How To Find A Niche For Your Blog? (So That You Won’t Regret Later)

Are you planning to start a new blog? And searching for how to find a niche for your blog?

Then you are landed in the right place.

I am sure you have read the many blogs where people are writing more than 3000+ words in each of their blog posts. how can they write such long posts?

This totally matters on the topic you are writing on, if you love to write about that then you can write uncounted words on that and people will love to read that.

I remember those days when I passed my 10TH standard and that was the day we have to pick any subject stream for our further studies. I and my friend get the same percentage approx., he got 8% more than me.

The time came when we get out from the room after selecting our stream, He told me that he has selected the Science ( I was surprised that we want to select Commerce but he selected the Science), I have selected which I was interested in.

I was clear about the stream, I love to read about the marketing, Business and all business-related terms of chosen Commerce.

When I asked him, Why you chose Science? He said I was eligible for the Science and AAA(Toper of the class) also chosen Science that’s why he went with that stream.

He and I were interested in the same stream, I was also eligible for the Science stream because we have only 8% difference. But I went with my interest and he went with the Ego and more Opportunities.

After one year, He totally demotivated with the stream and he doesn’t want to study more with that. I still loved my study because I chose what I like.

In the above real example from my Life, you can understand that choosing what you like is how much important to stay motivated. And this is the fact, if you enjoy what you are doing then you will get success easily.

Choosing a stream of studies is the same as choosing a niche for your blog.

As I mentioned above, many bloggers are writing more than 3K+ words in every post because they love the topic they are writing.

BUT before moving to How to choose a perfect niche for your blog? you should understand what a niche is?

What Is A Blog Niche?

A Niche is a topic or theme which a blog is all about, This is a single topic all your posts will be round it. 

Niche is a specific topic which you will be covering on your blog for helping peoples/providing information about the same topic, this will make clear and easy for the others and search engine as well to identify what your blog is all about?

Blog Niche Examples

Here are some blog niche examples that will give you a clear idea about the various niches.

  • Blogging
  • Spirituality
  • Health And Fitness
  • Gossip
  • Cooking
  • Sports
  • Relationship

You can select more specific niche than these like If you love cooking and you can cook well too. But you are vegetarian and never eaten non-veg and cooked as well.

So, you can create a blog and share vegetarian dishes recipes.

For example, StayMeOnline is a blog for bloggers and people who want to make their living online. 

Its niche is blogging, affiliate marketing, WordPress, SEO, and so on. I know it looks like many topics, but if you look closely, all are related to Blogging. 

I sure now you have a clear idea of What is a niche? but want to know why you need a niche?, Here are some benefits of having a specific niche for your blog.

Benefits Of Having A Blog Niche

A niche is very important!

You should carefully choose your NICHE when starting your blog.

If you failed to find one perfect niche, you will be in trouble in future. You will not be able to work on that niche because of not having good knowledge, or the niche you selected doesn’t have earning potential.

So, all the work will be going to ruin. Here are some benefits of having a blog niche for your blog:

Targeted Audience

Everyone is looking for something specific, I always search for the blogging related queries so Google shows me website related to blogging or related to my query I searched for.

If you are covering a specific niche like say I am covering blogging here on StayMeOnline so I have an audience who reads my blog posts are interested in Blogging.

And it is good for me that I writing a post which helps the people who actually need them.

I am not saying the people who are reading my blog posts are only interested in Blogging, Maybe, they are interested in cooking too and they used to read cooking blogs too.

It doesn’t mean that they are not specific rather they are targeted for both blogs.

Niche Makes You Expert

Why a Docter is a Docter? 

Looking like I am crazy

But, I am not

A Docter is a doctor because he has degrees and he is focused on Medical from the beginning.

After reading a lot and gaining knowledge in the specific field, now today he is a doctor. 

Assume, that if he was not sure in the past about what he should learn about or what his specific field is, will it possible for him to be a doctor?

For Example, Harsh Agarwal started ShoutMeLoud for sharing his knowledge about blogging and internet marketing in 2008, Now he is known as the top blogger and expert of blogging.

Niche Helps To Build A Community

If you are focused on a specific niche then people will come to know you as the expert on the topic you are focused on. They will be in touch with you to learn the same thing from you.

Be in touch means, by reading your blog post, by joining your groups/forum, by following you on Social and so on.

Having a niche helps in creating a community around you, It will help you to the build targeted audience as I shared above.

Niche Helps In Affiliate Marketing

Ya, You read that right…

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to make money online, for this, you have to select a product which you want to promote on your blog to earn a commission when someone buys it from your link.

There are tons of affiliate programs which you can choose to start earning from your blog, all are from various categories and have different products.

If you have a specific niche for your blog then it will be easy for you to choose the affiliate programs and products to promote on your blog and start earning a commission.

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After reading the benefits of having a specific niche, you know how much important is to pick a specific niche? Now, lets come to How to pick a good niche for your blog?

How To Find A Niche For Your Blog?

Choosing a blog niche comes in the starting of your blog, It is the first step which comes when you think to start a blog.

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Choosing a niche by a random pick can hurt you in future as same happened to my friend in the above example of the streams for study.

how to find a niche for your blog

You might now understand by seeing the above’s image. A perfect niche is in which you are passionate about, also have the knowledge and the niche should be profitable as well.

Below are some tips that you can follow while choosing a niche for your blog:

Identify Your Passion

As I discussed above, Bloggers are writing more than 3000+ words in their each and every blog post, this reason is very simple behind this that they are passionate about the topic they are writing on.

If you are passionate about any topic then you can write easily about that, and the main benefits you will not get bored with writing on the same.

