Get 50% Off On GetSiteControl-Black Friday 2017

I hope you all are aware of GetSiteControl. Don’t you?

So let me explain what is GetSiteControl?

GetSiteControl is a company which provides Awesome and cool widgets for website and blog. It helps to generate leads and subscribers. In Simple words, you can say GetSiteControl helps you to control your site more effectively, Helps you to customize your site, and also helps to design your site as well.

People always ignore forms which not look cool. If you are using a simple Subscription form on your site then no one will subscribe your newsletter.

Attractive design always attracts people to use it or purchase it. Whenever we go shopping we always get attracted to the products which look good with its packing.

When we have to choose a product in the two same products. First Product has good packing and design, another is wrapped by simple paper and with a lot of dust but both are same. Everyone will choose the product with good packing and designs because it is looking nice than another one. That’s why I say design matters a lot everywhere.

If you look good then you are good and handsome in front of peoples.

If you are using GetSiteControl then Your visitors will never ignore your widgets.

Subscribe widget

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The Subscribe widget is a customizable opt-in form that will help you get more email subscribers. Easily create a custom popup, bar or button for your website, add custom images and adjust the colors to match your website design.

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Contact widget

Contact Widget, black friday sale, black friday, getsitecontrol

The Contact widget is a customizable contact form for your website and a great way to communicate with website visitors.

You can invite them to send you ideas and suggestions, ask questions, report problems or even place orders via the form. Make your visitors feel more comfortable by offering them an easy way to contact you, inquire about your services or place an order.

Promo widget

The Promo widget is a customizable website notification that tells your website visitors what page they should visit next.

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The Promo widget comes handy whenever you need to show a notice or alert, promote a new campaign or product, draw your visitors’ attention to the most important content, share company events or news or just drive users directly to the purchase page. Create popups, bars, buttons or panels in 5 minutes!

Survey widget

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I hope you all know Survey.

Conducting an online survey is a great way to learn what you are doing right and where you can improve. Add the Survey widget to your website to get instant feedback on new product features, your marketing strategies or price policy.

Survey widgets help you to understand what your visitors thinking about you and your products/site. You can create a feedback survey widget so people can give feedback on your site.

Follow widget

Share Widgets, black friday sale, black friday, getsitecontrol

The versatile Follow widget lets you easily add social media ‘Follow’ buttons, ‘Follow Us’ bars or popups to your website.
Add custom images and adjust the colors to match your website design.

Create a unique Follow widget to grow your social media following.

Follow widget will help you to grow your community. 

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Share widget

Share Widgets, black friday sale, black friday, getsitecontrol

Use the versatile Share widget to create sharing buttons, bars or popups for your website. Make it easy for your website visitors to spread the word around by liking, sharing, retweeting and pinning your website content. Encourage your users to share your products on social media to increase traffic and brand awareness.

Chat widget

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You can add live chat to your website to talk to your website visitors in real-time. Help existing customers and prospects instantly solve issues and find answers to their questions to provide better customer service, increase engagement and sales.

Chat with your customers right from the Slack dashboard, desktop app or mobile app!

I Have Something Exciting For You

You all know how much useful GetSiteControl is? It helps you a lot to grow your blog/website.

What are you waiting for? go and create a new account on GetSiteControl. You can create an account by clicking here.

Don’t worry you can signup free. They have three plans in which the first plan is free. This is good for beginners they can also use this service if they can not afford to invest.

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Now I am going to announce that exciting thing which you should know.

You all know that Black Friday Sale is coming soon. GetSiteControl is giving a huge Discounts on their plans. They are giving 50% discount only for 3 days until 25th November.


So what are you waiting for? Grab this deal now without waiting any more time. Neither you will lose it.

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