Find Free Stock Images For Your Blog Post Using Pixabay

Visuals are the best way to describe your thoughts or information. 

Isn’t it?

If you are writing a blog post without adding images to it. you are boring your readers. Do you read a book which has no images?

I never and sure you also.

Surely you have read this before that An Image speaks thousands of words…

It doesn’t matter how informative your blog post is. if it doesn’t contain any image then no one will read it. 

Adding image is not only help your users to understand your blog post more easily rather at the same time it can help and give a good user experience as well.

Do you know? Images can also drive traffic to your blog.

I am sure you knew it before.

But the major problem always arises with the beginners that they don’t have money to invest on their blog in the earlier days of their blogging.

They even can’t afford their hosting and custom domain yearly charges. I am also one of then my blog is not earning well now.

Purchasing royalty free stock images is next to impossible for them. 

I am happy to inform you that there are many websites which you can use to download free stock images for your blog post and Pixabay is the most popular and good one. I have also shared many other websites too for creating free visuals for your blog.

Most of the images which I use on my blog post and featured images are from Pixabay and I highly recommend if you are finding free stock images solution then you must use this.

Free Stock Images Using Pixabay

Pixabay is a vibrant community of creatives, sharing copyright free images and videos. All contents are released under Creative Commons CC0, which makes them safe to use without asking for permission or giving credit to the artist – even for commercial purposes.

Pixabay is the best ever place to find free stock images for blog and website I have ever seen. You can find tons of royalty free images from there without giving any credit even for commercial uses.

Go to Pixabay, and create a free account. You can use your Facebook or Google+ account to do so.


On the next Screen, you can see a search box as shown in the above’s image. You can search using the keyword for which you are finding an image.

For Instance, I am going to find an image for social media so I need to put Social media in the box and then Enter.

Here is the result I got after searching for social media.

Find Free Stock Images For Your Blog Post Using Pixabay

You can choose any of the images from the results which one you like and want to download that.

Find Free Stock Images For Your Blog Post Using Pixabay

Always make sure that the image you are going to download has a Creative Commons license. But first, you should be aware of the Creative Common License.

What Is Creative Commons License?

Creative Commons (CClicense is one of several public copyright licenses that enable the free distribution of an otherwise copyrighted work. A CC license is used when an author wants to give people the right to share, use, and build upon a work that they have created. Wikipedia [/perfectpullquote]

Download the images easily by clicking the download button and select the appropriate size.

Find Free Stock Images For Your Blog Post Using Pixabay

I know you understood how easy is to get free stock images for your blog post using pixabay.

Pixabay Mobile App

Pixabay is not only limited to the web users rather it has its own Android and iso app. 

Sometimes it happens when you are not on laptop/pc or maybe you are writing a blog post from your mobile phone using any writer app or official WordPress/Blogger app, then you will definitely need images to attach in the post.

Pixabay mobile application will help you that time to download an image and attach with your blog post.

Find Free Stock Images For Your Blog Post Using Pixabay

It is not only when you are writing a post using a mobile phone rather it will help you to download the image for sharing on social media sites.

You can easily download Pixabay Android/iOS from here…

  1. Download for Android 
  2. Download for iOS

Pixabay WordPress Plugin

Find Free Stock Images For Your Blog Post Using Pixabay

As I always say that WordPress has plugins for every task which helps beginners to do the various task even if they don’t have coding knowledge.

If you don’t know about WordPress plugins and how to install it? then you must read the post here.

I am using Pixabay WordPress plugin for the day one of my blog, it helps me to attach free images from my WordPress editor. I don’t need to go to Pixabay website and download then attach. It is a very time-consuming task and here Pixabay plugin makes it fast.

You can download this plugin by clicking here

Must Read:

As you don’t want to read a book which has no images so how can you even think that your readers will read your blog post without images.

If you want that your reader always loves to read your blog post and Google also give you best position on their result page so never publish a post without images.

I hope you have read tutorials post on the various blogs even here, then you can imagine if there will be no image so it will become very tough to understand that post. 

I am sure you will start using Pixabay from now If you liked this post and found it helpful then show some love by sharing it with your other friends to help them too.

Find Free Stock Images

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