We never feel bored with the works which we are passionate about…

Blogging is a long time process, you will have to wait a lot to be successful as a blogger.

So, Make sure to choose the niche you are passionate about, otherwise, you will not be able to run for a long time with your blog.

Blogging means to be consistent in updating your reader with a new blog post.

If you just pick a niche to blog randomly then one day you will be bored from writing posts. 

Here are some questions which you should ask yourself and make a rough list of them, this will help you to identify your passion easily:

  • What are your hobbies?
  • What things do you like and enjoy doing?
  • How do you spend your free time?
  • What are your favourite topics to talk about?
  • When you were young, what was fun for you?
  • What topics do you know more than most about?
  • Are there certain classes that you have taken extensively?

In my case, I always want to BE MY OWN BOSS and the earning online is always the best option for this, when I came to know about the blogging and affiliate marketing that time I felt this is what I was looking for.

Then I started learning more about these from the popular blogs.

Nowadays, I am sharing what I have learnt…

Is Your Niche Profitable?

Choose A Profitable Niche

All niches are not equal…

Do you agree with me?

Some niches are profitable and can generate good income for you and some are only good for traffic.

For example, here are some topics which get huge monthly traffic but the CPC is very low. So, These niches can’t help you to make the profit from your blog.

  • Free SMS
  • Free wallpaper
  • WhatsApp tips
  • Whatsapp Status
  • Free movie downloads

So, Before picking a niche for your blog make sure to do keyword research for the related keyword to find out how profitable blog niches they are?

Here is a video which can help you with this…

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Is Your Niche Eligible For Long-Run?

I am sure you want to make your blog stand for the long-run, as all niches are not equally for profit, likewise, all niches are not equally eligible for the time.

Blog niches which don’t have long-life come under Event Blogging…

Don’t know, what is Event Blogging?

Event Blogging, where a blog is made only for any certain time period like one day, one week or one month for covering any festival or a specific event.

An event blog is made for getting huge traffic on the festivals and events day, they alive for a short-term only.

But if you are serious about blogging and want to start an authority blog then you should focus on choosing a blog niche which can stand for long-run.

Here you can use Goole trends to know that the niche your picking is good for the long run or not?

Here is the screenshot of the Google Trends for Topic “Make Money Online“, In the image, you can see the topic is stable on the trends from the past 12 months.

Google Trends

Another Screenshot for “New Year Status” which not eligible for the long run. You can see in the below image that it get huge traffic from Dec 31, 2018 – Jan 06, 2018 (Of course you know why).

Google Trends

Which one is eligible for the long-run?

Obviously, The first one…

Make sure while choosing a niche for your blog, your niche should be eligible for the long-run, You can use Google Trends to find as I did above.

How Much Competitive Your Niche Is?

The competition also matters a lot!

It is tough to outrank your competitors who already stand the first page of Google. You have to work a lot to outrank them.

However, it can be done by following best SEO practices and writing killer content than your competitors.

Having a niche which has low competition can easy for you to get high rank fast in the Search Engine Results Pages, Make sure find the niches which have low competition.

You can find a low competitive niche with a proper research while choosing a blog niche, you can use various keyword research tool. I prefer using SEMrush which makes keyword research easy.

100+ Most Profitable Blog Niches

Now you are choosing a niche for your blog… Looking for the best niche for your blog which has earning potential and also generates traffic for your blog.

I have made this easy for you.

I have gathered 100+ most profitable blog niches which you can use to pick one niche for your blog. So, you are good to go!

Most Profitable Blog Niches

BONUS: Here is a list of 151 Evergreen niches that will help you to choose a perfect niche for your blog.

Questions You Should Yourself Before Committing To A Niche

I am sure you now have found one perfect niche for your blog.

If you did, then before starting working on that niche. You should ask the following questions yourself to find is it really perfect one for you?

A niche is going to be the backbone of your blog, but if you are not passionate about the niche you are going to start with, you will be failed!

And if that niche is not profitable then you will not be able to make money through your blog.

Question 1: Will I Be Able To Write 50+ Blog Post On The Same Niche?

If you started with the niche which you are not passionate about or you don’t have much knowledge about that.

If any of both conditions are true, you won’t be able to write content for long around that.

It happens often with the beginners, they don’t care about the niche they selected for their blog. Rather, they select their niche just by watching someone else’s blog.

This is where they fail, they quit blogging just after some months because they can’t write about the niche they have selected.

Question 2: Can You Make Money In The Niche You Selected?

Not all niches can’t make money.

Some have the potential to generate huge traffic, thus some have the potential to make money. But you need to find a niche which can generate traffic as well as make money for you.

Here are some blog niches which can generate huge traffic for you but not money:

  • Free SMS
  • Free wallpaper
  • WhatsApp tips
  • Whatsapp Status
  • Free movie downloads

If the niche you selected for your blog has the potential to make money then you’re good to go!

Question 3: Is Your Targeted Market Can Spend Money On Your Niche?

This is another important thing which you need to care about.

If the people are not willing to spend the money on the niche you are going to blog about, then there will be no chance to offering your own courses and products.

If you want to sell affiliate products, you must have to do research. CPC and the competition of a keyword plays a very important role in this.

If the CPC is nearly ZERO then there no existence of the audience’s willingness to spend money on your NICHE.

How To Find A Niche For Your Blog? (So That You Won't Regret Later)


Choosing a niche for your blog is the first step you do for your blog.

I have shared all the tips of which will definitely help you to find the best niche for your blog.

42,000,000 WordPress blogs online and all are in the race so you should be careful while selecting the niche of your blog to outrank in the competition.

I hope you liked this post and found it helpful if you did then must share it with your friends who are planning to start a new blog. This is will help them in choosing a blog niche.

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