How To Get New Subscribers on YouTube Channel?

Maybe You have a YouTube channel which you make some days ago or months ago but it is really hard to get traffic on new channels because you don’t have many subscribers on your channel.

Many people start a YouTube channel for earning some money out of it and they also start making video and publishing on channels but they aren’t able to get views on their video and subscriber. This the reason they give up on YouTube. And they start thinking that this is the waste of time but I want to tell you one the that YouTube is the one the best way to Make Money Online.

So today I just think to share some tips on how to get subscribers on New YouTube Channel.

Share On Social Media

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Social Media is a platform where we can get a huge no of traffic for YouTube Channel. every successful YouTube is also using social media for finding traffic for their channel. 40%-50% traffic of their channels are getting from Social Media.

Not only YouTuber, Bloggers also use social media for increasing traffic on their blog. they always share their latest post on every single platform Like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and much more.

As bloggers are sharing their post on social media, You also can share your every single video on social media platforms and this will work for getting views and subscribers too.

Create Trends/Unique Videos

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Create unique videos that nobody created before you. Unique Videos always Stands on Trends use Google Trends to find a trending topic and create a video and upload it. I am hundred% sure that it will boost traffic and give huge new subscribers.

When JIO launched many YouTube channels made videos on how to get JIO sim and they get huge traffic and the videos also take place on YouTube Trending Page.
And When Demonetization start many YouTubers made videos on that topic and get huge of traffic. So always identify the trending topics before making a new video.

Say To Subscribe


I am sure you have seen in many Videos on YouTube which have a call to action in its end where YouTubers are saying to subscribe their YouTube channels or to like and share videos.

It is working on getting subscribers and likes on the videos. So make a strong Call to Action in the end or starting as like Technical Guruji’s Videos.

Subscribe Button Watermark


Add a subscriber button as the watermark in your every video it will work as the reminder for your users to remind them for subscribing your channel. Place it in the corner of the-the video screen.

Collaborate With Other Youtubers

Collaboration, staymeonline, how to get new subscribers on youtube

Try to connect with other YouTubers who have huge traffic on their channel and work with them. Make a video together and ask to share your link in the description it will grow your channel and help to boost subscribers too.

I’ve seen many YouTubers who start their channel and collaborate with other YouTubers and request them to publish their first or introduction video to their channels it helped them to get visitors fast and easily.

It is a working way used by top YouTubers. When Gaurav Chaudhary starts his Channel Technical Guruji he also collaborated with Sharmaji Technicals and requested him to publish his first video on his channel.

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