How To Get New Blog Post Ideas?

As a blogger, it is very tough to write a new Blog Post every day because visitor wants new post regularly otherwise they will forget you and your blog as well. Making consistency is also a good way to engage your visitors effectively.

It was also tough for me some months ago to write a new post every day. but I did many sacrifices to make my writing habit strong.

The beginners always think that how to get new blog post ideas to write on.

Today I am sharing the tips which I have used to get new blog post daily and I am hundered% sure these will also work for your…

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By Your Day To Day Lifeby your day to day life, staymeonline, how to get new blog post ideas, new blog post ideas

Blogging is just like your personal daily you can use it to write your day to day experience and activity.

if you are managing a blog then you definitely faced many problems on every single day to write about it. Write about how to troubleshoot from that particular problem in WordPress or any other.

If you are as a blogger getting any particular problem with WordPress so it means everyone has got that problem and you know how to solve it because you did it so this is a useful idea to write about.

You have seen many Travel Bloggers when they visit a new place or city so they will always write a new post about their experience so as like travel blogger, Every blogger can do it, It doesn’t matter what your niche is?

By Following Others

Follow others, staymeonline, new blog post ideas, how to get new blog post ideas

I am not saying to copy new post from other blogs. It is not good and it will definitely create serious problems for yours. Don’t do this.

By following others means always follow other blog or your competitor’s blogs and fix your eyes on their content. You will definitely get new ideas from their blog to write and you don’t have to copy their post, you just need to express your thoughts, experience on that topic and write the same post like they did in your writing.

Find Whats On Trending

Google, Trends, trending topic, staymeonline

When Jio comes in Market many YouTubers and bloggers made videos on Jio and they also got huge views on their post and videos.

Writing on trending topics is always working way to write the post and that post will definitely get the huge visit. That topic is trending because a huge no of people is searching that topic.

You can easily find the trends using Google Trends and put the filter on your niche or topic.

Ask Your Readers

Ask your readers, staymeonline, how to get new blog post ideas, new blog post, blog post ideas

You are writing Post on your blog for your readers this is for them. why can’t you take the suggestion from them about the new post?

You can let the user suggest you for the new blog post on your blog by doing it you can identify their need what they actually want?

You can make a page where people can suggest about the new blog post or you can grab ideas from their comment or email.

Guest Posting

Guest Blogging, staymeonline

Let your visitors write Blog Post for you this. This is my favorite way to get new content on my blog.

Guest Blogging is they that you allow your visitors to write the post for you.for this they have to signup as contributor role and submit their post according to your need for this you can create a Terms & Condition page.

When a user submits a guest post then you will get a notification to approve it or reject it. You can check the quality or post and proofread it and then decide should it approve or reject?

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