Google Analytics For WordPress by MonsterInsights Review

MonsterInsights Review


I found MonsterInsights the best Google Analytics for WordPress website, It helps me to understand my analytics data better. And also know the behaviour of my visitors towards my website like what topics they want to read more, their devices, countries and many more things. I can even track categories, tags, and my Adsense ads. I will highly recommend you to use MonsterInsights if you are not able to get the most out of Google Analytics data.

Are you looking for Best Google Analytic Plugin for your WordPress site?

As we all know, Google Analytics is a must-have tool for every website; It allows you to track your website traffic.

It doesn’t matter you are managing a huge site or just going to start; in both situations, you must use Google Analytics or any analytics tool.

To start tracking your website traffic using Google Analytics, you have three ways to implement it to your website:

How will it be if you can manage or view your traffic directly from your WordPress Dashboard?

A few weeks ago, I started using a Google Analytics plugin called Google Analytics For WordPress by MonsterInsights. It made it quite easy for me to take my eyes on the traffic of my websites.

I found it very handy and easy to use. This MonsterInsights review will show you everything.

What Is MonsterInsights?

MonsterInsights, Officially known as Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress by MonsterInsights, is the most popular Google Analytics plugin for WordPress.

Because it allows you to easily connect your WordPress site with Google Analytics (without making your hands dirty with Codes) and take your eyes on your website’s traffic directly from your Dashboard.

With over 34 million downloads and more than 2 million active installs, MonsterInsights is the most popular Google Analytics plugin for WordPress.

With a few button clicks, you can easily set up event tracking, eCommerce tracking, form tracking, custom dimension tracking, and many more.

The plugin was created by Yoast, the creator of the WordPress SEO plugin. But recently, Google Analytics by Yoast was acquired by Syed Balki.

The man behind WPForms and OptinMonster. He renamed this plugin to MonsterInsights.

Old Way Of Using Google Analytics

Before the launch of MonsterInsights, we have to follow these tricky steps to configure Google Analytics:

  • Edit the header file.
  • Setup event tracking properly.
  • Configure WooCommerce tracking.
  • Learning curve.

You will have to open your Analytics account each time you want to see your website’s traffic and go to that specific Property.

But the main problem occurs when your theme gets a new update, or you want to change the theme, you will lose the Analytics tag you added, and along with this, you will lose all your trackings.

You will have to do all these things from the beginning, Edit header.php and setup tracking again and it will be time-consuming.

I know you can do this by using a child theme or 3rd party plugins like Insert Headers and Footers. But I will show you why you don’t need them?

New Way Of  Using Google Analytics

MonsterInsights was launched to eliminate these problems and to simplify this process. You can integrate Google Analytics in your website with a few simple clicks:

  • Don’t need to Play with codes
  • See your traffic from the WordPress Dashboard.
  • Enable features in a single click.

MonsterInsights makes it easy to integrate Google Analytics with your WordPress website, and you don’t need to worry if you changed the theme or updated it. Even you don’t need to rely on 3rd party plugins.

It will also eliminate the hassle of going to your Google Analytics account to see your website traffic. It can be seen from your WordPress Dashboard directly.

Why Should You Use MonsterInsights?

MonsterInsights is aimed to make it easy for beginners who don’t have technical knowledge as well as for experts to show the data where they can work more to increase their traffic.

It simplified the process of integrating Google Analytics with WordPress. You don’t need to log in to your Google Analytics account every time you want to view your traffic data. Instead, you can get all you need on the WordPress Dashboard.

MonsterInsights will help you:

  • Kill the complicated process of integrating Google Analytics, and you can integrate it with a few simple clicks.
  • Understand your top and low performing content so you can create more on the same kind of content or can work hard on low content to increase their rank and traffic.
  • Know how people find your website so that you can create your marketing strategies accordingly.
  • Set and track your conversion goals so that you can improve and optimise your site.

Google Analytics is an essential tool for every website owner, and it doesn’t matter; you are an expert or a beginner.

