Link Whisper Review With $15 Discount: Makes Internal Linking Automated (✅Tested)

Link Whisper Review


Link Whisper is an amazing WordPress plugin that makes internal linking so easy and time-saving. It provides relevant internal link suggestions as you write. The plugin has free and paid versions, its premium version cost starts from $77 for one website use.

Internal Linking is the most underrated SEO strategy. But if done in a good way, it can achieve unbelievable results.

It cost nothing to do, you just have to interlink your relevant posts to each other. But still, people rarely take this in mind. They are just following the crowd and putting effort into getting backlinks.

But let me clear you, Backlink is not the only factor that decides your position on SERPs. There are more than 200+ other factors as well.

Internal linking plays a very important role behind Google’s game of deciding a web page ranks. So why are you ignoring it?

And it became automated because of Link Whisper, which completely changed the process of Internal Linking. Now you don’t need to do it manually because it has automated the process.

Want to know more? In this complete Link Whisper review, I will share everything about the Link Whisper along with a discount of $15 if you make your mind to buy it.

Why Internal Linking Is Important For SEO?

Before diving deep into why internal linking is very important in SEO, lets first understand what is Internal Link if you are not already aware of it.

An internal link is any link inside your blog which is linking your existing page to another page(within your site). It helps in passing the link juice from one page to another which eventually helps in ranking higher in SERPs.

Here is how an internal link looks like in HTML:

<a href=”” title=”Your Keyword”>Your Keyword</a>a

Here are the benefits of Internal Linking in SEO:

  • It passes the link juice from one page to another
  • Helps in increasing the overall dwell time of your website
  • Helps search engine bots to better crawl your website and index pages
  • Increase content organic visibility through anchor texts
  • Helps readers to read futher information about a topic

So, if you want to rank higher then make sure you don’t avoid leveraging the power of Internal Linking.

The Problem With Internal Linking

Why Internal Linking is an underrated SEO strategy? Why does no one talk about it?

Because there was no automated way of doing Internal Linking before, not even with WordPress or any other CMS platforms. It was really difficult to find internal link building opportunities within a website which has tons of posts published.

Here’s what we were doing to find opportunities in back days:

internal links opportunities

By using this Google syntax “Site: “backlink building “, I’m asking Google to show my posts that contain the “backlink building” keyword. This will help me to identify which pages I can link with my latest “backlink building methods” post.

Don’t you think this isn’t a cup of tea for all, especially for beginners? They will find it a bit complicated or techy-stuff, also it is a very time-consuming process.

There were no options to make this process simpler and time-saving tasks earlier, but we have something which can make Internal Linking a lot easier and automated.

The Solution – Link Whisper

Link Whisper Review

Link Whisper is a WordPress plugin that makes doing internal linking in WordPress so easy & time-saving, now you don’t have to do it manually by searching every linking opportunity. It provides link suggestions as you write, powered by Artificial Intelligence backed scans.

Even you don’t need to find which pages are relevant to link your latest published post because Link Whisper is here to do it for you. You just need to review them and approve with just a single click.

Doesn’t it sound time-saving and easy to implement? It does!

Link Whisper Features

Link Whisper is a feature-rich WordPress plugin for internal linking, it makes internal linking an automated task that was never possible earlier. But it is possible now just because of Link Whisper.

It comes with some great features, let me mention some of them here:

Al-Powered Link Suggestions

Link Whisper Link Suggestions

Link Whisper is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), which means it is smart enough to find which post makes sense linking to. It provides suggestions for internal links as your write in your WordPress editor.

It totally depends on how many posts you have in your blog and the relevancy of your existing content, Link Whisper shows dozens of suggestions you can add to your post that you are writing.

You just need to check the box you want to add and hit the save button, that’s it! It makes internal linking so easy.


Auto Linking

Link Whisper’s auto-linking feature lets you build more internal links faster. You can build internal links for your desired keywords using this feature.

You just input the keyword you want to build links for, and also enter the URL you want those links to go. Your work is done here and Link Whisper’s starts.

Link Whisper then builds the internal links automatically for your desired keyword from all the past and future mentions of your desired keywords to the page you provided the URL.

You can get tons of links for your targeted keyword and this will help you in boosting your SERPs ranking.

Connect With Google Search Console

You must be using the Google Search Console, right? Because it is the must-have tool for all bloggers & webmasters.

Link Whisper has an option to connect with the Google Search Console and pull all your traffic data from there to Link Whisper. This will show you the organic keywords bringing you traffic, average position and a lot more important metrics.

This data can help you to adjust your keywords and internal links for maximizing your results.

Links Reporting

Link Whisper Review With $15 Discount: Makes Internal Linking Automated (✅Tested)

Link Whisper provides in-depth link reporting of your website, provides valuable data that you can use to optimize your website and get better results.

It shows you how many outbound internal and external links are coming from each article. Along with the Internal links, the report also shows broken links and errors so you can fix them.

