I Will Guide You To Use Google Keyword Planner In 10 Minutes

Are you running a blog and writing blog posts every day?

I can imagine how tough it can be for you to find out right keywords to get high traffic for your next blog post.

Especially, If you are a beginner and just started your own blog. There are many tools which can help you to do the same thing but all of them are paid and as a beginner, you can’t afford them.

So, I have one tool for you.

I am sure you are aware of the tool called Google Keyword Planner (formerly known as the Google Keyword Tool).

Who doesn’t?

Everyone does because this is the first need when you come into blogging. When you plan anything to write on your blog, the first thing you do is find keywords which you target to get organic traffic.

Google Keyword Planner is the first choice for the people who need a tool for keyword research and don’t have money to invest in premium tools.

And mostly beginners can’t afford to invest in buying such high costly tools, So Google Keyword Planner is the best option for them.

This is the first tool which I started using for my need of Keyword Research. Because when I started blogging at that time I didn’t have money to buy premium tools for Keyword Research.

In my initial days of blogging, I didn’t have money to invest. So, I had only one option to choose which was Google Keyword Planner, because this is a free tool for Keyword Research.

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Google Keyword Tool is designed with the Advertiser in mind. So, that’s why it has some great features like keyword bidding.

So, today’s post will help every beginner to know how to use Google Keyword Planner? and as result, this will help you to find best targetable keyword for your next blog post.

How To Use Google Keyword Planner For Keyword Research?

Using Google Keyword Planner is not a tricky task. It is very simple to use and find keyword for your blog post.

I will show you how to use Google Keyword Planner to find out the right keyword for your business in some steps.

Step #1 Open Google Keyword Planner

You can easily find Google Keyword Tool just by searching it in Google search box.

Simply google it, and you will get it as the first result as shown in below image.

Google Keyword Tool

Step #2 Sign In Using Google Account

Google Keyword Planner

As you know Google Keyword Tool is a Google Product like Google Adsense, Google Analytics, YouTube and others.

And I’m sure you also know that all Google products can be signed in using one Google Account. So, for signing in it you need your Google ID, that’s it.

Step #3 Find Keyword Planner In Google Adwords Dashboard

After signing into Google Adwords, You have to find where Google Keyword Planner tool is.

So, you can easily find it by clicking Tools symbol as shown in the below image…

Keyword Planner

After clicking Keyword Planner, you will be landed on Google Keyword tool. This is where your keyword research will start from…


You’ve successfully signed in to Google Keyword Planner tool and now you can start your keyword research.

Keyword research is basically a process to find the audience to target for your product or service or the content you are writing.

Here audience means, people who are interested in buying the product or service you are offering, or people searching for the solution you are writing a blog post about.

Let’s take an example here, I am writing about Google Keyword Planner tool and guiding my readers like you about how to use it.

So, I need to find what people are searching who wants to learn the same.

And for this, Google Keyword Planner tool will help me. It will show me the Keywords, Phares, Queries people search on Google.

I am just going to show you how I can find the right keyword to target using Google Keyword Planner…

After accessing Keyword Tool from Tools option, you will be seeing two tools something like below image… This is all you need for your keyword research…

Find new keyword

Let me tell you what the use of both tools. And how can you decide which one tool you need…

Find New Keywords: As its name already saying… This tool will help you to find new keywords for your product, service or the topic you are writing about. You should choose this tool when you don’t have any keywords data for your research.

You can click on the tool and you will be seeing a box to enter Word, Phrases or URL to get keyword ideas…

Find New Keywords

Words: You can enter one or two words which can describe your business like my business is all about men’s shoes then I can enter Shoes or Men’s Shoes

Phrases: There should be a Phares entered where your Seed Keyword in the Phares. Let’s take the same example here… I can enter Red men shoes, Red color shoes or Puma men shoes. I will recommend having 1-3 words in the Phares keywords…

URL: This is for Adwords users but sometimes it can be a good option for finding keywords related to your business. You can enter URL related to your business and it will give you keywords.

Let’s come to the second tool…

Get Search Volume and Forecasts: This tool will not help you to find new keywords as the first tool does rather it will help you to know the search volume of keywords.

