External Link: Should You Add External Links Or Not?

When I started blogging and started writing the blog post for my blog, in my starting days of blogging. That time I was not aware of the benefits of External Links, I never added any single External Link in my blog posts.

I was thinking that linking to others is like sending your traffic to others website, in more simple words, it like losing all your traffic.

I was not aware of the SEO benefits of linking to others site, but after reading many blog post on External linking, now I totally aware of the benefits of its.

Adding External Link is just like your giving some extra resources on the same topic to your readers to read that. it can help your reader to read more about the same topic.

What Are External Links?

External links are the links which can direct you to another website from the website where it exists.

A Link which connects a website to another website called External links. Many beginners scared from adding external links into their blog post because they think that they are sending their traffic to others website or losing their traffic, as like I was thinking in my earlier days.

This whole process is like you are recommending your users to read the same post on others blog to increase their knowledge on the same topic, this can increase your reader’s trust in you. They will feel that your motive is to provide the information and help them not only earn money.

Wait a minute and watch this video by Whitefriday MOZ. To understand, is external linking good for SEO?


Important Tips For External Linking

There are two types of the External Links, No-Follow, and Do-follow. I have shared already about the Do-follow and No-follow. you can read that post by clicking here.

Do-Follow External link: Do-follow links are the normal links which you can add from your WordPress editor, all the links you add is do-follow. Make sure to add only do-follow for the domain which has high domain authority and page authority.

No-Follow External links: when you are linking with a domain or webpage which has low domain authority and page authority so it can hurt your website rank.

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Achor Text: Anchor Text is the name of the links which is visible for your readers, You see in the below’s code the highlighted part with red color in Achor text.

A Link looks like: <a href=”http://www.external-domain.com/”>Link Anchor Text</a>

Anchor Text is the visible, clickable text in a hyperlink. Usually, it is in blue and underlined. For Example, This is the link to the StayMeOnline blog, You can see here is StayMeOnline is anchor text and you can see the anchor text only not the exact URL.

Link To Relevant Web Pages: External linking doesn’t mean that you have to link blindly to get benefits. Always make sure to link to the blogs which have the same niche as you. This will help you to attract targeted visitors to your blog. Try to link to domains which are already trusted and have good Moz rank and domain value.

Don’t Add Too Many Links: Quality of the external links good than Quantity of the links, do not try to link with the tons of link because of getting advantages. It will give bad user experience, who wants to read a blog post which has too many links.

It will irritate your visitors and they will never come back to your blog, so don’t do this otherwise you will lose your valuable visitors.

Benefits Of External Linking

The beginners who think that adding external links can be losing the traffic, which is not true 100 percent. There are many benefits of external links for SEO point of view.

Increases Domain & Page Authority

If you have read our post about the Domain Authority and Page Authority so you can understand how external links can increase your DA and PA Score. 

Always link to the web pages which have High DA and PA Score. I have personally experienced it after using external linking my DA score start increasing. 

Here are something which really matters to calculate DA and PA score:

  • Social Proofs: number of Google+1’s, Facebook Likes, Twitter Retweets, LinkedIn Shares a page has received.
  • The number of root domains linking to the page.
  • Number of root domains linking to the page using partial match anchor text.
  • No. of subdomains that link to the page.
  • The number of quality websites linking to the page. 
  • And the number of external links a page has.

You can see in the above’s list that External Linking matters play a very important role.

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SEO Benefits

The external link gives the search engine a clear idea about your niche and helps them to decide your rank, Google can easily know about the niche of your blog because of the relevant links.

And if you are adding external links in your blog posts then your DA and PA score will be increased. 

Domain and Page Authority is one the 200+ factors which decide rank of a webpage in Google,, it is clear that if you have good DA and PA score then the chances of getting high rank is high.

It’s Your Time

External links are equally important as Internal Links, If you thinking then you will lose your traffic because of the linking to other domains then you are wrong. Your visitors will trust you more by doing so.

External linking does not only give a clear idea about your niche to search engines rather it also gives good user experience because you provide extra resources to your visitors so they can learn more.

I hope you now you understood how much important external links are? if you liked this post and found it helpful then show some love by sharing it with your friends.

And the comment section is waiting for your queries and I am also for reply them.

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