You get the following things inside the Link Whisper reports:

  • Dashboard
  • Links report
  • Domains report
  • Clicks report
  • Error report


You will get a sneak-peak of your internal linking structure on the dashboard. There you can find the following stats:

  • Most linked to domains
  • % of internal & external links
  • Total orphaned posts
  • Total broken links
  • Total 404 errors
  • Total no. of internal links you hav
  • and many more useful details

Links Report

Links report Link Whisper

Links Report will show you the total no. of inbound & outbound internal links, also outbound external links for each post published on your blog. Also, you have the option to add the internal links directly from there by clicking the Add link.

Link Whisper will run a quick scan to show some internal links suggestions, you just need to select which makes sense and hit the Add links button at the bottom.

Link Whisper Review With $15 Discount: Makes Internal Linking Automated (✅Tested)

It really makes it easy to add internal links to your existing posts.

Domains Report

It shows you all the domains that you have linked to, along with the total no. of links and posts.

Here is how it looks like:

domain reports

Clicks Report

This report will show you the no. of clicks your interlinks got over the past 30 days, you can also have a detailed report and know which links are getting most clicked.

Link Whisper Review With $15 Discount: Makes Internal Linking Automated (✅Tested)

Error Report

The most important report that will show you the errors within your WordPress blog such as broken links, 404 pages, 500 internal server errors or any other type of errors(if you have any).

Link Whisper Review With $15 Discount: Makes Internal Linking Automated (✅Tested)
Source: Link Whisper

Quick Note: As our website does not have any errors so we are showing the above’s screenshot from Link Whisper official website.

Bulk URL Changer

Link Whisper Bulk URL Changer

Have you ever changed your blog’s URL structure?

No worries! If you again want to because Link Whisper has something for you that can help you to change the URL in bulk with a single click across all your blog.

Link Whisper has Bulk URL Changer that you can use and input your old and new URLs there and hit the Add URL button, it’s done in time. All your old URLs has been replaced by the new URLs.

It again becomes a time-saver here, if you go manually to update your links by yourself. It will take a lot of time and effort. Yes, there are some 3rd party plugins that can help you here.

But why install an additional plugin and make your website heavy when Link Whisper already has the same feature for you.

Fix Broken Links

Broken links or 404 errors impact negatively on your website’s SEO, also Google hates 404 pages.

But you don’t have to worry because Link Whisper makes it extremely easy to find and fix broken links inside your WordPress blog.

It also allows you to edit or remove broken links within the Link Whisper interface. So, you don’t need to open all blog posts one by one and update those broken links.

Link Whisper Pricing

Link Whisper Pricing

Link Whisper is a freemium WordPress plugin — which means it has both free and paid plans but its free plan comes with lots of limitations on features.

You can download the Link Whisper free version from your WordPress dashboard by going to Plugins>Add New and searching for the Link Whisper Free.

Link Whisper Review With $15 Discount: Makes Internal Linking Automated (✅Tested)

Let’s talk about its Premium version, It has three plans — below is the complete details of Link Whisper plans.

Link Whisper has three plans as of now, all its plans offer the same features there is only a difference which is no. the website you can use it on.

  • Single Site License: This plan is the cheapest plan, it is good for you if you are just starting or only have one WordPress site where you need Link Whisper. It costs $77/yr that includes, automatic link suggestions & full internal links reporting for only one website.
  • 3 Sites License: Have more than one WordPress site? This plan suits you, where you get access to use the Link Whisper plugin for up to 3 websites. It will cost you $117 per year, it includes the internal link suggestions and full reporting for up to 3 websites.
  • 10 Site License: The most expensive plan of Link Whisper is where you get access to use the plugin on up to 10 WordPress sites. It will cost you $167 per year. It includes the internal link suggestions and full links reporting for up to 10 websites.

Are you looking for any Link Whisper discount code? Did I hear that right? Hmm!

I’ve got an exclusive coupon code for StayMeOnline readers, apply “StayMeOnline” at the time of checkout to claim $15 OFF on your purchase. This coupon is valid for all plans.

If you want to know more about how to claim this discount then refer to the next section…

Get Link Whisper Now ($15 OFF Use: StayMeOnline)

Link Whisper Discount Code(Save $15 OFF)

As a StayMeOnline reader, you get an exclusive discount which you can claim and get a flat $15 on your purchase of Link Whisper. This Link Whisper discount code is valid for all Link Whisper plans.

Just keep in mind of using the “StayMeOnline” promo code at the time of checkout.

Here’s the discounted Link Whisper pricing for StayMeOnline readers exclusively:

Link Whisper PlanRegular PriceStayMeOnline Readers Price
Single Site License$77$57
3 Sites License$117$97
5 Sites License$167$147

Just don’t forget to use the promo code “StayMeOnline” at the time of checkout, otherwise, this discount won’t be applicable to your purchase.

— How To Activate Link Whisper Discount Code?

Let me show you step by step, how can you use the Link Whisper discount code and save $15 on your Link Whisper purchase.

Step: 1 Click on this “Activate Link Whisper Discount Code” link, it will send you to the official website of Link Whisper where you can proceed to purchase the Link Whisper license.

