How to Create Quick and Easy Conversational Forms in WordPress?

Visitors are abandoning your form before filling it completely?

90% of visitor abandon your page before filling your form… If you don’t believe me check your Google Analytics.

I can imagine how you feel…

It is like all your hard work gone waste, no conversion.

I am using WPForms here on StayMeOnline for all my forms, It is an amazing tool for creating various types of Forms.

WPForms recently launched a new feature which can solve this problem, The feature I am talking about is Conversational Forms.

This is similar to the Forms Pages, which I have explained here.

I have written a complete review which you can read by clicking here…

What is Conversational Form by WPForms?

Conversational Forms by WPForms is a type of forms which is created specifically for generating conversion on any website, boost sales and emails.

It gives the guarantee to boost form completion and your overall form conversion.

Usually, In Forms, there are many types of question or fields already listed and you need to fill that out, but WPForms changed this tradition by launching Conversational form.

In Conversational Form, you will not see all fields or question instead of this, each question or field will appear after filling preview or scrolling down.

This makes it like a face to face conversation That’s why it called Conversational Forms.

Here is the example of a Conversational Forms by WPForms…

How to Create Quick and Easy Conversational Forms in WordPress?

Check DEMO Here

It is easy for beginners as well because you don’t need to make your hands dirty with codes.

You can use Conversational Forms on these types of Forms to improve completion:

  • Survey Forms – Don’t need to ask all question at once, Conversational Form will help you to make your survey like a real face to face survey. One question at a time…
  • Job Application Form – People abandon Job application forms because they are too long to fill out, but with Conversational forms, it will be easy and interesting form them.
  • Event Planning Form – Now you don’t need to ask all question to your clients at once, make it interesting by asking one by one.
  • User Registration Form – Use conversational forms to improve your registration form conversation rate.

You can make any of your form a Conversational Form, Click here to see how I made my contact form a Conversational Contact form.

For using Conversation Forms, you should have WPForms premium plan, this featured doesn’t come with WPForms lite.

Here is the pricing of WPForms…


You can get 50% Off if you purchase using this link: Save 50% OFF on WPForms – Limited Time Deal!

Why You Should Use Conversational Forms?

Do you still have doubts?

Don’t worry after reading this, all your doubt will be cleared…

Here are the reasons why you should use Conversation Form?

Distraction-Free Forms: Conversation forms are totally distraction-free, on the form page, your visitors will only see form’s field which they need to fill out. There will be no ads neither any links…

Face-To-Face Conversation: There won’t be all fields listed already rather only one field will be there to fill out, others will be invisible and will come out once your done preview or scroll down. It makes it look alike a face-to-face conversation where one question asked at a time.

Cool Look: I am sure you have seen many Forms on the website so far, but all have a traditional look. But Conversational Form has a cool and attractive look which attract visitors and decrease the Forms abandon the action.

I hope this is enough for you to know why you should use Conversation Forms for your website/blog.

Now, let me tell you how you can create the same.

How To Create Conversational Forms Using WPForms?

Creating a Conversational form using WPForms is so easy, only a few clicks are needed.

Step #1: Go to WPForms>Addon to activate the Conversational Forms Addon. Do exact same as shown in the below image.

WPForms Addon

Step #2: On the next screen, you will be seeing many Addons. So just find Conversational Addon and activate that.

Install Conversational Addon

Step #3: After activating the Addon, go to WPForms>All Forms. 

It will take to you to the list of forms you have created using WPForms or you can create a new form as well.

How to Create Quick and Easy Conversational Forms in WordPress?

Here I am going to make my Contact form a Conversational form, you can select your own or create a new one.

Step #4: Now go to Settings>Conversational Forms and check the empty shown on the right to enable it.

Enable Conversational Form
Note:If you have enabled Form Pages already for that form then you won’t be able to enable Conversational Forms, they both can’t work together.

Step #5: Now give a look to your form, Add form title, write a message for the visitors, edit permalink, add a header logo and you can also change the colour as well.

Conversational form

So, this is how you can create a Conversational Forms using WPForms and trust me this will help you to boost your sales and form completion.


What! Still, you are waiting…

Conversion Forms will boost your form completion, means no one will abandon your form page before filling that completely.

And you even don’t need to make your hands dirty with coding, you can create it without using a single code.

If you are already using it them must share your experience…

Conversational Forms By WPForms

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