How To Build An Email List Fast?

Having a big email list is always the great thing for a bloggers or owner of a website. 

You have seen on many blogs and website when you visit got a pop up which is informing about the latest offer, Discount, or asking you to sign up to their email list for getting the newsletter about the update for the product or blog.

I am sure you always go for shopping to Malls or for a party to Dominos and Mcdonald. When you pay your bill on the counter they always ask some contact details like Phone Numbers and Email Address by the help of these details they can easily reach you whenever they launch new product and offers. They can easily reach you to buy the product or enjoy the discount. As like Malls and Shop collect contact details as same Email list works for Blog and Website.


As a blogger, If you have an email list so it will generate traffic when you update your sites like Publish a Blog post, Post a video or for every single update which you will make on your Blog and Website. You can send an email notification about your new post to all your Email Subscribers at a single mouse click. You can use MailChimp, Aweber and Madmimi these are some of the Emails Marketing tools. If you want free email marketing so you can click here and signup for MailChimp free account.

These tools will allow you to make cool subscriber form and manage your newsletter. These tools will also allow you to create templates and schedule them. So this is the basic need if you want to collect email for your Email Subscriber List.

Bloggers and Website owners know how to use Email Subscription on a blog or website. So today I am not going to explain how to use Email Subscription on a blog/website.

Today I decided to write about some ways which can help you to build an email list fast.

Cool Subscription Form

You have seen form on the Homepage of many blog and website that has usually two fields First for Name and the Second for the Email. Most of the bloggers don’t like to add name fields they only want email field maybe they don’t want to increase the height of the forms.

Having two Subscription form one is in the header and the second in at footer. you should create a big form at the header like the banner. For example, you have seen Shoutmeloud Subscription form this the banner type subscription form. A big form always attracts users to itself.

Shoutmeloud Form, how to boost email subscribers?, boost email subscribers, increase email list, staymeonline

The advantage of having big subscription form is you can add two fields easily First is for Name and the second is for Email. 

Call To Action

Call to action, staymeonline, How to boost email subscribers?

Call to Action(Which usually known as CTA) is an Image or Lines of text which works as prompts for the user to take action. If you want to download a file from your users or follow your social media profiles. 

CTA can play very important role for increasing Email Subscribers you take care of CTA add an attractive CTA after every post or page and it should have a link to your subscription form so users can easily go through the link and subscribe your email list.

You can see the above image this is the CTA which I have placed after every post. if you are a WordPress user so Download the Add Widget After The Content Click here to know How to Install a WordPress Plugin? it will help you to add a CTA easily after every page at once and you can remove it from single page also like we don,t want CTA on the contact page and some other important pages in this situation you can easily remove it.

Offer Free Stuffs

StayMeOnline, how to boost email subscribers list?

Everyone likes the free product and stuff, you and me also. Many famous bloggers offer free ebooks to attract the user to subscribe their email list.

It is another working method which is popular also. so use it on your blog create an ebook which your users want to read. It should be useful for them. And trust me it will boost your Email list very fast in few days or weeks.

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Create Pop Ups

Pop Up Subscription form is a type of form which doesn’t show always and doesn’t have any fixed place. It appears after a fixed time like after a set number of seconds/minutes or after a set % of Scrolling.

create Pop Up, staymeonline, how to boost your email subscribers?

It is the best way to grab attention. because it appears suddenly at the center of the screen with the animation of pop up. That’s why it always grab the attention of the users.

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