Link Whisper Discount code

Step: 2 Hit the Get Link Whisper Now button you are seeing at the homepage, It will send you to the Link Whisper pricing section where you can find the details of Link Whisper plans and select a plan that suits your needs.

Link Whisper pricing

Step: 3 Select the plan that you want to purchase, which suits your requirement. If you have only one website then the Single Site License is perfect for you.

Click on the Get Started button placed on the plan you selected to proceed to the billing page.

Step: 4 Apply the discount code “StayMeOnline” to claim this discount code. As you can see in the below image, I am getting the $15 OFF, Yippee!

Link Whishper discount code applied

Step: 5 Link Whisper accepts only two payment modes, Paypal and Credit Card. Choose one that you want to use for this purchase and enter your billing details like email address, first and last name etc. and hit the Purchase button placed at the bottom.

Activate Link Whisper Discount Code

Congratulations, you have saved $15 OFF on your Link Whisper purchase.

Link Whisper Customer Support

Link Whisper knowledgebase

Let’s talk about the Link Whisper support system, it is very important to look at how reliable support they offer.

There will rarely be a chance to come where you will need a person to answer your queries because their knowledge base is filled with tons of questions & queries that their customers often ask and face. There are high chances that you will get your query answered through their knowledge base.

But if you did not find any solution there, then they have an email ticketing option that you can use and get your query resolved within 24 hours, they have a response time of 24 hours.

But this email ticketing option is only allowed for their premium version users, not for free version users. They can contact through their plugin forum on

How Relevant Links Suggestions It Provides?

So, it is time to test the relevancy of Link Whisper link suggestions.

For testing its relevancy of link suggestions, I am going to edit my latest published post that is about Amateur bloggers mistakes and let’s see how relevant link suggestions it will provide:

Link Whisper Review With $15 Discount: Makes Internal Linking Automated (✅Tested)

It generated around 15 link suggestions and I am happily saying that 70% of the suggestions were highly relevant and I have added those links to my post.

The relevancy of links suggested by the Link Whisper is quite impressive, as you can not expect an Ai-powered tool to be 100% accurate. They do not have the human mind to think which would be perfect, it is just providing suggestions based on text.

Pros & Cons Of Link Whisper

The pros & cons section is really important for this Link Whisper review because you also want to know its cons. It will be helpful for you to know both sides of this plugin.


  • It has a free version available that you can try before purchasing the premium license
  • Suggest internal link opportunities as you write
  • Saves time by offering automated internal linking solution
  • Helps in gaining higher rankings because better internal links helps in SEO
  • Your links will stay in site even if you uninstalled the plugin
  • Provide in-depth internal links report where you can find information about all internal links, broken links etc.
  • It does not impact the website loading speed
  • No need to have a broken link checker plugin additionally, because it helps there too. You can fix your broken links using Link Whisper


  • A bit expensive for beginners starting with low-budget, but worth every single dime. You can use our special link and coupon code: StayMeOnline to get a flat $15 OFF on your purchase

FAQs About Link Whisper Review

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Link Whisper plugin that you might want to know:

What is Link Whisper?

Link Whisper is a WordPress plugin that makes internal linking so easy by showing the relevant page to link as you write within your WordPress site. You just need to give a single click to add an internal link.

Is Link Whisper free?

Link Whisper has a free version available that you can download from your WordPress dashboard. The free version comes with limitations on features, if you want to use its full version then you’ll need to purchase its premium license.

How much does Link Whisper cost?

Link Whisper premium has three plans that cost starting from $77(single site license), $117(3 sites license) and $167(10 sites license).

Is there any Link Whisper discount code available?

Yes, there is an exclusive Link Whisper discount code available for StayMeOnline readers, you can claim $15 OFF on your purchase using coupon code “StayMeOnline” at the time of checkout.

What will happen if I uninstall the Link Whisper plugin from my site?

Nothing, all the links added through Link Whisper will stay even after completely removing Link Whisper from your site.

What are the best Link Whisper alternatives?

Here are the three best Link Whisper alternatives:
1) Autolinks Manager
2) Rank Math 
3) Internal Link Juicer

Is there any money-back guarantee with the Link Whisper?

Yes, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee with the Link Whisper. If you are not happy with the Link Whisper, no worries, you can easily get your money back.

Link Whisper Review – My Verdict

Link Whisper works like a charm when it comes to Internal Linking. It really makes this task easy by showing you relevant linking opportunities as you write.

It can help you to leverage the power of internal linking. It was very difficult earlier when there was no automated solution for internal linking. Because you can’t identify every possible place where you can have an internal link.

But thanks to Link Whisper, it does not only help you to add internal links to your new post rather you can also add new links to your old posts with ease.

How are you internal linking in your blog? Are you using any plugin for this or doing it manually? If you are already using Link Whisper then share your feedback in the comments section below.

I hope you found this Link Whisper review helpful for you, if you did then make sure you share it with others!

Link Whisper review
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