How To Make Money Blogging In 2020? (8 AMAZING Methods)

Have you started a new blog and want to make money through your blog?

When I started blogging and started earning money, I started exploring new methods which I can use on my blog and 2x my blogging income.

In my initial days of blogging, I was only using Google Adsense to make money from my blog but as time goes, I came to know about many other methods.

And some methods are still needed to be explored…

Because blogging is a never-ending process.

But I have also seen some people who think that online income is still a SCAM.

That is completely WRONG!

There are many methods one can use to make money online, and people are using them to earn.

Nowadays, people are moving from office jobs to YouTube, Blogging and Affiliate marketing taking them as a career.

Things got changed, when I started people hardly believe in making money online and it was very tough to explain to them that one can make money.

Once my dad said that if one can make money by sitting in front of the laptop at home, then no one will be going to work 9 to 5 office.

But still, my father supported me and now he proud of his decision. He never knows what I am doing but still, he knows that I am doing something CREATIVE!

I read a post on ShoutMeloud which I liked a lot because it relates to me, How To Explain Your Spouse’s Family that You are a Blogger?

I’ve been asked many questions on the Quora about how bloggers are making money from the blog? And many related to this.

I never share my blogging income but soon I am planning to share, just for motivation for the beginners who want to take blogging as a career.

In this post, you will get to know about all the methods you can use to make money from your blog.

Methods To Make Money From A Blog

How do bloggers make money from their blog?

If you this question then this is the post for you, I have shared the answer to how they make money.

The list of methods for earning from a blog is very HUGE!

But some of them are good and can earn decent INCOME for you.

Here are the 6 methods you can use to make money from your blog in 2020.

1. Google AdSense

It is a well-known method to make money online through blogs, websites and Youtube. This is the first source every blogger use to make money from their blog.

I also started with AdSense… Later with time, I came to know other methods to which I started using along with the Google AdSense.

Google AdSense is a contextual advertising platform which you can use to earn from a blog by putting ads on your blog and you will get paid for the impressions and clicks.

Earn just by putting ads on your blog… It is not that much easy at it looks like.

Getting approved from AdSense is not easy, they have some policies that your blog should be followed to get approved.

If you are just started then it might tough for you to make a good amount from Google AdSense because AdSense earning is totally depends on the traffic and the audience’s region.

Your blog should be getting HUGE traffic to earn some handsome amount of money from Google AdSense.

If you don’t believe that one can make money from Google AdSense then see the AdSense earning reports of the ShoutMeLoud.

I am not using Google AdSense any more on StayMeOnline. I started with AdSense but later with time, I removed adsense ads from StayMeOnline.

Must Read:

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the best ever method you can use to make money from blogging. Even you can earn from Affiliate marketing if you don’t have a website or a blog.

Affiliate marketing is the act of promoting other merchant’s products through your blog and when someone buys it from your link, you will get some commission from the merchant.

Almost all big brands offer Affiliate programs, you just need to signup there and promote their products on your blog to get commissions.

Here are some tips you should follow to earn from affiliate marketing:

  • Promote relevant products to your NICHE
  • Use Affiliate Link Cloaking
  • Create deals page on your blog and promote affiliate products there
  • Create Resources page and list down all the sources you use for blogging

These are the small tips from my side that you can follow to make money using affiliate marketing, here are the more tips in detail.

You might be wondering how I can start affiliate marketing? Right?

For starting affiliate marketing, you need to find relevant products in your NICHE to promote through your blog.

For example, I write about blogging, WordPress, affiliate marketing and SEO. So I am promoting SEO Tools, Ebooks, Hostings etc.

There are many Affiliate Marketplaces where you can find tons of affiliate programs on various NICHE:

Some brands offer In-House Affiliate programs, means they host their own affiliate programs on their website rather than on any affiliate marketplace.

You can find affiliate programs by searching “product name+ affiliate” on Google.

Here is the proof of the Affiliate Earnings: A Blogger’s 5 Year Affiliate Earnings For Inspiration: $80410

As I already said, I do not share my blogging income, but soon I am planning so you can see that on this blog.

3. By Selling Courses And Own Ebooks

You might have seen some popular bloggers who sell their own books, courses etc from their blog. This is another method you can use to make money through blogging.

But this is not for a beginner who just started a blog, before selling any course or ebook, you must have to grow as an authority blog.