This tool is useful for you if you have a long list of keyword or file(Yes, you can upload a file too) and you only want to know their search volume to ensure that how they will perform in future.

get search volume and forcasts

Search Volume & Forecast Result

You can paste all the keyword or upload file for which you want to get search volume and forecast data… After pasting or uploading the file click on Get Started button and you will get same Result Page as you will get in “Find New Keywords” tool.

Let’s start knowing Results Page…

Google Keyword Planner’s Result Page

You will get a result page(like shown in below image) when you click on Get Started button of any Tool to get Keywords or Keywords Data.

Result Page

Let me tell you about each and every option available in Result page…

I Will Guide You To Use Google Keyword Planner In 10 Minutes

Locations: You can select any specific country you are targeting…

Language: Choose the specific language people you want to advertise for…

For Ex: If you are targeting Hindi peoples or your product is only for people who speak Hindi then you should go for India as location and Hindi as language…

Search Networks: There are two options first Google and another is Google and Search Partners. I will recommend you to leave it on Google…

Add Filters

This is a very important option in GKP tool… You can filter your result data to filter out unwanted data and keep the data you want…

I Will Guide You To Use Google Keyword Planner In 10 Minutes

Here are some factors you can filter on…

Keyword Text: Imagine, you don’t want to see Keywords ideas which contain any specific words. You can filter them out and keep all the keywords you want, it will help you to choose your keywords more easily.

I Will Guide You To Use Google Keyword Planner In 10 Minutes

Competition: This is showing Adwords competition, how hard this keywords to rank for. Google Keyword Tool shows you keywords with “Low”, “Medium” or “High” competition, you can filter.

I Will Guide You To Use Google Keyword Planner In 10 Minutes

Ad Impression Share: This is only for Adwords so I think you should leave it because it is not for SEO…

Top of Page Bid: The is how you expect to pay for your ad to appear at the top of the page for that Keyword. Top of Page Bid is a proxy indicator of commercial intent. So if you only want to target keywords that potential buyers search for, you can set this to a certain dollar amount.

There are two options Low Range and High Range, I recommend you to go with Low Range…

I Will Guide You To Use Google Keyword Planner In 10 Minutes

Exclude Keywords In My Account: This will exclude keywords from your account you are already biding on…

Exclude Adult Ideas: I am sure you know it very well, Don’t need to explain…

Organic Impression Share: This is how often your site appears in the organic results for each keyword.

Organic Average Position: This is where you will rank in Google Organic.

How To Choose Keywords To Work On?

Now you know how to use Google Keyword Planner tool for keyword research… But do you know how to choose keywords which will you get on result page of GKP?

There are some factors which you need to look at…

Search Volume: The keywords with higher search volume always has the potential to drive huge traffic to your website. So, Always go for the high search volume keywords.

Competition: This is the main factor which you can’t ignore… Competition shows how hard it can be for you to rank for a keyword, So Always go with the Keywords which has Low Competition.

CPC: CPC means Cost-Per-Click, it is another an important factors in Keyword Research. It shows how profitable a keyword is… Always choose keywords which have high CPC rate.

How To Find Exact Search Volume Of Keywords?

GKP doesn’t show you the exact search volume data, it shows search volume in range like 10k-100k…

Search Volume Range

It is helpful somehow…

But, how to get exact search volume?

If you have a running active Adwords campaign. But I can help you to get exact search volume without having an active Adwords Campaign.

Want to know… How?

On the result page, just select the keyword you want to target…

Get Exact search volume

There are three steps shown in the image which you need to follow for getting exact search volume:

#1. Select any single keyword which you want to target or you want to see exact search volume of.

#2. Click on Add to plan as shown in the image.

#3. Then at last, click on Plan overview to see the exact search volume.


You will get impressions on the next screen after clicking Plan Overview. Impression shown the number of people searched for this particular keyword in a month.


This is everything you need to know for using Google Keyword Planner tool, GKP is the initial choice when you come to Keyword Research.

GKP is free tool for keyword research, that’s why it is best option for beginners.

I remembered the day when I just started my blog and came to know about the importance of Keyword Research but finding a tool which can fulfill your requirement was very hard without taking any charge.

Because I was not able to pay for those high costly-premium tools… So, GKP was the best choice.

If you are a beginner and searching for Keyword Research tool then I don’t need to recommend now because you already started loving it…(I hope)

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I hope you found this helpful if you did then must share it with others, if you have any query then drop in comments…

Google Keyword Planner

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