Confused About The Future Of Blogging? All Confusions Cleared By 10 Experts

Not sure about the future of blogging?

You are not the only one who has confusion about the future of blogging, there are tons of people around the world who has lots of questions about the same topic.

Questions are like:

  • Will blogging stand for the next 10 years?
  • Should I take blogging as a career?
  • Will Blogging profitable in 2021?
  • Will it profitable to start a new blog next year?

These are not all, there are tons of other questions in people’s mind that doubt about the future of blogging. They are afraid to take the step into blogging just because they see no future in blogging.

But that’s not completely true!

If you ask me, Blogging has a bright future and it will stand for the next 10 years or beyond that. Blogging can be taken as a career option and you can live your life with the support of blogging.

There would be some changes seen into blogging in upcoming years but that will not end blogging. You’ll have to modify your strategies and other things accordingly to make your blog stand with those changes.

So, to make your all doubts clear about the future of blogging, I have invited some known faces from the blogging industry to share their viewpoint about the Future of Blogging.

After reading this roundup post, you’ll find:

  • What is the future of blogging?
  • Will It stand for the next 10 years or beyond?
  • What would be the changes which bloggers should be ready for?
  • Should one take blogging as a career?

Anil Agarwal From BloggersPassion

Future of blogging?

There are currently over 500 million blogs online. In the future, the number is only going to explode. You’ll see billions of blogs on almost any topic that’s imaginable. 

See, blogging is not a social media network to fade out as a new one enters. It’s a BRAND building platform. Yes, blogging is all about building and growing your brand.

Blogging is a form of expressing your thoughts. It’s not going out of fashion anytime sooner. In fact, people are going to replace newspapers with blogs and vlogs. I only see the trend going up, not down.

Will It stand for the next 10 years or beyond? 

The same question people used to ask 10 years ago. So my answer is always YES.

Just make sure to use the opportunity to start a blog as soon as possible and get going instead of waiting.

Make sure to build a GREAT blog that adds value to your audience. Start creating your own products as it’s going to be the future of marketing. People should know your name and they should buy your stuff. 

Once other bloggers start noticing you, blogging becomes much easier.

What would be the changes that bloggers should be ready for?

Don’t rely upon learning NEW techniques, blogging tricks, or the latest changes as they often change from time to time.

Learn “EVERGREEN” skills. If you’re a blogger, there are two major skills I’d recommend you to learn and practice every single day.

  1. Writing 
  2. The ability to sell (without sounding like a sales guy)

Better bloggers produce high-quality content. Without creating great content, it’s impossible to succeed in blogging. You can only create better content by having great writing skills.

So learn to write captivating content. Write every single day. Read other copywriting blogs. Read books. Practice. That’s how you get better at it.

Also, make sure to read psychology books. Read other marketing blogs like Social Triggers. Learn what makes people buy products. That’s how you get good at selling online.

Once you master those two skills, there’s nothing stopping you no matter how competitive your niche is. If you’re looking for a few more blogging skills, I recommend you to read this post.

Should one take blogging as a career?

I’m a full-time blogger. I quit my full-time job as an SEO two years ago to become a full-time blogger. So yes, I’d suggest anyone take blogging as a career as I see a huge potential.

But there’s a caveat: don’t quit your day job. Make decent income, work on your primary blog for a few months (or years) and once you feel you’re confident, you can start working full-time on blogging.

If you’re a student, start spending quality time to grow your blog’s traffic and earnings. Invest money in other products such as books, courses to learn about profitable blogging. 

Start making at least $1000/mo before planning to take blogging as a full-time career. It’s just my advice, if you feel super confident, you can break any rule as there are no rules in blogging. Just be consistent and plan for the long term.

Ryan Biddulph From Blogging From Paradise

Future of blogging?

The future of blogging is bright enough where we need to wear Joe Cool shades to see it. Blogging is just getting started because bloggers seem to be doing blogging the right way on a massive scale unlike anytime before. From outreach, to publishing helpful content aligned with niches, to simply blogging for fun and joy, blogging is opening eyes around the globe unlike any time, ever. Keep your eyes open; blogging continues to evolve on an almost weekly basis.

Will It stand for the next 10 years or beyond? 

Yes. Human beings with internet access and problems to be solved will turn to blogs for problem-solving, inspiration and all things blogging-wise for the next decade because blogging is only entering its prime now. For a long time, blogging existed but bloggers did not blog the right way. All those years of spamming, gaming Google and other cyber garbage marked blogging going through its growing pains. Now we enter into the Golden Age of Blogging.

