How To Manage A Blog Without Quitting Your Job?

I recently got a question when I was chatting with a person who wants to start a blog, a fitness blog. He wanted my help in choosing an appropriate hosting provider for his blog.

He was also asking again and again that I am working in a 9-5 Office job, Will I able to manage my blog without quitting my job?

I was trying to make him understand that managing a blog with an office job, it isn’t a tough work?

Yes, Seriously! It isn’t hard, Even I was working in an office in the initial days of my blogging but after 3 months, I left that.

I know that you have to work more than 8 hours in an office and also you have to work at least 4-5 hours for your blog, on various tasks like writing blog posts, sharing them on Social Media, Creating backlinks and many others tasks.

The only thing you need is to be the expert in time management, I know it will be very tough for anyone who loves to work online.

Like, you have 24 hours in a day and you have to sleep at least 8 hours, and 8 hours(assuming) in office. 8 Hours are remaining still. I know that you have many other works as well apart from blogging and job.

Make these 8 hours flexible, means when you have others pending works then put maximum hours on that or if you have much pending work in blogging then do the same.

It totally depends on, how you can do time management? 

Having a job with the blog has many others benefits like you will have money to purchase the best tools and service for your blog. You will not need to sacrifice because you don’t have money.

I have seen many bloggers who don’t have money in the initial days to purchase domain and hosting. But if you have a job which gives you money every month so you will not face the problem of tight budget.

Manage A Blog Without Your Quitting Job

I also agree that managing a blog with the job is tough somehow, but if you do this in the right way it will be easy for you. I was also doing the same in the first 2 or 3 months and I was comfortably managing both at the same time.

There are some more tips from my side if you are looking to manage a blog without quitting your job.

Time Management Expert

Time is money

[Tweet “Time is Money”]

I am sure you believe on the above’s quotes, I also do. We always waste lots of time on tasks which are totally waste, we can put that time on our blog for creating a valuable post and other tasks as well.

I have discussed the above but might be you are not aware of the Time Management. Here is something for you…

According to Wikipedia

Time management is the process of planning and exercising conscious control of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency or productivity.

You have 24 fixed hours in a day, now it depends on you how you manage them to be more productive. If you are planning to blog with your job means Part time blogging, then you must be fixed at least 4 hours for every day for your blog.

Create Your Blogging Routine

Blogging Routine

Create your daily routine and follow that to be more productive with your blog. Everything should have it’s fixed time.

Always put difficult and time-consuming task first on the list because if you did the difficult and time-consuming tasks first then after that you will have much time for other tasks.

Create your routine according to your comfort zone, like, I can’t write posts anytime in 24 hours rather I like to write in the night and It becomes very easy for me to write posts in the night than day.

You can say that is the comfortable time for me to write blog posts, maybe, you have a different time. If I will create my blogging routine so I will put writing posts in the night hours.

After creating the routine for blogging, motivate yourself to follow this, I know this will be not easy for you, But if you want to achieve anything then must sacrifice.

Routine doesn’t mean to create it as it was in your school days, you can use tools for this. If you are using android phones so there are many applications available for creating a routine.

Here are lists:

Build A Team

Build A Team

You have only two hands if you are flying solo, having two hands to manage a blog with a job. You need more hands to manage all these easily.

Manage a blog without quitting your job can be easier than you are thinking if you hire more hands on your team, means more persons. 

The more persons you have with you, the easier for you to manage, you can divide tasks between the team members. So it will be easy for you to manage both things at the same time.

Mainly you need writers for writing blog posts, you can hire freelancers from the freelancing sites or you can find high-quality writers from ContentMart.

Here is something for you…

This will be easy for you to hire team because you have an earning source, you are getting monthly fixed income.

Starting Days Are Learning Period

Learning Period

When you are starting a blog, you can’t even imagine earning at least for 6 months. Blogging is not an overnight make money scheme if you thinking the same then sorry but you are on the wrong path.

Blogging takes time to give you results back When I have started my blog I took time for exploring all things how all things work, I did this when I was studying in college.

I was reading the blog posts on ShoutMeLoud and just wanted to practice all practically. I was not taking blogging seriously that time just wanted to take a test drive.

The starting months of your blog are your learning period you can’t imagine earning on that days, So you can’t afford to lose your monthly paycheck by quitting your job.

You will be in the trap if you quit your job, because of thinking to earn from the day 1 of blogging, which is completely wrong.

Focused And Organized

Focused And Organized

Focused and Organized persons always achieve success.

Make habit of being focused and organized can help you to save lots of time from your 24 hours long day. 

Creating a to-do list will help in the this, there are tons of tools for every platform. I have shared a list above, you can use that to find best one for you.

Create a list of the task which you have to do and mark them as done once you have done that. 

Work More Hours On Holidays/Weekends

Work more on holidays/weekends

You are free on holidays and weekends from your office job, So, you have more time to spend on your blog. 

When I was working in an office job that time I worked more on holidays and weekends, I always wrote more blog posts on those days and schedule them to publish other days of the week.

These tricks will help you to manage the workload, if you could write 2-3 posts on the weekends then you will be free from writing blog posts in upcoming week so you can give that time on other works.

For Example, if you are spending 4 hours daily on your blog then 2x these hours because you will be free your office job, means you saved 8 hours which you spend in the office daily.

 Create a separate routine for the holidays and weekends from the other days. It will help you to stay organized and also stop you to waste time.

When To Quit Job For Blogging?

After reading the above tips I am sure now you became expert to manage your blog and job at the same time easily. But, why are you blogging?

If you are taking blogging as a career for you and want to make living out of it. Then I am sure you don’t want to work in office job like you are doing now.

Your office job is good for initial days of your blogging because you will not earn from the Day 1 and need money to purchase tools like themes, domain, hosting and other as well. So, If you have a money source then you can easily purchase.

The important question comes here which is When to quit the job and come in blogging as full time?

I am assuming that you are earning 20,000 rupees per month from your blog, maybe you are earning more than it or maybe less.

Take in mind, Income from a blog won’t be fixed, it is flexible. Maybe, you will earn more than 50k rupees in a month and the next month you only get 20k.

You can fix your eyes on your income report which come from your blog and when it will be double from your job’s income then that will be the best time for you to quite the job and come full time in blogging.


Having a job with the blog is good because you will get financial support whenever you need to purchase any premium tool or service.

You won’t have to worry about arranging money for purchasing any premium tool and service for your blog because you are getting the monthly paycheck from your office.

And if you are thinking that I quit the job because I am starting a blog and it will pay me every month, then you will be in trap very soon because your earning will not start from the first month.

I am sure this post is enough for you to understand how to manage a blog without quitting your job? If you found this helpful then show some love by sharing it with others.

Still have queries then feel free to drop in comments or StayMeOnline Forum, I will be happy to solve them.

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