MonsterInsights Features

It has free and paid both plans, so If you are starting your first WordPress site, then they took you in mind when creating their plans. There is a free plan also available if you don’t have the budget to pay for paid plans. The open plan will have some limitations.

Here are the feature of free and paid plans:

Free Features

Quick and Simple Installation process

Integrating your website with Google Analytics can be overwhelming. But MonsterInsights makes it easy to install even if it is your first WordPress site, and you are new to WordPress. I will show the complete step by step installation process in this post.

Easy and quick installation

Session Chart

See all sessions that occurred on your website directly from your WordPress Dashboard. A session is a group of user interactions with your website that takes place within a given time frame.


Pageviews Chart

Track pageview of your website easily from your WordPress Dashboard. You can filter this data according to Day, Month and Years.


New Vs Returning Chart

You can quickly check the percentage of New vs Returning visitors on your website.

MonsterInsights New Vs Returning visitors

Referral Chart

Know, what are the sources referring visitors to your website?

Google Analytics Dashboard

You won’t need to open your Google Analytics Account every time, MonsterInsights will eliminate this time-consuming task and will save your time by providing the same data on your WordPress Dashboard.


The segment of your visitors is based on the devices they use to visit your website.

MonsterInsights Device Breakdown

Top 10 Countries

It will show you the 10 top countries your visitors belong to.

Google Analytics For WordPress by MonsterInsights Review

Top Posts / Pages

Find out which posts and pages are driving huge traffic to you; it will help you find how many times a particular page or post has been visited.

Paid Features

It contains all features of the free version, and there are more:

Real-time Stats

The Real-Time report allows you to view your traffic sources and visitors activity when you need it.

real time report

E-commerce Tracking

If you are running an E-commerce store along with your website, then this feature is for you. E-commerce tracking will help you to track your conversion rate, transactions, revenue, and average order value, and more.

MonsterInsights E-commerce report

Universal Tracking

People are using more than one device to browse the internet. MonsterInsights uses smart Universal Tracking to detect these users and count them as the same person, no matter what device they’re using.

Ads Tracking

You can track who is clicking on your Google AdSense ads. In this way, you can find which ads your visitors are entirely ignoring so you can work on that.

MonsterInsights Ads Tracking

File Download Tracking

Maybe you are selling or offering free Digital Products like PDFs, guides, and sheets. File Download tracking will help you to track each download and discover the performance of your digital products.

File Download Tracking

Custom Dimensions

MonsterInsights will allow you to track your visitor by Author, Categories, Focus Keyword etc. It will help you to understand your audience more deeply.

Popular Post Tracking

What type of content do your users like more? You can quickly know this and write more content on the same to get more traffic and engage your users to your content.

Top Posts or Pages

Referral Tracking

Know how your visitors are finding your website? The same referral tracking will help you.


MonsterInsights performance addon gives you the ability to make sample rate and site speed sample rate adjustments.

Enhanced Link Attribution

If you have more than one like pointed to the same page Like Tracking will let you know which one is performing well.

Enchanced Like Tracking

Google AMP

Are you using Google AMP on your website? Using MonsterInsights Google AMP Tracking, you can track your AMP pages performance accurately.

Facebook Instant Articles

You can easily integrate Facebook Instant Articles to Google Analytics using MonsterInsights to track accurate performance.

Google Optimize

Google Optimize is a free A/B testing product by Google, which will help you to quickly conduct experiments to see what works best on your site. You can quickly implement it using MonsterInsights Google Optimize Addon.

Google Optimize

Forms Tracking 

Every website is using Forms Nowadays. You can easily track your form views and conversions.

EU Compliance

This is the most important point if your traffic is coming from the EU region, you can easily implement Google AMP Consent Box, Chrome browser opt-out extension and other important plugins such as Cookie Notice and CookieBot with this add-on.

MonsterInsights has a wide range of features which shows why you should buy it and why this is the best Google Analytics Plugin of WordPress.

Now buy the MonsterInsights plugin using the w button, Because I am going to show, How to install MonsterInsights Plugin In WordPress?

