10 Best Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers To Blog Smartly

Are you using Google Chrome as your primary browser?

How many chrome extensions you are using as an blogger? There are tons of Google Chrome extensions available at Google web store which can make a hell lot easy for you to manage your blog and plenty of other task.

Well, I am using a lot, some of them make easy for me to spy my competitors, few for writing, manage passowrds, blocking ads and many more things.

So, in this post, I will share some of the important Google Chrome extensions that you should install in your chrome browser.

For the people who are totally new with the “Chrome Extensions” word. Then there is something for you which will make you understand what Google Chrome Extensions are?

What Are Google Extensions?

Google Chrome Extension is like the WordPress plugin as plugins help you to manage your WordPress website more easily, likewise, Chrome Extensions help you to browse more smartly.

Google Chrome Extensions are browser addons that modify the Google Chrome browser. These extensions are written using web technologies like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Google Chrome Extensions are downloadable from the Chrome Web Store.

I am personally using many Google Chrome Extensions which help me a lot in many tasks.

In this post, I am going to share with you a list of the Best Google Chrome Extensions which will help you to browse more smartly and they will also help you to blog more smartly.

Best Google Chrome Extensions For Blogger

Here are some useful Google Chrome extensions for bloggers that you must install in your Google Chrome browser. I am using almost all the extensions mentioned below.

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is an grammar checker tool which is available as web app, MS Office addon, Windows app, Android Keyword as well as a browser extensions.

It helps in improving writing skills by identifying and fixing your grammatical and spelling mistakes while you are writing. I started using it when I started my blog, my writing skills weren’t much good at that time.

Grammarly helped a lot in improving it and writing better piece of content every time.

Let’s take a look how Grammarly can help you in fixing all your grammatical error in real time while writing online…

10 Best Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers To Blog Smartly

If you are going away from starting your blog just because your writing skills are not good, then you must start using this amazing Google Chrome extension.

2. Forest

10 Best Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers To Blog Smartly

Forest is another a very interesting and best Google Chrome Extension, it will help you to be more productive with your work.

It happened to me many times that I sat for a writing blog post but after writing 10-15 minutes continuously, I got bored from writing and couldn’t write more.

I am sure you are relating to me this time because this happens with every blogger.

Forest is a Chrome extension and also has its own Android application for android users. It will help you to stay focused when doing any task.

You have to set the time for any particular work, for instance, I am going to write a blog post and I have to write minimum 30 minutes continuously so I can set 30 minutes.

There will be a tree that will grow as long as you work, it quite interesting and motivates to keep working.

3. LastPass: Free Password Manager

lastpass password manager

As a blogger, you may have accounts on different websites and tools and remembering them all yourself is really a tough task.

You can’t even write them on a notepad because they are very important credentials and you want to let others know about them.

So, this is where LastPass makes it convenient to keep your login credentials safe. It has its own application for the windows as well as for Android, apart from this it also has a Google Chrome Extension.

It will not only save your password rather it will help you by filling your login details automatically so you never need to enter those details manually.

I am using it from 2-3 years back and I am happy with it, now I never forget my login details and save my time by filling saved details automatically.

4. SEOquake


One of the must-have extensions for the bloggers and the webmaster.

SEOquake is a free Google Chrome Extension which helps you to know the SEO metrics of a webpage you are browsing.

SEOquake allows you to:

  • Review all major metrics in a heartbeat
  • Get a thorough analysis of SERPs and export the results in CSV format
  • Estimate keyword difficulty instantly
  • Set parameters for a search query
  • Run a complete SEO audit of a webpage, including a check for mobile compatibility
  • Check your social statistics for Facebook and Google+
  • Use a wide range of default parameters or create a custom set
  • Get a full report for internal/external links
  • Determine a keyword’s density and configure a stop-word list
  • Compare URLs/domains

5. Loom

Loom is a free Screen recorder extension if you want to create tutorial video and finding a free solution for this. Then I must say you should use Loom for this.

It has many features which makes it a good screen recorder extension, you can also record a video with Facecam, it also has countdown function before start recording.

6. Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot is the highest-rated screen capture & image annotation tool in Chrome with over 2 million users!

Awesome Screenshot is one the best screen capturing tools which every top blogger recommends.

Note: It is free but not fully, they have some limitations for free users. Here is an image which will help you to know what will you get in the free account.

10 Best Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers To Blog Smartly
awesome screenshot

You can create your free Awesome Screenshot by clicking here. You can easily signup using your Google Account.

7. Lightshot(Screen Shot Tool)

This is the tool that I am using from a quite long time back to take a screenshot when writing tutorial posts. It is very easy to use tool for taking a screenshot.

Lightshot also offers writing tools that you can use to write and add arrows on your taken screenshot.

Here are some of the amazing features of Lightshot:

  • take a screenshot and share it in few clicks
  • select any part of the page
  • edit screenshot in place
  • save on a disk or upload to the cloud
  • Search for similar screenshots
  • copy screenshot in the clipboard

You can also take screenshot and save it on cloud and share the link to others.

8. Save To Pocket

10 Best Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers To Blog Smartly

Pocket is an amazing tool that allow you to save any article to read later when you have the free time. It always happens to me when I got a useful post to read but couldn’t make it happen because of time.

So, this is where Pocket makes it easy for me to save that post and read that latter when have free, even I can read offline.

Pocket has the android app and also a chrome extension, you just need to install it in your chrome browser and click on Save to Pocket icon when you want to save any post to read later.

9. MozBar


MozBar is an free SEO Google chrome extension offered by Moz which is a well-known name in SEO industry.

MozBar is an all-in-one SEO Toolbar for chrome browser that will help you to know the various SEO metrics related to the website you visit including the DA & PA Score, Total backlinks, total no. of referring domains and other important things.

10. WhatFont

Another an interesting and useful Google Chrome extensions that lets you spy on your font your competitors are using on their blog.

WhatFont is a simple to use tool that you can use to find what font a website is using, it also shows the font size and colour of font they are using.

It really makes easy to find good fonts for you blog.

At The End

Chrome Extensions are just small tools which will make your work easy and help you to browse more smartly.

As a blogger, you have many works to do so these extensions will save your time and browse smartly.

For instance, you are using Grammarly Chrome extension so it will make your writing error free, it will highlight whenever you will be making any grammatical or spelling mistake with a red line.

I am sure you are going to download them and start using them, It will help you to blog smartly and productively.

Don’t forget to tell in comments: Which one you like most from above list?, Which one are you using currently?

Google chrome extensions

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