What would be the changes which bloggers should be ready for? 

Face your fear, and you will see and be ready for any change. Blogging only undergoes changes because humanity needs to face, feel and release fears bringing down certain aspects of blogging. Rewind your mind; do you remember when Matt Cutts made the huge change of dis-allowing guest posting solely for links? He only made that change because too many bloggers blogged from fear, scarcity and poverty, creating low quality, link farm blogs and freelancers who paid off link farm blog owners to publish non-targeted content, so these parties and businesses buying links can make money. The change was seamless for bloggers who faced fears fueling this silliness, and the change was difficult for bloggers who resisted facing fears, clinging to the past, complaining about necessary change we needed to evolve and grow the blog-o-sphere.

Should one take blogging as a career?

Everyone has to answer that on their own. I have no idea who you are, what you want and your stomach for tolerance. I have no idea if you crave fear over freedom, comfort over liberation and being told what to do versus calling the shots. Everything is on you. Never look to another human being asking for their permission or questioning about what you should do. Get the facts and make the decision yourself to develop the clarity, confidence and focus you need with any endeavor in life.

Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj From BloggingQna

Future of blogging?

First of all, Thanks Ravi for inviting me here on this roundup post.

Future of blogging is Bright. No doubts about that. I can say the future of authority blogging and micro-niche blogging is bright.  If you are working on some random blogs and not taking them as long term blogs then the fight will be difficult for you.

What I feel is, there are thousands and lakhs and crores or blogs are there on the internet, and thousands are coming out each single day. Quantity of blogs and competition is very high in the market but the quality blogs are still very less.

So if you want to do blogging for the long term then my only suggestion is to work on building a brand blog and create authority in your niche. This is how you can survive in the future.

Will It stand for the next 10 years or beyond? 

I can’t tell for about 10 years. But I can say for the next 3 to 4 years blogging will still be one of the best things to do to earn money online. These days, the attention span of people is very less and they are more interested in video content, podcasts, etc. more than text-based content.

According to me for the next 3 to 4 years blogging is still a very very good option. But After that, we should change our strategies and way of working according to the time and user’s demand.

What would be the changes which bloggers should be ready for?

Blogging is a continuous changing thing, the things that were working 1 year ago are not working at this point of time. In every few months, there are lots of updates in algorithms.  So you need to be ready for anything. Especially for voice search SEO and podcasting.

Should one take blogging as a career?

yes, Definitely,  As I said for the next 3 to 4 years blogging is an amazing career option. I am blogging and Youtube as full time and earning a very good amount of money from it. But as time flies, you have to change strategies. 

Maybe after 5 years, you will not get success by only starting a blog. Maybe you have to do podcasting, YouTubing, parallelly in order to get good results. So be ready for the changes and according to change your strategies. Then only you can survive.

Bishnu Mahali From BloggerSelf

What Is The Future Of Blogging According to Me?

“The Future Of Blogging”, this statement was very popular even when I just started, and now this is one of the most asked questions in the blogging niche.

And here’s what I think about the future of blogging:

If you look for a short period of time, I don’t think anything will change. Of course, a lot of people have quit reading or have very little attention span nowadays.

However, those who loved to read are still reading and they won’t stop reading anytime soon as they understand the value of reading.

With time, the irregular readers may go away and most of the time they’ll just skim the content.

So, I think the blogs of the future will be interactive along with easy ways to consume the content while retaining its value.

For example, we’ve already started using a lot of headlines, bullet lists, gifs, videos, audio, infographics, personalizations, and a lot of other methods to maximize the attention span of such users.

In the future, I also see the use of advanced content management or structures along with personalization such as showing only what a specific user wants to read and hiding everything the person knows already.

That would be amazing and it is not difficult to achieve that. So I definitely see something like that happening in the future and one of the bloggers who will adapt this will be me.

In short, things will change but it’s not going to die.

Will It Stand For The Next 10 Years Or Beyond?

10 years is a long time but I am certain that blogging will be there and it will be as profitable as it is now.

However, the competition will be higher than what we are facing right now as there will be fewer people who would search and read blog posts instead of watching a YouTube video or listening to a podcast.

In the future, I don’t see general content or general how-to articles doing well. Because most people would prefer to watch a video over text-based content.

But the contents like Ultimate Guide, Research Papers, Data-Based Blog Posts, Strategic Posts, etc. will still perform better than the generic contents.

So, some of the bloggers will be gone while those who are writing genuine in-depth content will be doing well even in the next 10 years or beyond.