Buy MonsterInsights

After discussing the features, now let’s come to the pricing section which matters a lot.

MonsterInsights Pricing

It has three plans so you can easily choose one which can suit your needs. They have created different plans for different needs.

MonsterInsights Pricing

The best thing is, they are offering a Flat 50% off on all their plan so this is the right time to buy MonsterInsights.

If you are a beginner or just started some time ago, then they have a Plus plan which can fulfil your needs. So, I will refer you to go with the plus plan.

For a more deep look at MonsterInsights Pricing, click here…

How To Install MonsterInsights In WordPress?

Before installing this plugin, you need to create a Google Analytics account if you don’t have one already. To create a Google Analytics account, click on this link or follow this guide. If you already have an account you can skip this step.

Now, you are all set to proceed…

So, Install the MonsterInsights plugin from the WordPress repository. Go to Plugins>Add New and search for MonsterInsights in the search box.

You will get it as the first result, click on Install and Activate.

Install MonsterInsights

Once the plugin will successfully be activated, you will be redirected to MonsterInsights Onboarding Wizard and will see a screen like this:

MI setup

Choose any of the 3 options that suit you and click on Save and Continue.

The second step is to Connect MonsterInsights to Your WordPress site. Click on the Connect MonsterInsights button, it will redirect you to your Google Account.

Connect MI to WP

Choose your Google Account to which your website is connected. If you are not signed in already then sign in using your login credentials.

Choose Google Analytics Account

Now, Allow MonsterInsights to access your Google Account. So, click on Allow button at the end.

Allow MI to access your GA account

Choose your website property to connect with MonsterInsights, All your properties connected to your Google Analytics account is listed in the drop-down menu. Choose one and click on the Complete Connection button.

Choose your GA property

MonsterInsights will show you some Recommended Settings, make sure to check them carefully.

MonsterInsights Settings

On the next screen, you will see some Recommended Addons by MonsterInsights.

MonsterInsights Addon

It is recommended you use WPForms, you can skip this step. Or if you want to know more about WPForms then here is the complete WPForms Review.

WPForms Recommendations

Read More:

You have successfully set up MonsterInsights in your WordPress site, Congratulations!


After clicking Finish Setup & Exit Wizard button, It will redirect you to the MonsterInsights settings page where you need to enter your License key to use premium features and Addons.

MonsterInsights License Key

You can Retrieve your license key using the link as shown in the above image or can manually copy and paste it here from your MonsterInsights account.

Once you enter the license key, It will automatically verify your key and ask you to upgrade to Pro if your key is valid. Click that to Upgrade to Pro button and it will take a few seconds to be upgraded in Pro.

Unlocking pro features

Go to Insights>Reports to take an overview of how MonsterInsights works.

MonsterInsights Overview

This is how you can install MonsterInsights on your WordPress website and connect with Google Analytics with a few clicks. If you like to watch tutorial videos more than read posts then here is the complete MonsterInsights Installation video:

You can do this even if you don’t have coding knowledge.

My Experience

MonsterInsights made it easy for me to view my website traffic and use that data to increase traffic.

It becomes very easy for me to see which posts are working well and which are not, So I can work on not well-performing posts to get high rankings and traffic.

Now, it is easy for me to understand what topics my visitors are interested in.

Apart from this, I can track categories, tag, and even my Adsense ads.

Here are some Pros and Cons of MonsterInsights which I found after using it…

[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#096a20″ radius=”5″]
Easy installation and setup
Google Analytics Dashboard
No third-party accounts
Import and Export reports
Free Version also available[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#ec0724″ radius=”5″]

Price Is Little Bit high for beginners
Limited Free version[/su_box]

I will highly recommend you to use MonsterInsights if you are not able to get the most out of Analytics data. You can buy it by clicking this link…

Hope you found this post useful if you did then must share it with others.

And if you have any issues while installing and connecting then must share in the below comments, I would like to solve them.

Google Analytics For WordPress By MonsterInsights Review
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