Because no one going to buy course or ebooks from someone who is also a newbie in the field, do you want to learn something from a beginner by paying money?

NO! Right…

You must have a HUGE audience before offering your own products like course, ebooks etc. You should have a big name in your NICHE.

4. Sell Advertisement Space

Again, this method will not work for you if you have a new blog that doesn’t get lots of traffic.

Once your blog starts getting HUGE traffic, this method can generate HUGE income from your blog.

You can allow others who want to promote their brand, product or website from your blog, you can sell ads space on your blog like header, sidebar, footer etc.

You can charge them as per the days they want to show ad on your blog and the type of the ad.

It is the easiest way to make money from your blog but the thing is, you should be getting tons of traffic to your blog.

5. Sponsored Post

Sponsorship is another a good way to earn a good amount in less time from blogging, You just need to review the products and services on your blog and they will pay for it.

This is the second-best method that helps me to earn from my blog. Even you can use this if your blog is new…

Sponsored Post is like sharing your experience or feedback with your reader about any product or service that you already be using.

On the same time, you can generate affiliate income as well. You can add your affiliate link for the product you are reviewing on your blog.

You will get money from two sides, isn’t it cool?

Here is the list of the places where you can get sponsored Post Opportunity:

6. Consultancy

Consultancy is another amazing method to make money from blogging, in this, you don’t need to sell your products or promote others’ products.

Rather, you help them to guide for blogging and creating strategies for them, helping them to earn more from blogging etc.

In return of this consultancy service, they pay you money.

By this method, you can earn by showing your expertise, if you are good in blogging you can help others to start their blog and grow that.

What Are The Top High Money Making Niche?

Your NICHE is very important when you start a blog. Here is how you can choose a perfect niche for your blog?

And your INCOME also depends on NICHE.

There are some niches which are highly profitable that can help you to make HUGE money.

Thus, there is also some niche which can bring tons of traffic but those are not profitable at all.

Here is the list of NICHES that are highly profitable:

  • Finance
  • Make Money Online
  • Insurance
  • Health
  • Lifestyle

Some NICHES like WhatsApp status, Android APK, Shayari and Quotes are the NICHE that can generate tons of TRAFFIC for you but no chances of money.

FAQ: Make Money Blogging

If you still have some questions about make money blogging, I have tried answering them in this FAQ Section. If your question still not covered in this then feel free to drop a comment below:

What are the most profiltable niches to make money through blogging in 2020?

Some niches are highly profitable which can help you to generate huge money, here are some of them:

  1. Insurance
  2. Finance
  3. Make Money Online
  4. Health
  5. Lifestyle

Can a blogger really make money from a blog?

Yes, a blogger can make money from his blog. Even, I am in blogging since 2016 and generating handsome income online.

I am not working anywhere else except blogging and blogging is now the only source of income for me.

Which one is the best method to make money from blogging?

Affiliate marketing is the best method you can use to make money from blogging. I am using affiliate marketing as the only method to earn from my blogs.

There is no fixed number of amount you can earn from affiliate marketing, it depends on the products you are promoting and how you are promoting them.

How will you receive Blogging payment?

There are many payment withdrawal options you can use to get your money in your hand, depends on your client and affiliate programs you are promoting:

  1. Direct Deposit
  2. Paypal
  3. Payoneer
  4. Wire Transfer
  5. CoinBase (Crypto payment)

Best blogging platform to make money?

WordPress is the only blogging platform that I recommend to everyone who wants to start a blog and make money from that.

WordPress makes blogging easy and help you to customize your blog without having any technical knowledge.

Which are the top money making blogs?

Here are some top money making blogs which are making huge money from various methods:

  1. ShoutMeLoud by Harsh Agrawal
  2. BloggersPassion by Anil Agarwal
  3. BloggingCage by Kulwant Nagi
  4. MasterBlogging by Ankit Singla

It’s Your Turn

It was also shocking for me some years ago when I saw bloggers earning report but after reading about blogging and affiliate marketing, I came to know that it can be possible.

And when I started earning, my dreams are started coming true…

I have shared all the methods that you can use to make money from your blog, but affiliate marketing is the best one you can use to earn.

I started with the Google AdSense but later I stopped using it and now affiliate marketing is the only method I monetizing my blog with.

I hope you liked this post and found it helpful if you do so, then don’t forget to share this with others.

Make Money From The Blog

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