What Would Be The Changes Which Bloggers Should Be Ready For?

Like I’ve mentioned before, a lot of things are going to change and especially the format of the content.

There’s no denying that, YouTube or video content is taking over most of the audience who used to read blog posts. Even on Google Search, now videos dominate the first position and it is likely to happen more in the future.

So while making our blog posts more interesting, attractive, and easy-to-read, we should also focus on creating other forms of content like videos, and podcasts.

I know it is difficult for a lot of people to get in front of the camera and record videos but it is something that can potentially keep you in the business while everyone will be looking for a job or a different option to make money online in the future.

Should One Take Blogging As A Career?

There’s no doubt or hesitation to answer “Yes” for this question. Blogging is very profitable and it will remain so even in the future. Not only for 10 years but even beyond that.

However, you should only choose blogging as a career if you love to do it or you are passionate about it. Otherwise, I don’t think you’ll survive for long in the blogging world.

If you have that dedication and passion for blogging then there’s nothing else to think about, you should definitely consider blogging as your career.

Santanu Debnath From BloggingJoy

Thanks, Ravi for including me in this amazing topic. This is a very common concern these days as we can clearly see that the demand & consumption of video content, voice search is increasing like anything.

Other than that search engines are also getting smart and in many categories Google is answering the user queries in such a way that people don’t need to click on any websites. And the competition in this segment has increased unbelievably, specially due to the increase of work from home culture, huge increase in digital media dependency due to the pandemic.

In that case, what is the future of blogging?

I have been into blogging for more than 10 years and I have seen a huge change in the way of doing blogging. According to me, the future will depend on the kind of blogging you want to do. As I have mentioned, there are various categories where search engines are giving better results and if we want to do something on those areas then we will not get any success.

But there are many new topics, new areas where still less information is available and that you have to find out how to create a useful blog. Other than that if you want to do something in the existing categories, you have to think differently.

The demand for text content will always be there and it will grow as the readership is increasing. Not only that people are searching for regional language content and right now you will find some content only in a few languages and rest all have huge opportunities.

So, I feel blogging is amazing and has a very good future as always. But you have to understand what will work. Time has changed, so all the typical ways to create a blog may not work for you in the coming days. Competition is huge, but the opportunity is even more. So, be in the right path so that you can also see the bright side of blogging.

Vishwajeet Kumar From BloggingGate

Blogging is today not at all a hobby. It is now a new business model. For me Blogging has evolved a lot in the past 10 years and eventually will in the next 10 years. People love to read blogs to find solutions for their problems. So, yes! Blogging definitely has the potential and anyone can choose it as their career.

I myself choose blogging as my full time profession just after completion of my graduation. As we all are facing a lockdown situation and people are forced to work from home. In today’s scenario blogging definitely proves itself as a strong career option

The basics of blogging are the same. If you have the passion and dedication then blogging is definitely an ideal career choice for you. Choosing a niche is very important. If you narrow down your niche and start a micro niche blog then it will be very beneficial for you.

Content is still the king and in future it will. You have to produce quality content and maintain the consistency with your blog posts to keep the flow of visitors. As I have said earlier that the basics of blogging  will be the same in future. The most important factor is SEO which changes constantly on every year.

You have to adapt new strategies and tactics to reconcile with Google frequent algorithm changes and rank your site to drive targeted traffic for your blog. However, Focusing on other traffic sources is very important. Relying on a single traffic source will not be a good choice in future.

 You should definitely treat your blog as a business, not a hobby or fun (if you’re really serious about making money in the long run). The future of blogging is very bright and we have seen it growing rapidly.

Ultimately Blogging means providing value to other people and solving their problems with your expertise.

Chayan Chakrabarti From SimpleFactsOnline

Thanks a lot Ravi for inviting me to this amazing roundup post. I am happy to share my inputs with all the experts.

Blogging is a wonderful business model, and in 2020 you will notice there are serious bloggers around. I personally know many bloggers who have been blogging for over a decade and blogging is their main source for bread and butter.

Blogging has evolved a lot, it still has wonderful potential. But if you are someone who is looking to start blogging in 2020, then remember one thing, you have to give value to your content, it creates your credibility and eventually you will be able to grow an audience.

Now don’t just sit back and relax after you build an audience on one platform, start cross promoting your content and improve daily.

Websites were important yesterday and they will be relevant in the future as well.

Yes, there are easy ways to consume information via video and audio. But a website is something that gives you the leverage to check 3 to 4 pages in 10 to 15 mins, that’s the average duration of any tutorial video.

