How To Avoid Duplicate Post Title In WordPress

As a Bloggers, we have hundreds of thousands blog post on our blog and it is impossible to remember the title of every post. Basically, there are many chances to write the duplicate title of the new post by mistake.

When we write a new post on our blog then we choose a title for that post which should be unique but we have published 100-500 so it very difficult to choose a unique title for our new post.

if you have Blog Post with the duplicate title on your blog so it will cause SEO of your blog. Maybe You will lose your visitors.

If your Blog is single-author so you may prevent duplicate post but if you have a multi-author blog so it is impossible to prevent the duplicate post.

I am using a Plugin on my blog and it is helping me a lot to avoid duplication post title. I decided today to write about How to Avoid Duplicate Post Title…

Avoid Duplicate Title In Single Author Blog

WordPress has inbuilt option to alert you that you are adding a duplicate title. It will add the number in the permalink of the post like shown in the image. So you don’t have to worry if you have single author blog.

Duplicate Post, staymeonline, how to avoid duplicate post in wordpress


Avoid Duplicate Title In Multi-Author Blog

First, Go to your WordPress Admin Panel and Login your Admin account.

Second, Go to Plugin>Add New and Search Unique Title Checker and Download the Plugin. It will take some time and after successful installation clicks on Activate button to activate the plugin.

Not it is done you can now test it by adding the new post with the same post title which you have published before. It will alert you to the red message that 1 post has the same title.

Error Duplicate Post Title, staymeonline

And when you post title is uniques so it will alert you with the green message as shown in the below image.

How to avoid duplicate title in wordpress


Always remember to see the alert when you are writing post title. It should be Green.

There is a Hindi Tutorial Video about How to Avoid Duplicate Post Title In WordPress You can watch to understand better.

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