Beginners Guide: How To Choose A Domain Name For Blog?

How to choose a domain name for blog? This is the first question every one searches when they want to start a new blog.

No one gives this importance which creates a problem in the future. Why am I saying this?

Yes, Definitely it will create a problem in future if you do not give importance to choosing a domain name for your blog.

For Example, You have chosen a domain name without planning, and now It is over 10 months and thinking that your domain name is not good at all.

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Maybe, By reason is one of these:

  • Hard to remember
  • Hard to write
  • Too long

Reason can be one of them and you are not getting traffic and good ranking on the search engine.

If now you want to change your domain name because it is not that much good as it should be.

Changing a domain name is a very risky task, you will lose all your traffic and ranking. It is like you are starting from zero again.

I know MOZ did this easily, they have moved from from But do you have SEO experts as they have?


So, Will you take this risk?

It can be wash out all your hard work which you did in all these 10 months, you will lose the identity of your brand and the people who come and visit your brand.

It is like a blog was from 10 months back on the internet to help people with its blog post, but now it is invisible. Where it lost no one knows.

Have you ever imagine that choosing a domain name can be important?

But now you know…

When I was choosing my name I have taken care too much, Because I have to stay with the same name for the long run.

And I am happy that I found the cool name on my blog, What do think?

Is StayMeOnline a cool domain name?

Now you understood how important is it to choose a perfect domain name? But thinking how to choose a good domain name?. I mean what are the points you should look at when choosing a domain name from your blog.

Here is the list of the points.

.Com Is Best

When you got a name of any particular website let’s say foodkhoj or any, will you ever try this by inputting it into URL bar with .net .org extensions?

I am sure, Never?

.com is the most famous, most popular and most trusted domain extensions in the market. .com is the first choice of the people who plan to buy a domain name for their website or blog.

So, why are you thinking for any other?

For Example, I am sure you know the Problogger(Nice domain :)), He was losing so much traffic to the .com domain name that even without a proper website in place, the Alexa traffic rank of started going up. Then He had to purchase later just to protect his brand.

The same can happen with you, there are tons of domain extensions but none of them popular as much as .com is.

So, make sure to go with the .com domain, it will be beneficial for you.

Keep Domain Short

According to Gaebler research which shows the length of the domain name for popular websites.

Length of domain names of popular websites

Now you can understand that Lower domain is better.

Always make sure to keep your domain name short because who wants to put a URL manually which has more than 15+ characters.

It is not only difficult to write rather also hard to remember.

A short domain name is easy to write and also easy to remember, You can say in easy words than a short URL is attractive and easy to take in mind in the first encounter.

Choose Unique

Your domain name should be unique, means no one should already exist with the same name.

Make sure to check the name on Google and Social Media sites which you are planning to select.

Like someone already has the same name and stands at a good place so you will not get the high ranking and traffic, and it so not ethical because you are copying someone brand.

Keyword Vs Brandable Domain

When you are choosing a domain name for your blog, you have two ways to go first is, brandable domain name and Second is Keyword domain name.

A brandable domain name is like ShoutMeLoud and StayMeOnline, both doesn’t mean anything specific. 

Choosing a domain with the keywords your blog will be focused on is great in SEO point of view because it will give a clear idea to the search engine what your blog is all about?

Let’s say, Bloggertipstricks by Ankit Singla, as it is clear that it is focusing on Blogging and the topics related to blogging. A person who wants to read about Cooking will never come on this blog, which is great.

For example, I am sure you are aware of food ordering site), as the domain contains food word which means it is about food. Adding keyword in the domain make easy to understand the niche of the blog for the search engine as well as for users.

Here is an important point, Adding keyword in the domain is a great step but if you want to expand your business in future then you should go for a Brandable name.

Let’s say, Everyone knows that Google is a search engine, Imagine it is so will Google AdSense look good as SearchEngine Adsense, :).

Never Use Hyphens

Never use Hyphens in your domain name, like will you every typed an URL with a hyphen. How tough is that?

No one found easy to enter an URL which has a hyphen, like It is not only tough to enter in URL box rather it is also tough to pronounce.

A domain with hyphens also looks spammy and you don’t want to give the wrong impression to potential visitors.

Hyphenated domains are also prone to typos. If you choose a domain name with hyphens because the domain you want is already taken, your users will end up at your competitor’s site if they forget to type hyphens with the URL in the URL bar.

Avoid Double Letter

Avoid using the double letter in your domain name because you will lose traffic because your users can enter the wrong URL.

For example, A Blog which helps their users in WordPress setup, and its URL is Here you can three S is repeating.

It can generate a typing URL for your users when they try to enter your blog’s URL.

Best Deal For You

If you are planning to purchase a domain name for your new blog so here is the best deal for you to save money on Domain registration.

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This deal will give you up to 10% off on purchasing a domain from Namecheap, and take all those points in mind before selecting a domain for your blog.

Over To You…

If you are just planning to start a blog then must be prepared by reading our How to start a blog guide?

Never do select a domain just randomly because it will be hard for you to change this in future because you don’t have experts as MOZ had when they changed.

All the points which I have shared above are enough to help you in selecting a perfect domain for your blog.

Many of the beginners do the same mistake and don’t take care while selecting a domain for their first blog, share this post with all those to make them aware of this tips.

I am sure you like this post and found it helpful, feel free to comment your query and suggestion. If you want more tips or suggestion for the same then feel free to create a topic in StayMeOnline Forum.

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