If you are running a website now and you are wondering if the website will be relavented in 10 years from now.

Think about it, you are a blogger  who publishes one post weekly. This makes 48 posts a year and 480 posts in 10 years. Let’s assume you can only deliver 350 to 400 posts in 10 years. I am talking about a well optimized post that gives values. If you have 5 different channels to promote your content, you will end up getting a lot of loyal readers in 10 years and some of them will be your clients or customers. So the possibility is endless.

If you are a blogger who has been blogging for the last few years, but not creating any video or audio content, then it’s high time you focus on that.

You will not be a pro video marketer one day, but if you have followers you can ask for their suggestions and create videos based on  their needs, but you have to make sure a couple of thing, your audio quality is good and you have enough lights on your set up so that the audience will like the quality and they will watch your videos.

One tip that I can give here, do proper keyword research for youtube and explore the topics that do not have many videos or lack detailed videos, you can create videos on that topic and you can also send traffic to that video from the blog post and from the video you can again redirect the user to your blog post, if it’s adding values then the users will surely watch it.

Whether you are running a blog or YouTube channel, if you can provide value, it will not go unnoticed. That’s it for today. Are you a blogger? Share your thoughts on the comments about the future of blogging in 10 years.

Umer Qureshi From GuideBlogging

Thanks, Ravi for inviting me on this particular roundup and I’m very much excited to answer the topic you raised.

And According to me, the future of blogging is bright because several people love to read the text form of content, so there is no such thing that blogging will die.

I’ve seen so many people saying that ‘Blogging is No More, but You & Me is the example that’s it’s working great because that’s why we are making income through this.

But yeah, In the future video content will get more reach than text, but here, we have to adopt new things which will help you to make blogging profitable in different ways.

The changes they adopted is focusing on doing personal branding because many bloggers always promote there blog like crazy and It’s good but You also have to make yourself a brand because that’s how people will connect with you.

And, There are several other things that bloggers should adopt like Podcasting, Which will help them to get more reach.

Voice is the future so why don’t you take your voice to the next level via podcasting?

So these are the things that a newbie blogger should adopt which will help him/her to grow in their journey.

Now come’s the tricky question… (For me) Is Blogging can be a full-time career?

I think “Yes” it can be a full-time career option because as a 16-year old I’m doing it as a part-time, but it’s literally helping me to earn more than a good job so why not choose it?

But here, I want to add one point as a student, If you are thinking to do it full time then do it after 12th and Now take it as a part-time business and the reason to add this point to tell the youth.

Dropping from school isn’t the solution for success; you have to do studies because that will help you move forward in life!!!

Sumit Sao From BloggingLift

According to me, the future of blogging is indeed very bright because people will always need blogs. 


Because it’s human behavior that they want the solution to their problem asap that’s why they always search their problems or anything else on Google to get an instant solution by visiting a blog.

And according to some research, content consumption is increasing day by day.

That’s why you don’t need to worry about it. The future of blogging is 100% safe. 

But 10 Years back, video content was not very popular but now people are spending most of their time watching video content, listening to podcasts, etc.

So, we can’t ignore it. That’s why It’s very important bloggers to start their YouTube channel and podcasts so that they can bring traffic from this platform by repurposing their content.

Santosh Gairola From BloggingCosmos

Thanks, dear Ravi brother for letting me share my views on this intriguing topic, which is regarding the future of Blogging. In this context, I would like to say that blogging is one of the most demanding skill in the current century, and the future of blogging is super bright in the upcoming years. 

As time will keep passing the impact of blogging in the world economy will be felt more strongly. Every day many new blogs are getting launched in the digital world and becoming successful in less time. 

Today, there are blogs on almost every niche and every industry. Whether you believe it or not, but the Internet has revolutionized the information industry especially the digital marketing & infotainment industry. And Blogging played a significant role in it; reading blogs is one of the best ways to consume information in the fastest possible way.

Hence, blogging has created a new opportunity for companies that allows them to sell their products through digital mediums, and it is growing exponentially every year.  

A few years ago, only a limited number of people were knowing about blogging. But lots of things changed in recent years. Now In the current scenarios,  blogging is not an unknown profession; almost 50% of the general audience is aware of the term blogging business.

On the other hand, for professional marketers, Blogging is a tool through which they are making millions of dollars every year. You can easily google and bing their names on your devices.

Today blogging is the fastest growing industry in the digital space, and trust me, the ability to create content for the global audience is a boon in the digital era. Hence the future of blogging is marvelous.

