How To Start Using Infinite Scroll On Your WordPress Site?

Every blogger is searching to find the working ways to make their blog addictive for their blog. Someday ago, I shared a post where I share how you can use Lazy load images and make your blog more cool and addictive.

I know we try many things to make our blog more cool, more engaging and addictive for the users. This all comes in giving a good users experience.

Infinite Scrolling is one of the ways which can help us to make our blog addictive, engaging for our readers. This is what we are about to talk about this post.

Wondering, what is Infinite Scrolling?

What Is Infinite Scroll?

I am sure you have seen it on the Facebook, Whenever you scroll down to the bottom it reloads automatically to show you more feeds. This small trick makes Facebook more engaging.

Not the only facebook uses it rather many popular websites like Twitter, Neil Patel, and Instagram.

Traditionally, Your readers need to click on the next page button to read the old blog posts, which sometimes not good and your users might quit the page.

Infinite Scroll is small tricks which make your blog endless scrolling means whenever a user scroll to the bottom of the page then it will automatically load more blog post. Sometimes it also is known as the “Continuous Scroll“. Facebook and Twitter are the best examples of the Infinite Scroll.

It eliminates the traditional way of changing the page for reading more blog post, which sometimes not good for the user’s experience.

Why Should You Use Infinite Scroll On Your Blog?

When your users don’t need to click on the next page to read more post which means they will get new blog post when they will scroll down to the bottom. This trick will attract readers to read more posts.

It will affect indirectly:

  • It will decrease Bounce Rate
  • Increase Time On Page
  • And also increase the Pageviews

Here are something which can prove this:

  • The Time.com team decreased their bounce rate by 15% after shifting to infinite scroll
  • Time.com also increased its rate of users reading the second piece of content by 21%
  • NBC.com increased its pages per visit by 20%

I am not saying that every single website should use the Infinite Scroll, for this you should read this article.

How To Enable Infinite Scroll On WordPress?

For Jetpack Users

We have tons of plugins in WordPress directory which can make this task easy for you. The best plugin for this work is Jetpack, I am sure you are using this if not then must start using it. This is the no.1 in must have plugins list for the WordPress website.

Here are the steps for you to enable the Infinite Scroll using Jetpack on your WordPress website.

Step 1: First, you should have Jetpack enabled on your WordPress website, if you are not using Jetpack already then you should read below post to get step by step guide.

Step 2: Go to Jetpack>Settings after installing the Jetpack plugin successfully.

Jetpack WordPress Plugin

Step 3: Now scroll down to the Theme Enhancements section on the page, there you can see an option called Infinite Scroll. This is what you need to activate to enable Infinite Scroll on your website.

Step 4: There are three options as you can see in the below image, all have different-different effects.

I suggest you, go with the third option which I have highlighted in the image, It will enable Infinite Scroll and the post will be loaded automatically when users scroll to bottom.

If you want to add a button which your users need to click on for loading more post then choose second “Load more post in a page with a button” option.

Infinite Scroll Jetpack

Step 5: After choosing an option click on Save Settings button to make the infinite scroll live on your website.

Step 6:  Now you need to make sure that Infinite Scroll is working on your site properly or not.  For checking this, go to your blog where all your blog posts are listed and scroll to the bottom and see older post are loading automatically or not.

By In-Built Theme Option

If you are using a premium theme, so here is something interesting for you. I am using GeneratePress premium theme which has inbuilt option to enable the Infinite Scroll on the blog page.

I am not saying that each and every premium theme has it but in maximum cases, you can get that with the premium theme.

If you are also using GeneratePress like me then you are lucky, It is very easy for you to use Infinite Scroll on your blog.

You only need to go to the Appearance>Customize>Layout>Blog and there you can see a “Use Infinite Scroll” option like shown in the image.

Infinite Scroll GeneratePress

If you are planning to purchase a premium theme for your WordPress site, So, I will recommend you to choose GeneratePress because it is very customizable and cheap as well. I am recommending it after using it personally on StayMeOnline, If you want to buy GeneratePress then click on this link...

Other Plugin

Jetpack is not the only plugin for enabling Infinite Scrolling on your WordPress website, there are other plugins also available for you. I am going to share some best name for doing the same.

WordPress Infinite Scroll – Ajax Load More

Ajax Load More

Ajax Load More is one of the best plugins for this work, It is created especially for the Infinite Scrolling.

Ajax Load More is the ultimate WordPress infinite scroll plugin for lazy loading posts, single posts, pages, comments and more with Ajax powered queries.

Note: For using this plugin, you must have basic PHP knowledge. Becuase this is not easy as Jetpack is, If you don’t have Basic PHP knowledge then I must suggest you to use Jetpack I shared above.

You can know more about this plugin from the official page by clicking here.

Read: How to Add Infinite Scroll to WordPress with Ajax Load More?


This is done for this post and I hope you got this properly. Using Infinite Scrolling on your site can help you increase the page on time, decrease the bounce rate and it can also make your blog more professional.

It has many benefits of using, People are addictive to scroll facebook and twitter news feeds because they don’t need to click on the next page button which might make it boarding.

So, It is your turn to make your blog archive addictive like facebook and twitter, let engage your reader more to your blog.

If you have any query and suggesting so must drop in comments, I will be happy to answer them. You can also share your queries on StayMeOnline Forum.

Infinite Scroll WordPress

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