How To Create A Child Theme In WordPress Without Coding?

Do you want to know how to create a child theme in WordPress?

I see beginners find this word “child theme” sounds very technical… They think creating a child theme needs to have programming knowledge.

But this is a complete myth…

You don’t need to be a coder to create a child theme in WordPress, rather even a first time WordPress user can create a child theme using this easy tutorial.

Is Child Theme sounds completely new for you?

If yes, then this tutorial will help you to create a child theme for your WordPress website without coding.

AND you might be thinking that why to have a child theme if you already have a theme installed on your WordPress.

Well, Child is very important for your WordPress website, I will share the importance of child theme in this post.

If you want to know about child theme and it’s important then this is the post for you. I will explain everything that you need to know about WordPress child theme.

What Is A Child Theme?

Basically, Child Theme is the Theme that inherits the functionality and styling of your parent theme which you are using currently on your WordPress site.

A child theme is used to make changes on your website with codes without modifying the parent theme of your website.

A child theme is very useful for you if you add codes in your theme to customize it.

Because when your theme launch new updates and you update your theme, you will lose all the customization you made on your websites by adding custom codes.

This is why a child theme comes in the play, you can use a child theme rather than your parent theme for adding custom codes.

By doing so, you will never lose the changes and customization you made on your website because all the codes you added on a child theme and when you update your parent theme, the things will be same as before.

Now you have understood what is a WordPress child theme?, now let’s see why you need a child theme for your WordPress website?

Why Do You Need To Use Child Theme In WordPress?

Child theme provides you with the safest way you can use to modify your theme and add new changes in your WordPress website without breaking your website.

Designers and developers use the Child theme to speed up their development. It helps to keep the parent theme safe and keep the changes when an update comes for your theme.

When you are using a child theme on your WordPress website, you can easily play with the codes without touching the original theme.

You might have a misconception that creating a WordPress child theme requires good knowledge of developing, then you are wrong!

Creating a child theme is as simple as creating a new style.css file in a folder with some lines of simple codes.

You even don’t need to add those lines of code if you follow the method I will share later in this post.

Advantages Of Using A Child Theme In WordPress

There are many advantages of using a child theme in WordPress, here are some of them:

No-Risk Of Loosing Customizations

When you don’t use child theme on your WordPress site and make some customizations via adding custom codes.

The problem occurs when your theme launches new updates. You need to update the theme because the new version contains new features, security fixes and many other things but when you update your theme you will lose the changes you made.

When you use a child theme, you will never face this kind of risks of losing customization you made on your website.

Keep Parent Theme Safe

Child themes help in keeping your parent theme safe as you don’t need to touch the parent theme of your website because you can modify the website via child theme.

Sometimes adding codes can break your website but if you are using a Child theme to add codes in your website so it will keep your parent theme safe.

If anything goes wrong you can revert the previous changes you made.

How To Create A Child Theme In WordPress Using A Plugin?

Beginners think that creating a child theme in WordPress is very difficult, they need to play with lots of codes to create a child theme.

But this is not correct…

Creating a child theme in WordPress is very easy using the method I am going to share in this post.

You don’t need to play with lots of codes rather you can use a simple plugin to create one for your WordPress site.

There is a plugin in WordPress repository named “Child Theme Configurator” which can make this process easy for you. It can help you to create a child theme for your parent theme you are using on your WordPress.

First, install and activate this plugin by going to Plugins>Add new and search for Child Theme Configurator.

Child theme configurator

Once the plugin Installed and Activated in your website.

You need to go to Tools>Child Themes to set up a child theme for your WordPress website.

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On the page, you will see two options, where you need to tick on Create a new child theme and in the second, you need to select the parent theme for which you want to create a child theme for.

Now click on Analyze, It will analyze your parent theme to determine stylesheet dependencies and other issues.

If everything is fine, you will see a message “This theme appears OK to use as a Child Theme“. If you will see this message, then it means everything is going good so far.

You will get some more options on the same page to set up a new child theme for your site.

Name the new directory where you want to save your child theme and select where to save new styles. Choose Primary Stylesheet (style.css).

How To Create A Child Theme In WordPress Without Coding?

If you don’t have any idea about the options, I recommend you to keep them as it as.

How To Create A Child Theme In WordPress Without Coding?

On the seventh step, you will have the options to add information about the child theme that you are creating.

Click to Edit Child Theme Attributes…

You can add the Child theme name, Theme website, Author, Author website and theme description for your theme.

child theme

Now only two steps remaining, Tick on the 8th option which is for Copying menus, widgets and other customizer setting from your Paten theme to the child theme.

And the final click on the Create New Child Theme button on the 9th option, this will start configurator to create the child theme.

child theme

Congratulations! You have created a child theme.

Isn’t it easy?

Did you add any code for creating the child theme? No!

You can see the below image, There are two same themes first is my parent theme and the second is my child theme which I have created.

You can find your child theme by going to Appearance>Themes option and you will see two same themes, as you can see on the below image… First one is the parent and the second is a child theme.

Child theme

Now you can use it on your website by activating the child theme you created.

You can edit any your templates like Footer.php, Header.php or any other by just going to Tools>Child Theme> Files tab as shown in below image.

But before editing theme’s files, you need to copy the files you want to edit from your parent theme to child theme by using the same option.

child theme

Tick on the files you want to copy from your parent theme to child theme by clicking on Copy Selected To Child Theme button.

This is how you can create a child theme in your WordPress website without using any code. You can easily create child themes using the same method easily.

I am using GeneratePress for all of my WordPress blogs and websites, this is the best customizable theme I found in my whole journey. You can make it compatible with any type you niche you are in, it is a very lightweight WordPress theme, adds only 15kb (gzipped) file. GeneratePress makes easy for you to customize your theme even if you are beginners and can’t code.

For more information, read our complete GeneratePress review.


This is the easiest method you can use to create a child theme for your WordPress website. You do not even need to write a single line of code as you saw in the tutorial above.

Most beginners think that only developer can create child theme because they know coding knowledge. But this method is completely beginner-friendly even a first time WordPress user can do it.

I hope you liked this tutorial and found it useful for you if you did, then must share it with others.

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