Through blogging, you can learn many life building lessons; the most important lesson that you can learn through blogging is the art of influencing people and making an impact on the people. 

Blogging also allows you to learn the art of selling, and selling is the most valuable skill if you are interested in making fortune. Try yourself and get amazed, how blogging is giving astonishing results to many bloggers.


These were the views of 10 known faces in the blogging industry. All of them have shared what they think about the future of blogging.

Blogging has a bright future, it is no going to end in the next 10 years or beyond. But there will be some changes we’ll surely see. So as a blogger, you have to be prepared for those changes.

And I am also agreed with the fact that video & audio content more preferred type of content to consume but it doesn’t mean that people will stop reading articles. 

You should start trying your hands in video and audio form of content along with your articles. You can start a YouTube channel and share the video form of content there and a podcast channel for audio content.

You should be serving in every field, cover all type of content. Not just be limited to article form.

I hope you found this roundup post useful and it cleared all your confusions about the future of blogging.

If it did then must share it with others.

Future Of Blogging

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24 thoughts on “Confused About The Future Of Blogging? All Confusions Cleared By 10 Experts”

  1. Hello Ravi,

    Thanks for organizing this roundup post. Blogging is now a business. It is now one of the best and lucrative ways to earn living online. Blogging definitely have a bright future and tremendous opportunities. Thanks for inviting me for this awesome roundup post. I am really happy to be a part of this.

    Vishwajeet Kumar

  2. Hi Ravi,
    What a great round up you have put together here with top bloggers. When it comes to the future of blogging, I do believe it is a bright one. I’ve been blogging for the past ten years and seen some changes when it comes to blogging. But the basics are the same. Give great content, check your SEO, but most of all, go to other blogs every day and comment and share.
    When visiting others, it is imperative to share their blogs on social media. And of course, leave a good comment on the post. Not only will it benefit the blogger, but it will benefit you. Why? Because you will learn something new that you can apply yourself. Most of all, doing this on a continuous basis, will lead to more readership on your own blog.
    The future looks bright for bloggers to me. I’m a full time blogger and marketer and if done correctly, one can monetize their blogs. Another advantage is that if you are marketing something, people will check you out and there is no better way than for them to see who you are than your blog.

    • Totally agree with you! Leaving comments on others blog and sharing their content really helps in creating good relationships and eventually, you will also get the benefit from that.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts in comments section! 😄

  3. Hey Ravi Bro,

    Honestly, I Was Thinking That In Future, People Will Love To See Videos For Gaining Knowledge But I was Wrong. Now, After Reading This Particular Round Up Post, I can Say That There Are Also Many Peoples Who Are Interested In Reading Articles. So Newbie Blogger Won’t Have To Worry About It.

    So Thanks For This Awesome Round Up Post.

    Pravakar Singh

    • Yes, you are right! Video and audio form of content are easy to consume but it doesn’t mean articles won’t be there…

      I am glad that you found this roundup post useful.

      Keep supporting! 😄

  4. Hi Ravi,

    I landed up here from one of the Facebook shares and glad to read some wonderful insights about blogging. In fact, this question or probably a doubt has been there in the minds of many people for a decade or more. Maybe I can say that right from the day people started mentioning that you can make money from a blog. Actually, it is the fear that in future, it may not be a good platform for making money make this question more relevant especially among the bloggers.

    Of course, the written content has lost its importance in the recent years and visual media takes had taken over the upperhand. How ever, blogging and written content will have its importance for at least another 15 to 20 years from now. Only its style and nature will change according to the needs of people who use it only on the internet but not in the traditional way like reading a newspaper. Things like writing for social media sites and similar type of writings may still have a prominent place in the internet space.

    Anyway glad to know about you and your awesome blog. Keep up the good work. Have a great time blogging and networking with fellow bloggers. Keep motivated.

    Thank you once again for the great share.

    Reji Stephenson

    • Thanks for giving a visit to my blog!

      You’re right! Blogging is not going to end, there will be some changes for sure and as a blogger, we need to modify our blog according to them. And also video and audio content consumption is growing but articles will still there…

      Keep Supporting! 😄
      Ravi Dixit

  5. Hi, let me tell a short thing to support what other bloggers told. Until there is some creation that particular job will never be extinct. So, offcourse bloggers create content and it never gets extinct.

  6. Hello Ravi,

    I found this article very helpful for beginners like me. This really motivates me to focus on my blog and invest more time in blogging. Waiting for other roundups from experts.

    Thank you for this amazing article, keep up the good works.

    Atanu Das


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