7 Techniques To Promote Affiliate Links On Your Blog In 2020

Don’t know How to promote affiliate links on your blog?

Give me some minutes I will explain right now…

Affiliate marketing is the most effective way to make money online, no doubt. If you search about how to make money online then you will get the same name in most places.

People often take affiliate marketing as a get quick rich scheme but it is not 100% true. It needs proper plans to promote the product and an effective marketing strategy.

What? don’t you know, what is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the art of selling products online. You don’t need to have a product to sell. You only need to promote other seller’s products. In Simple Words, In Affiliate Marketing you only have to refer peoples to purchase any particular product if they purchase that product then you will get the commission.

The Commission is not fixed. It totally depends on what product you are promoting. It can be $1 to $500 or more. This image will help you to understand Affiliate Marketing more effectively. This is the Process of Affiliate Marketing.

how to promote affiliate links
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I’m sure now you come to know enough about the affiliate marketing, if you still have any doubt then must read: What Is Affiliate Marketing? How Does IWorkks?

Recently, I have shared 5 ways to promote affiliate products without website/blog and now I am going to share ways to promote with the blog.

Because earning from Google Adsense takes too much time and also you need huge traffic. Affiliate marketing is easy then Adsense and traffic don’t matter.

You can even earn if you have less than 10 users on your blog, but they should be highly targeted what you have written about.

So, Today I am going to share the best and effective way to promote affiliate links on your blog.

How To Promote Affiliate Links On Your Blog?

There are many ways which you can use to promote on your blog, here in this post, I will be only sharing promotion methods with the blog. I have already shared the methods to promote links without a blog. If you didn’t read that yet then must read by clicking here.

Write Reviews

No, any method can beat this, It is the most effective method for affiliate marketers to get high sales. You should write a killer in-depth review post of the tool or service you used. And give your affiliate link to let your reader buy from your link and you will get the commission.

Here are some tips which you should take care of, to write a killer review post:

  • Your review should be unique. I have seen many people doing against it, they only write the good side of the product or service they review. But this is wrong even if you get the money from the company. You are a blogger and writing post, your reader comes and read your post and buy the product because they trust you. Never break their trust.
  • Write in-depth review posts… Explain everything deeply with images where needed
  • Share your personal experience…
  • Use star ratings, it increases the CTR…
  • Pick product which your readers need to know and buy

If you follow all the tips I shared above, you will be creating a killer review post which will generate huge sales.

How-To Post

7 Techniques To Promote Affiliate Links On Your Blog In 2020
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This is the most effective way after review post, How-to post also gets high affiliate conversion. People read how to post because they need the solution to any certain problem.

For Example, Someone writes a post on How to clean curtains?, He writes that he used ABC powder to clean the curtains and added the link at the bottom to purchase that powder.

People will definitely purchase because they come to know how to clean curtains?, Becuase they are also suffering from the same problem and want a solution.

You are giving them a solution and they will purchase that, for sure…

Create A Deal Section

Companies always create discount offers to attract users to buy their products. They allow their affiliates to promote their deal.

Creating a deal section means all the deals of your niche will be placed on one page so it will be easy for your visitor to find them under one umbrella.

I am sure you have seen deals section on blogs like ShoutMeLoud, WPbeginners and even here at StayMeOnline. If you didn’t see deals section of StayMeOnline then checkout clicking here.

Create A Resources Page

I came to know the importance of Resources page on the WordPress Delhi meetup. How?

I had attended the meetup of WordPress Delhi Community where Kulwant Nagi of BloggingCage came to speak and he taught me about the importance of resources page.

Do you know?

Resources Page is the 2nd most visited page of any blog, it is the next most visited page after About us. Resources page created to let your reader know about the tools you are using to manage your blog.

At the same time, you can add your affiliate links to earn commissions if anyone purchases any product or service.

Add Links Into Blog Post

Never forget to add the links to your own blog post, always add affiliate links where needed. Adding links doesn’t mean to add links everywhere, never do these silly mistakes otherwise your post will look spammy.

For Example, Let imagine, you have written a blog post on the Best WordPress Hosting In 2019, make sure to add your affiliate links after every single hosting provider.

When any of your readers are interested in purchasing any hosting you recommended in your post then he/she will definitely click on the link to purchase and gotcha you got the commission($$$).

Create Comparison Post

7 Techniques To Promote Affiliate Links On Your Blog In 2020
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When we decided to purchase any tool or service online, it always confusing when we have others same options or brand too in the market.

For instance, I have decided to purchase a WordPress theme, there are a lot of awesome themes in the market. All are awesome so it always becomes very tough to choose any one out of two best product or service.

So, comparison posts always help here to decide the one from the two or more best option. I am sure you take help of a comparison article when you plan to purchase mobile phones.

I understand because I too read them before deciding one for myself.

Use Banners

Banners are the ads provided by the affiliate program which you can place to promote different places on your blog. The most common mistakes bloggers do is they place too many ads on their blog, which makes their website spammy and your users will be not liking that.

It is the fact, the blog which has too many ads always has a high bounce rate. People will leave your website immediately If they see ads everywhere.

Make sure to put minimum ads on your blog and choose the product your reader would like to buy. In shorts find out their need.


The all 7 techniques I shared above will work great if you do them in the right way. I am using all these techniques to promote affiliate products on my blog and other people who earn a huge amount from affiliate marketing too.

If you don’t have a blog or website to promote affiliate links so don’t worry I have something for you too 5 Effective Ways To Earn From Affiliate Marketing Without A Website Or Blog

Here are some relevant posts which I think you should read:

If I missed any effective technique here then just let me know in the comments section below and also tell, what are the techniques you use on your blog?

ALSO, Share this post to others who also want to earn from affiliate marketing.

how to promote affiliate links
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  2. To get the most out of affiliate marketing, you’ve to win trust from readers and then, promote affiliate products on your blog. In my opinion, your content is the key to winning consistent readership. It doesn’t really matter what niche you have.


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