How To Add Lazy Load In WordPress? 5 Best Plugins

Are you searching how to add lazy load WordPress?

So, you are on the right page. Because I am going to share how you can add lazy load in your WordPress website and also be sharing the best image lazy load plugin WordPress.

Images are the main element which can make your website slower because they take time to load while someone visits your website. Images are heavy in size, I know you are optimizing them using plugins like Smush it, But still, they are heavy in size.

As I mentioned above, Images are the heaviest element on a website’s page which make your page slow.

But you can’t stop using images in the blog post because it is very important to add images from user experience as well as SEO point of view.

Images can drive traffic to your website as well, So there are tons of benefits for using images.

You may be using Cloudflare with your website to increase the loading speed of your website but still, the images are at the same place where they were before. CDN is the best way to make your website fast but they can’t slow the problem of the heavy images.

Here are some few posts which will help you to know more about CDN…

But, how you can solve this problem to make your website faster?

This can be solved with Lazy Load, don’t you know about this. Lazy load is the best way which you can use to make your website load faster even if you have images on your webpage.

Let me explain what is lazy loading in WordPress…

What Is Lazy Load & How It Works?

I am sure that you have seen on many popular blogs that when you are on any post, Images are automatically loaded as you scroll down. This is what we called the Lazy Load.

Lazy load doesn’t make your images less in the size and neither decreases the count of images to be shown on one page.

All the images of a webpage load at once when someone visits your website which takes too long to load that webpage, this is the main reason why your website becomes slow.

Lazy Load makes a single change which is, It will stop all images from loading in the beginning rather it will load only images which will be displayed on the user screen.

As you scroll down, the images will be loaded as well. It will reduce the time which your page normally takes when you were not using Lazy Load.

This is very simple, loading all images at one time is more time-consuming compare than loading some images from all which your visitors can see on screen.

Your visitors won’t be seeing the images until they reach the place where the images placed, once they reached it will be shown automatically. This is a small trick which you can implement on your blog’s images to improve the loading speed without sacrificing with the users’ experience.

Now, I hope you understand, what is Lazy Load? but wondering how you can start using it on your WordPress site?

Best Lazy Load WordPress Plugins

WordPress has many lazy load plugins which can help you to add lazy load on your WordPress blog. I am sharing some of them which works great in this.

Here are all the plugins which can help help you to add lazy load in WordPress website.

Jetpack Lazy Load

Jetpack offers lots of amazing features in one single plugin, It is the must-have plugin for every WordPress site. It also has Lazy Load feature in-built. So, you only need to activate it.

You can do this by going Jetpack>Setttings>WritingScroll down to the Speed up your site… and Activate the Lazy Load like shown in the below image.

Jetpack Lazy Load

That’s all you need to do, How simple is that…

There are many more plugins apart from Jetpack which built only for this purpose. Here are some more plugins which you can check out…

BJ Lazy Load

This plugin replaces all your post images, post thumbnails, gravatar images and content iframes with a placeholder and loads the content as it gets close to enter the browser window when the visitor scrolls the page. Also works with text widgets.

BJ Lazy Load

Follow the steps below to start using lazy load on your WordPress website using Bj Lazy Load plugin:

First of all, you need to install the Bj Lazy Load plugin in your WordPress website which you can easily do by going to Plugins>Add New and search for the Bj Lazy Load.

BJ Lazy Load WordPress plugin

After installing and activating the BJ Lazy Load WordPress plugin, go to Settings>Bj Lazy Load to configure the lazy load.

You can choose the options in which you want to apply the lazy load, there are options like content, text widgets, thumbnails, Gravatars etc.

How To Add Lazy Load In WordPress? 5 Best Plugins

Here you have some more options…

You can select your own image placeholder by entering a placeholder image URL in the box. You can also skip images which a specific classes.

settings lazy load

Once you are done with all the settings, click on the Save Changes button to make it live on your website.

a3 Lazy Load

This is the plugin which I have tested personally and found useful that’s why I am adding it to the list. It has good reviews and rating in the WordPress directory.

If you are planning to use it for enabling lazy load on your WordPress site. So, here are the steps which you should take…

First, download and install the plugin by going Plugins>Add New and search for a3 Lazy Load.

How To Add Lazy Load In WordPress? 5 Best Plugins

Then go to Settings>a3 Lazy Load, Then you can see an option to Enable Lazy Load on your website’s images…

How To Add Lazy Load In WordPress? 5 Best Plugins

Here are some more options which you need to look at… If you don’t want to make thumbnails lazy load then you can disable it from here. And many more options are available.

How To Add Lazy Load In WordPress? 5 Best Plugins

You can choose the effect also… There are two effects Spinner and Fade in, You can also choose Loading background colour also.

How To Add Lazy Load In WordPress? 5 Best Plugins

Click on the Save button to make all the changes live on your website.

Lazy Load In WordPress Using WP Rocket

WP Rocket is the best WordPress cache plugin which really helps in improving the website loading speed.

But do you know? It also has the lazy load feature which you can use. I am using WP Rocket for lazy loading on my blog.

You can activate lazy loading just by going to Settings>WP Rocket>Media and tick on Enable for images.

lazy load using WP Rocket in WordPress

This is how you can add lazy load in your WordPress blog using the WP Rocket WordPress cache plugin.

Lazy Load – Optimize Images

Lazy Load in WordPress

Lazy Load plugin will help you to load images when they will be displayed to visitors on their screen, it will reduce the HTTP request and impact on loading speed.

This plugin is created by the WP Rocket, and it’s free.

Install and activate the plugin by going to Plugins>Add New and search for Lazy Load by WP Rocket

How To Add Lazy Load In WordPress? 5 Best Plugins

Once it installed and activated successfully, go to Settings>LazyLoad and tick the Images to add lazy load in your WordPress blog.

How To Add Lazy Load In WordPress? 5 Best Plugins

Hit the Save Changes button.


Using Lazy Load can make a high impact on the page loading speed of your website, if you are using CDN then you can still use this and it will not make any impact on CDN.

This is done for this post and I hope you liked this and found it helpful if you did then must share it with others to help them too in adding lazy load in their WordPress websites.

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