit the search button, but before make sure that Comments backlinks selected as category and Comment Luv Premium as the footprint.

Just after hitting the search button, Google will show you the relevant blogs to your niche and have the CommentLuv enabled.

List Of CommentLuv Enabled Blogs In 2021

As you can see on the above image, I searched for the Dog food and Google shows me the blogs that have CommentLuv feature enabled.

How To Build DoFollow Backlinks From CommentLuv Enabled Blogs?

Blog commenting is the easiest method to build backlinks for your new as well as old blog. Apart from backlinks, it also helps in building the community and getting some referral traffic to your blog.

You can hit the 3 targets with one single FIRE.

You will get a backlink, referral traffic and also people will start knowing you because you are being active and sharing your thoughts about the topic where you dropped the comment on.

But for this, you should drop a quality comment, that provides value to their audience. I will share the tips to write quality comments later in this post.

However, you can learn here how to do blog commenting effectively.

Find the relevant CommentLuv enabled blog to your niche using the tool I mentioned above. Try to write a comment which adds value to the post or try to find points that the author has missed to cover.

Because there will be more chances that their readers will click on your link to visit your blog.

You can see that I got two backlinks from a CommentLuv enabled blog where I commented. One from the my name which is pointing to my blog homepage, and another one is added automatically by CommentLuv which is pointing to the latest post I have published on my blog.

List Of CommentLuv Enabled Blogs In 2021

The second link which is pointed to my latest blog post is a Dofollow backlink. So, isn’t it cool and easy?

Let’s see how you can write a quality content to leverage the commenting power.

7 Tips To Drop Quality Comments On CommentLuv Enabled Blog

If you write a comment like:

  • nice post, keep it up
  • Very informative post
  • I liked the information you shared
  • and blah-blah

No one want to reply or engage with these comments, and readers also ignore when they read comments. .

But if you provide value through the comments then the scenario will be completely different. Others will love to reply and also visit your blog to read other topics you covered.

The following are some tips that must be remembered while writing a comment.

  • Don’t just appreciate the author by saying, good post, informative post etc… Try to provide value, try to find a mistake or things that author forget to cover and covert all those in your comments.
  • Try to grab the opportunity to be the first commentator.
  • Don’t rush in commenting, don’t try comment on all blog posts of a blog in a single day. Rather, make a habit to drop a comment on 5-6 blogs daily.
  • Read the article carefully and note down a few important points. Also while writing the comment elaborate on your knowledge too, it will make your comment more professional and natural.
  • Do not write your comment in a spammy way. Try to make it user friendly.
  • Try to find out a high authorized blog for your comment, as it will give you a quality backlink.
  • Try to find an article that is relevant to your niche and gets a high rate of traffic. It will eventually redirect high targeted audiences to your primary blog.

List Of 50+ CommentLuv Enabled Blogs In 2021

I have made the task of finding CommentLuv blogs easy, I have gathered the links of blogs that use CommentLuv commenting system.

While I was searching for the CommentLuv blogs, I found some amazing blogs which also covered a good number of blogs that use CommentLuv

So, I thought it worth mentioning in my blog post:

Blog/Website URLDA

FAQ About CommentLuv

If you still have any thing uncleared then this FAQ Section might help you:

What Is CommentLuv?

CommentLuv is a WordPress comment plugin which gives incentive to good commentators by providing a do-follow backlink to their latest published post. CommentLuv scans the blog of commentator while they write a comment and fetch the last published post.

Best CommentLuv Blogs In 2021

I’ve shared the list of 50+ CommentLuv enabled blogs which you can get above and start building dofollow backlinks using these CommentLuv enabled backlinks.


Blog commenting is the easiest method you can use to build backlinks, even dofollow backlinks from CommentLuv enabled blogs.

As I already said, try to make your comment stand out, don’t just end it appreciating the author by saying good and informative post.

I’ve shared the list of 50+ CommentLuv blogs to build dofollow backlinks to your blog.

Here are some hand-picked articles which you might found useful for you:

If you found this post useful then must share it with others.

CommentLuv Enabled Blogs

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