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Blogging Gives Me Freedom and a boss-free life...
Ravi Dixit

Day-01: Learn the basics first

Lesson 1 will help you to know about the basics of blogging. It will let you know What is blog and blogging?

I always start from the basics because if basics will not be strong then you will not be successful.

Day-02: Choose a niche for your blog

A Niche is what your blog will stand for, Niche or a topic is what you are going to cover in your blog.

Choosing a niche carefully is a very important step before starting a blog. I will share some tips which I personally recommend and used

Day-03: Platform To Go With? Confusion

The platform comes before hosting and domain, this is known as the first need for starting a blog. I will share a few most used blogging platform which you can use to start your own blog.

Some of them will be free so as a beginner you can easily use them.

Day-04: Start With WordPress

WordPress is the best for starting a blog and website. All popular blogs are using it.

I will share guide on how you can start your blog WordPress.

day-05: Initial Settings For WordPress

Beginners immediately start writing blog posts after installing their WordPress Blog. But there are some steps which they need to do before writing their first post.

I will tell you about those settings, you need to do after installation.

Wait , I am not going to reveal all the lessons right here. Let’s keep something secret. You will get other lessons from scratch. Those will take your blog to the next level… 🙂

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