Increase Your Page Loading Speed Using Google Page Speed

I hope you have also faced the same problem which I faced recently. What was that?

I was visiting a blog, but the problem is that was taking to much time to load. Its loading speed was very slow. But it has useful content which I found helpful. 

That time, I got frustrated because of the lazy load. That was my friend’s blog who asked me to review his content. And let him know it is fine or not? That’s why I could not quit. 

After reviewing his blog, I met me and ask:

Friend: Hi, Ravi! How are my blog and its content? Did you like that?

I: Content is awesome. Keep the writing posts like that. But?

Friend: But? What?

I: There was a major issue which you should Fix first.

Friend: What is that?

I: When I was visiting your blog. I like your content, it is informative, I want to read all your posts. But You page loading is speed is very slow. Your blog takes too much time to load. It is the problem which frustrated me then I quit after reading some posts. I want to tell you one thing no one will wait until your page load fully, They will definitely quit. I am your friend, You gave me a responsibility to review your site and content that’s the reason I did not quit.

Friend: I know it takes time to load. But I am new to blogging and I don’t know how I can increase my page loading speed? Can you help me in this?

I: Why not? I always love to help beginners.

So, I helped him and Now finally he is happy with his blog’s loading speed. Then I thought to share this with you.

Page Speed is a major thing which you should take care of. Maybe, Your content is full of useful information but It will become useful if it takes time to load. Users will definitely quit before reading the posts.

A study by Akami found that around three-quarters of web users would not return to a website if, in their experience, it took longer than four seconds to load.

Have a look at Infographic.

kissmetrics, page loading speed, how to increase page loading speed, google page speed

Infographic by kissmetrics

Now you know why we should increase our blog/website loading speed.

First, You should test your website then start working on your page speed. There are two tools which are popular, I am also using both to test my blogs/websites. And they both tools are free to use, you don’t need to pay a single penny.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights is very tools by Google to check website status. It will give your site a score and also highlight the fields where you need to work to improve your site loading speed.

google page speed,pagespeed,pagespeed insights,page speed

It has a very simple interface. You don’t need to create an account before using it.


GTmetrix is another popular tool for checking website performance. It has some extra features which Google PageSpeed Insights doesn’t have, Which make it’s more useful.

GTmetrix,google page speed,pagespeed,pagespeed insights,page speed

If you are a WordPress User, so you can also install GTmetrix WordPress plugin which will help you to monitor your site performance from your WordPress Dashboard.

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Both tools are easy to use and understand, For this post, I am taking Google PageSpeed Insights. if you optimize your site on Google Page Speed Insights then your GTmetrix score will also increase.

Increase Google PageSpeed Score

I hope now you checked your Website performance on Google PageSpeed Insight. You didn’t so go and check first.

It uses three signal to give a score to your site.

  • Red: Bad
  • Orange: Needs Improvement
  • Green: Good

Scroll down to find the things which are affecting you loading speed, where you need to work. Find Possible Optimization on the result page.

google page speed,pagespeed,pagespeed insights,page speed

These are some common errors which are showing in above image. Click on the Show how to fix the link, by doing this you will understand what to fix. 

For Example, In Above image you can see we need to optimize images, if you click on Show how to fix then it will show which images you need to optimize.

Let me tell you first, How to Fix these error?

Leverage Browser Caching

A web browser required many resources from the server (i.e. HTML files, CSS file, JS files, text, images etc.) in order to load a website. Web Cache is the way which web browsers use to store ‘temporally store’ or ‘remember’ visited web page resources on local disc. This temporarily stored data is called ‘ Web Cache’ or ‘HTTP Cache‘.

Now you understood what is it? so we move on to How to Fix it?

There is some plugin which can help you to fix Leverage Browser Caching. I am using these two plugins which are working awesome.

#1. WP Fastest Cache – WordPress plugin

This is a great plugin for leverage browser caching. This plugin has 5 starts which means this is a useful and having 400,00+ active installs.

  1. You can download this plugin by clicking this link.
  2. Go to the Plugin settings.
  3. Click on the Browser Caching checkbox as shown in the picture and click on Submit button.

Wp Fastest Caching Plugin, google page speed,pagespeed,pagespeed insights,page speed

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#2. W3 Total Cache – WordPress plugin

W3 total cache,google page speed,pagespeed,pagespeed insights,page speed

I am sure you are aware of this plugin and maybe using this plugin. It is most famous and recommended plugin. You can download the plugin by clicking here.

  1. Go to General Settings of W3 Total Cache Plugin
  2. Scroll down and Enable the Browser Cache and Save all settings
  3. Now, navigate to the Browser Cache Settings Tab available on top of the page.
  4. Specify Cache Headers available in General Settings on this page.
  5. Set Expires Headers, Set Cache-Control Headers and Set entity tag (eTag) – Check all boxes.
  6. Save all settings after that and it’s done.

w3 total cache,google page speed,pagespeed,pagespeed insights,page speed

Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content

This is the another most common error in Google PageSpeed Insights.

As you know WordPress has plugins for every problem of their users. For this, you need to download Autoptimize Plugin by clicking here.

Now go to settings>Autoptimize and Show Advanced Options. Do the same settings as I did in below image

google page speed,pagespeed,pagespeed insights,page speed

Here you can allow the plugin to include inline JS and remove scripts that are excluded by default like seal.js or jquery.js.

Now scroll down and check 4th box which is saying aggregate CSS in the HTML, as in below image.

google page speed,pagespeed,pagespeed insights,page speed

Then go to the end of the screen and Click Save and Empty Cache button to save and delete the cache.

You can also do this with the W3 Total Cache plugin. You need to go to Performance>General Settings and scroll down to Minify Section.

Check the Minify Box and Click on the manual. Click on the save all settings button to store your settings.

Optimize Your Images

Posts which have images get more share. We should add images minimum 4 images in the post. But the problem with images is they are big in size and make your page slow to load.

For fixing this problem I recommend you to use Smush plugin. It will automatically reduce the size of images which you upload to your media.

google page speed,pagespeed,pagespeed insights,page speedYou can also compress all your images at one click. You can download Smush Plugin by clicking this clicking this link.

Minify HTML, CSS And JavaScripts

As some images are big in sizes likewise there may be some HTML, CSS, and Javascript that’s why you got this error. You need to reduce the size of these files to increase your page loading speed.

For this, You need to download a plugin called Autoptimize this plugin will help you to reduce the sizes of HTML, CSS, and Javascript files.

Autoptimize,google page speed,pagespeed,pagespeed insights,page speed

I hope now you understood how to fix these errors. These are the most famous error which we need to fix.

Fix All These Errors Without Plugins

I have discussed above how you can fix all these errors with WordPress Plugin? And you can also fix these errors without any plugin. You just need to scroll down on your Google PageSpeed Insights result page. Then click on Download optimized image, JavaScript, and CSS resources for this page.

google page speed,pagespeed,pagespeed insights,page speed

You will get a zip file where you will find the already optimized image, HTML, Javascript, and CSS resources so you don’t need to use any plugin to optimize these things.

You only need to connect you FTP to your site or go to your cpanel and open File manage. Replace all files which need to be optimized.

The Conclusion

I hope you understood how to increase your Google PageSpeed insights score. Always check your site speed and improve users experience.

If you have any query with this or if you are facing any problem you can leave a comment here to let us know, I will happy to help you. You can also connect with me on Facebook and Twitter. Subscribe Our Newsletter to get the notification about new posts.

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