Easy Tutorial To Make Your Header Sticky In WordPress?

I am sure you have seen Header Sticky on many blogs and websites. It gives a professional look to your site. Don’t you see anywhere? No problem, This post will explain you everything about Sticky Headers.

Sticky header is the header which always fixed on the top of your web page. It doesn’t move when you scroll up or down. It never moves from its place.

Sticky header gives a unique style to your blog. It makes easy for your visitors to access the menus even when they are in the footer of the page.

There are some benefits of having a Fixed Header:

Brand Building

A sticky header usually contains brand titles like Logo or Site name/title. It can be helpful to make awareness towards your brand. It always shows your logo on the screen.

Many times users scrolled down to read your post, They read your posts fully and found it helpful. After reading the posts they left your site if your header is not fixed then your users will forget about the blog on which they found that useful post.

Users Experience

A sticky header also improves users experience. It makes your site easy to visit for visitors they can easily access your navigation menus if your header bar is fixed.

Let assume, You are reading a post on any particular blog. then you click on any interlink(another post link) and land to another post but after reading that post you want to go home page for this, you have to click back button two times. It will take time. But if that blog uses fixed header then you can go back to the header by clicking the home button on the header.

Save Time

I hope now you understood above points then you can imagine, how sticky header save user time?

You have many blog post on your blog. Some posts have 500 words and some have 1500 words. In the long posts, users have to scroll a lot. Sticky header makes easy for them to access your navigation menu even if they are at the bottom of the post.

Make Your Header Sticky

Now I am going to tell you how you can make your Header Sticky?

As we know WordPress plugin makes every task easy. We can do everything with having coding knowledge. And for this task, you also can use a WordPress plugin called Sticky Menu (or Anything!) on Scroll

After installing and Activating this plugin. Now you need to go to Settings>Sticky Menu (or Anything!) on Scroll to setup the plugin.

Sticky header, make header sticky, floating header

Now you need to find the CSS ID of your header/ navigation menus which you want to make sticky. You need to open a new tab and type your blog/website URL. Now you are on the homepage of your blog/website. Right-click and click Inspect or you can use Ctrl+Shift+I.

Now find the CSS ID of your header or navigation bar. You can find the ID in Header ID or Navigation ID, My Id is site-header. It will look like:

Make header sticky

Copy and paste this ID into plugin settings in Sticky Element box. Then decide Space between top of the page and sticky element, You can leave it blank because it is optional.

In the last two options, You can set a screen size of the device in which you don’t want to make your header sticky. And the last and final click on the Save Settings.

It’s done! You can visit your website now. and scroll down you homepage to test it. I am 100% sure, It is working.

The Conclusion

I hope now you understood, What is Sticky Header? benefits of Sticky Heade ad How to make your Header Sticky? 

If you like this posts to please share with your friends and help them to make their header sticky too. Or If you are facing any error or problem in doing so, feel free to leave a comment below and let us know. 

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