How To Use Google Disavow Tool? Inform Google About Bad Links

Have you ever listen about the Google Disavow Tool?

I am sure you might be…

Here in this post, you will be going to know everything about Google Disavow tool.

Recently, I came in touch with this, the reason behind this was one of my mistakes which I did at the starting of my blog. I will share that soon in the upcoming post.

Mistakes make men perfect, and I have an awesome habit to learn from the mistakes I have done in past. This always helps me to achieve my Goals.

Because when you fall once, you know why you fell then you will never do this again and the result you will never fall again.

Now, one question arises in your mind if you are totally new to this tool. The question is ” What is Google Disavow Tool?”…

What Is Google Disavow Tool?

Google Introduced “Google Disavow Tool” in October 2012, Google Disavow Tool help publishers to let Google know about the backlinks of their site which they want Google to ignore while deciding their rank in Search Engine Result Page.

This tool will let you inform Google about the backlinks of your website which you don’t trust on, which you want Google to ignore totally.

But it is not that much easy as you are thinking, this is not a tool where you can easily tell Google that hey, Google I want to Disavow these links. That’s it.

No, That’s not it..,

Wait, read this scariest warning from Google itself.

Using this tool without knowing how to use it? can hurt your website’s SEO negatively. You should first be clear about the bad links on your website. But I am sure you don’t know what are those links?

First, you should understand, what types of links are bad for SEO? Here are some types of links which are bad:

  • Link exchanges
  • Participating in blog networks
  • Paid links that pass PageRank
  • Hiding links in CSS and Javascript
  • Backlinks from foreign language websites
  • Automatically Generated Backlinks
  • Irrelevant backlinks

Here is the complete guide of the same: 18 Types of Backlinks Violating Google’s Guidelines

Identify The Bad Links

As I did one mistake of buying links from Fiverr that time I don’t know anything about SEO except that backlinks are important(I will share this in upcoming post). So, for creating tons of backlinks I did that. And in my case, I knew that what are those bad links, It was easy for me.

But might be not in your case, you have to find the bad quality backlinks pointing to your site, which is tougher than using Google Disavow tool.

I have shared the list of which types links are bad for SEO and can put your site’s ranking down in SERPs. One tip which will help you to find bad backlinks is, If any of your links matches any types listed above then that is BAD.

Here are some helpful posts for you to find bad backlinks which are hurting your site’s SEO:

Collect Links From All Available Sources

Now, you need a list of the bad links to work on the future process… For this, you can take the Google Webmaster tool at work. It will help you to download the list of links pointing to your site.

First, Go to and login Google webster tool…

Now, go to Search Traffic>Links to Your Site to find the links pointing to your site.

Links to your site

You will be seeing same link below’s images on the next screen,  click on the more as I have highlighted in the image.

Links to your site

On the next page, you will see a list of the links which are pointing to your site. Now click on Download More Sample Links to download the list.

Download your backlinks list using google webmaster tool

After clicking the Download More Sample Links, downloading will start immediately and you will get a list of links pointing to your site in CVS format.

Here are also some tools which will play a major role in finding bad links pointing to your website:

Note: Not the all links are bad quality links rather some of them are, you can’t upload the same file. you need to filter the quality links out and keep bad links in the file.

Here you need to check which links can be bad, you can check that if a link matches the bad quality links list I shared above.

How To Create Disavow File?

If you are thinking that your work is done here and you just need to upload the file you got from GWT in Google Disavow tool…

Then you are wrong my friend!

Some steps are remaining to finish your work…

You can’t upload an excel file on Google Disavow tool, you need to convert it to .txt file then you can upload it.

Very easy, right?

No, Not that much…

Be careful while using Disavow tool because it can make negative effects on your website if you did any single mistake there.

Follow the steps in your excel or Google spreadsheet which I am going to share you here…

Open the file of bad links you collected from the various tools, you only need one column where all your backlinks will be placed. Now follow me:

I am assuming then your backlinks are placed in A column. As shown in the below image:

Remove Subdomains

You can disavow a link in two methods, first is URL or Domain. I will prefer to go with Domain because one single domain may be pointing many links to your site so it will be easy for you to disavow the domain. And any new link from this domain will be disavowed in future automatically.

So, for this, we need to make domains separate from the URL.

Here is the formula to do so…


It will look like this:

Now you got the referring domains in the B column.

Remove https:// and www.

We also not need https:// and www. with our links, but before this, we need to convert B column in values, for this, highlight the B column and Copy and then paste as value by right click.

So we are going to take Find and Replace feature in work. Highlight the B column and press CTRL+H to open the Replace function. And put https:// in find what and replace with leave empty.

You can see that https:// removed from every referring domain, now do same for www.

When the both removed from domains then your file will look like:

Remove Duplicate Domains

Your file maybe has duplicate referring domains, so you need to remove duplicate and keep a single domain.

For this, press CTRL+A+A and then ALT+D+F+F, this will add the filter on your data. Now sort your data as shown in the image

And now put this formula in column C…


After putting this, it will add the Unique and duplicate remark in front of every domain. Like,  if you have a single domain 4 times then it will add one unique and 3 duplicate.

Your file will look like:

Now, filter the column C for Unique only. You will get only unique domains…

Your file will look like:

How will Google know that you want to disavow domain, not URL?

For this, you need to add domain: before every domain, you can easily do this with this formula…


Now, It’s approximately done. Google Disavow tool needs a .txt file which contains all your links which you want to disavow. So, now you need to create a .txt file for your links.

Create a text file, named it whatever you want. And copy all the data which you have in column D (Final Links as you can see in above’s image) and then paste in that text file, Save file.

It’s done, now only need to upload the file in Google Disavow tool…

Upload Google Disavow File

You can open the tool by clicking here.

Google Disavow Tool

Click on the Disavow Links button to upload the file your created. Here you need to upload .txt file not the excel file.

Now click on the Submit and it’s completely done.


It is not that much tough as it is looking, you just need to follow every single step carefully. You should disavow the domain not URL because doing so can save your site lifetime and Google will ignore those links in future.

I have used Google Disavow tool recently and planned to share this tutorial with you. I will also share about the mistake I had made in initial days which made me needed to use this.

So, till then stay tuned with us. Stay updated, And if you link this post then must share it with others.

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    one of my biggest mistake, I added my website link on directory submission website. now I will follow your tips. Thanks for sharing some great information about Google disavow tool.


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