How To Promote Affiliate Products Using Blog? 7 Techniques For 2020

Did you decide to monetize your blog using affiliate products?

Well, this is a good move you are going to take.

Affiliate marketing is my primary source of earning from my blogs, it is an amazing method, right?

However, I have tried many other methods as well including Google adsense but none of them worked for me as good as affiliate marketing did.

If you started a blog and looking for methods to promote affiliate products on your blog then I am going to share amazing techniques in this post.

Techniques To Promote Affiliate Products On Blog

Following are the methods that you can start using to promote affiliate products through your blog:

Write Review Post

It is the best technique to promote affiliate products and get sales. By writing reviews, you are sharing your experience with your readers about the product you are using.

At the same time, you are promoting the product also using your affiliate link.

Review post introduce a product, share pros and cons, pricing and other important things, it helps others in knowing about a product and how it can help them.

Online shoppers use to read reviews before purchasing any product online. Before buying anything online, they search “product name” review to find out what others’ opinion about the product.

Here are some tips that you can start following to write a killer review post:

  1. Share Your Honest Review: Don’t try to say good words only about the product just to attract customers to buy it, rather share your honest opinion.
  2. Share Both Sides: I have seen people share benefits only on reviews, but it is not good. You will get the sales in starting but you will be failed to build trust and a good relationship with readers.
  3. Leverage Review Rich Snippet: You can add stars rating on your review posts that will appear in Google results and helps in increase the CTR.

Here are the more amazing tips to write high-converting product review post…

How-To Posts

promote affiliate products

How-to post is another most effective method to promote affiliate products on your blog, it helps in increasing the conversion.

Because through How-to post, you are not promoting products. Instead, you are promoting solution that will help your readers to fix the problem they are facing.

For Example, you written a post on How to clean curtains, you mentioned that you used ABC powder to clean the curtains and added the link at the bottom to purchase that powder.

Your visitors will convert into customers because they came to your post to learn how to clean curtains because they want to clean their curtains.

They know you cleaned your curtains using ABC powder they will surely purchase the powder to clean theirs.

Create A Deal Section

A deal section on a blog shows all the deals on products related to niche and their audience need. Create a deal section on your blog where you can list all the deals running on products related to your niche.

The deal page is one of the most converting pages that generate affiliate sales.

You will find deals pages on other tops blog like ShoutMeLoud, WPBeginners.

Create A Resources Page

Do you know?

A resources page is one of the most visited pages on a blog, it is the next most visited page after About page.

Create a resources page and mention all the tools you use with your affiliate link.

You can check our ToolKit(resources) page, I have mentioned all the tools that I am using on my blog. Check ToolKit page here…

Add Links Into Blog Post

Never forget to add the links to your own blog post, always add affiliate links where needed.

Adding links doesn’t mean to add links everywhere, never do these silly mistakes otherwise your post will look spammy.

When talking about any product on your blog post, make sure to add the affiliate link to that instead of the common link to the product website.

Create Comparison Post

People look for a comparison post to know which one is good between two or more similar products.

Like, If you are going to buy SEMrush but confused which one is good SEMrush or Ahrefs, you will surely search for comparison post and once you got one winner, you will go with that.

So, comparison posts always help here to decide the one from the two or more best options. I am sure you take help of a comparison article when you plan to purchase mobile phones or any other product online.

Use Banners

Affiliate programs provide various promotional materials like banners, links, widgets etc. Place banners on high converting places of your blog like sidebar, header, footer etc.

The most common mistakes bloggers do is they place too many ads on their blog, which makes their website spammy and your users will be not liking that.

It is the fact, the blog which has too many ads always has a high bounce rate. People will leave your website immediately If they see ads everywhere.

Make sure to put minimum ads on your blog and choose the product your reader would like to buy. In shorts find out their need.


Affiliate products promotion techniques don’t end there, there are tons of other affiliate marketing techniques that you can use to start promoting affiliate products and start making money.

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These are the 7 techniques to promote affiliate products on a blog to generate affiliate sales.

I hope you found this post useful if you did then must share it with others.

how to promote affiliate links

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  2. To get the most out of affiliate marketing, you’ve to win trust from readers and then, promote affiliate products on your blog. In my opinion, your content is the key to winning consistent readership. It doesn’t really matter what niche you have.


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