Domain Authority: From Beginning To Advance Guide!

Is Your Post not getting high rank in SERP(Search Engine Result Page)? Don’t you know why? Domain Authority! Don’t you know what is this? Don’t worry there are many people who start their blog but they are also not aware of the word “Domain Authority” even I was one of them one year ago.

There are tons of websites over the internet from the whole world, some are really good and some launched recently. The website which has good DA score get high rank on the SERP. it is really hard to give competition to the top website and how you can compete them and get reach to the high rank.

This is not really tough as it is looking, the website which has high DA score always get top position.

There are more than 200 factors which decides ranking on SERP and Domain Authority is one and very important factor in that factors.

Everyone is trying to rank their blog post high in SERP, but they are missing one and very thing which is Domain authority. It is fact, the website with high DA score get high chances to rank high.

If you want to rank high in the search engine then you are in the right place, in this post, you will learn all about Domain Authority and how you can increase your DA score…

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score produced by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages (SERPs). 

A Domain Authority Score is always under in range 1 to 100, The more your score is as good as your domain authority and the better your ranking.

In simple words, you can say DA means how trustworthy your domain is? Google always give high rank to the domains which they can trust.

How Domain Authority Evaluated?

There are some factors which help to evaluate Domain authority of any Domain. 

DA score always calculated by the linking domains, total numbers of external links, MozRank, MozTrust, etc. and convert this all in a score out of 100.

I hope infographic helped you and feel free to add it to your blog posts but don’t forget to give credit to us

Here are something which really matters to calculate DA score:

  • Social Proofs: number of Google+1’s, Facebook Likes, Twitter Retweets, LinkedIn Shares a page has received.
  • The number of root domains linking to the page.
  • Number of root domains linking to the page using partial match anchor text.
  • No. of subdomains that link to the page.
  • The number of quality websites linking to the page. 
  • And the number of external links a page has.

But How to check domain authority? Wait! Here are some tools to answer this question:

Tools to Know Your DA Score

MozBar by Moz



MozBar is a chrome extension developed by Moz, it is all in one SEO tool in one extension. It is really helpful and easy to use tool to check domain authority of any page you are browsing in your browser.

Here is the list of features of MozBar:

  • Custom Searches: Create custom searches by the engine, country, region, or city.
  • Metrics That Matter: Access and compare link metrics across pages while viewing any SERP.
  • On-Page Highlighter: Find and highlight keywords on a page and differentiate links by type: Followed, No-Followed, External, or Internal.
  • Page Overlay: Expose page elements, general attributes, markup, link metrics, and HTTP status.
  • Authority Scores: Quickly assess ranking probability with Page Authority and Domain Authority.
  • Data Export: Export your SERP analysis details to a CSV file.

You only need to download it and install in your browser, you can download it by clicking this link.

Keyword ExplorerMoz

This is also a service developed by the Moz, I have discussed this in one my posts. This is the best tools for the keyword research. You can also use it to find which keywords are ranking on your competitor’s website. You can use its 20 queries for free then after you need to purchase its premium place to use it.

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Website Authority Checker- SEOReviewtools

This is another a good tools to check your DA score. It also helps you to analysis your Social score.


Open Site Explorer

Open site explorer

Let’s guess what? another tool by Moz, Open site explorer is tools which help you to analysis inbound and outbound links as well with your domain authority.

They are offering the 30-Day free trial to their new users, you can take a free ride for Moz tools by clicking here.

Increase DA Score

Optimize Your Website’s SEO


I prefer SEO as the heart of a Website, As we all know a website with good SEO always gets benefits in the search engine rankings. 

If your website has a good DA score and thinking that your every post will be rank high easily without doing anything, so you are wrong if your post is not optimized then it will not get rank in SERP. 

Make sure to do On-Page SEO before publishing your content, don’t you know about On-Page SEO and it’s Techniques then must read below post.

Always give first priority to the SEO if you seriously want to get high rank and high domain authority because Search Engine loves SEO friendly contents. 



I know you definitely aware with interlinking, this is a very common word in the SEO world.

Let me explain the little bit, Interlinking is the process to link your already published posts to your new post.

It is like you are serving your customer some extra sources to learn more about relevant topics, it gives a great user experience.

Apart from User Experience, It also makes easy for the search engines to index your site. 

But always remember to only interlink relevant posts, If you are not doing so then It is not making any sense.

Remove Bad Links

Your website has many of useful links and apart from this it also has some bad links which are affecting you Domain Authority Score.

But the one question definitely came to your mind if you are a beginner that How to find those links?

If you are using WordPress then it is pretty simple of you to find those bad links and if you find then you can easily fix or remove them.

There is a plugin WordPress called Broken Links Checker which will help you to do so. You can download it from the link.

Broken Link checker

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Mobile friendly test

Everyone knows that huge number of internet users are using mobile phones to browse the internet if your website is not mobile friendly then you will lose all those traffic which is yours if you have a mobile-friendly site.

You will not only lose your mobile users as well as you will lose your mobile search engine rankings which you can’t afford to lose.

Are you wondering that how can you check your website is mobile friendly or not?

Here is a tool for this particular task by Google which can help you to know that your site is Mobile-Friendly or Not?

You can simply visit this link to check your site: Mobile-Friendly Test by Google Developers.

This tool is pretty easy to use and it will also inform you about the error of your mobile site so you can simply eliminate that.

Earn Social Media Proofs

Social Proofs

As I mentioned in the infographic that Social Proofs make a high impact in evaluating Domain Authority. If you really want to increase you DA score then be active towards Social media. 

Work on increasing your followers over there, allow your users to share your content for this you need to add social media share button to your content.

Make sure to add follow buttons so your visitors can directly follow you by clicking the button.

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Make Your Site Load Faster

Make your website faster

Do you want to wait for a website to load properly if it is taking too much time to load? No! Even I Don’t.

As same if your website takes time to load then your visitors will not wait and never come back to your website.

Not only visitors hate slow sites, as well as Google and other search engines, also hate they will never give you high rank if your website is taking more than usual time to load.

Want to know your Website’s loading speed then there are some tools like GTmetrix and Google Page Insights to help you.

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Closing Thoughts

If you are standing with Low Domain Authority then you will never get high rank easily. Domain Authority represent your website image, reputation, rank, visitor’s trust and how well your website is?

If someone wants our suggestion in anything, that time we always suggest him to ask someone better who has the high knowledge, well reputation in that particular field.

As like same Google also do when someone put a query in Google search box and hit search, after that Google show well-reputed site in the top results.

I hope you understood well about the Domain Authority, And don’t forget to share this post with your blogging friends to help them. 

If you have any more tips to increase DA score then feel free to share in the comment section. you can also Follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

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