DesignEvo Review: Make Your Brand Logo In Simple Steps

Have you ever heard about DesignEvo?

STOP, let me cover the whole story…

When you think to start a new company or your new blog/website. One of the first things comes to your mind is to create a professional and unique logo.

The logo is the must-have thing which you need to give attention to make it unique, simple and rememberable. It will give an identity to your brand.

There are various tools available in the market to create a logo. Some of them are free and some are paid as well. Today I am going to review a tool which I found easy and best to create a logo for the beginners.

That tool also has a free plan for the beginners to use it, in case, they can’t afford to pay.

The tool I am going to talk to you is called DesignEvo

I was not aware of this tool when I was creating the logo for StayMeOnline, So, I used Canva for this task. It makes very easy to create a logo for your brand or company.

Note: It is not a sponsored post nor a biased review, I would like to thank Zella from DesignEvo who gave me this opportunity to test the tool and write a review on it.

What Is DesignEvo?

DesignEvo is an easy logo maker developed by PearlMountain Limited. It makes logo design simple and straight forward and provides the most convenient experience. it is not only an online logo make rather it is also available for Android and iOS.

It has more than 5000+ templates divided into different-different categories and millions of professionally designed icons. And more than 100+ stylish fonts are available which can take your logo to the next level.

I know it is not 100% free tool for creating a logo for your brand. You can check the pricing here

DesignEVO Pricing

They have a free version as well along with premium plans… But it also has some limitations. Like, you need to give credit, file resolution will be limited to 500px, edit and re-download are also limited. and many limitations also exist.

Design A Logo With DesignEvo

STOP, let me tell you the best thing here about DesignEvo which is, you can design your logo without registration. Yes, you read the right… you don’t need to create an account to create your logo.

But if you are going to use it for long and multiple time for creating logo then must register first…

Click this link to go to the DesignEvo Homepage and then click on the signup button on the upper right corner. Or you can use this link to go directly.

DesignEvo Signup

Now let’s start designing your logo…

Wait a minute and watch this video to understand more deeply:


Choose Your Template

Now it’s time to create a logo for your brand. There, you can see a Make A Logo button, click that and it will take you to the logo editor tool.

On the screen, you will be seeing tons of templates from which you can choose any for your brand’s logo.

Choose Template

DesingEvo has more than 5000+ ready to use templates which you can take in work. They all are divided into categories. Like, you are planning to start a blog or website on sports then you can easily find a sports category there.

Choose Template

Choose any template which is relevant to your brand niche, I am choosing a random one to make you understand. after choosing a template, one form will be popped up where you need to fill in the name of your brand and the slogan.

Must Read:

Here you can see an example:

Create A Logo

Below you can see the logo they built for my brand. After filling Name and Slogan here is the logo:

Logo by DesignEvo

Add Icons

Icons many logos for attractive and they make your logo more appealing. DesignEvo has millions of icons to help you to make an awesome logo for your brand.

You can find icons to add on your logo by clicking on icons option on the left side. You need to search for the icon you want in the search box available there. Like, I need to add a YouTube icon in my logo so I searched for YouTube and here are the results.

DesignEvo Icons

Add Shapes

Shapes help a lot when you are creating a logo for your brand, It happens many times when you need to create your own design without the help of an icon.

Shapes DesignEvo

Then shape comes in the game, you can use them to make your logo more unique. DesignEvo has tons of shapes to make your logo more attractive more unique.

Change/Transparent Background

For a blog or website, we need a transparent background and when we create a logo from any other platform, we need to use transparent background maker tool to make our logo’s background transparent. But, in DesignEvo, they have an inbuilt option to do so…

You can change the background colour or if you want to make it transparent then you only need to tick the Transparent Background option there. There are many colours available or you can also add any custom colour.

Change Background Color

Preview Your Logo

After finishing customization, you can check the preview of your logo to see how it look in real. This is what I like most in DesignEvo, you can preview your logo on T-shirt, Card, Pen, Diary etc.

This is a good feature because it can give you the real example of how will your logo look.

You can check the preview by clicking the Preview button which is placed above at top bar of the screen.

Preview Button

After clicking the Preview button, one Image slider will be popped up there which will show you the preview of your logo on different places like t-shirt, diary, Websites etc.

Preview DesignEvo Logo
Preview DesignEvo Logo
Preview DesignEvo Logo

Now the most and the last step comes in which is…

Download Your Logo

As you know this is the last step, you checked the preview already and you liked that. This is why you are here.

Now it’s time to make this design yours, means time to download the logo and use wherever you want.

For downloading, click on the Download button which you can easily find next to Preview button as shown in above’s image, click that…

You will be seeing the details of the plans on the next screen… There are three plans in DesignEvo. The free plan is also available which is great… If you don’t have money to purchase the premium logo then you must go free.

But the free plan has lots of limitations… If you are thinking that the logo will be the same in all plans then you should wait till I explain to you the difference…

What’s The Difference Between Free, Basic & Plus?

Free: It is great that the free version also available so beginners can easily use this, but there are also some limitations. I have downloaded both versions of my logo, Free as well as Plus.

You will get a text file like this…which will be saying to give credit to DesignEvo.

DesignEvo Review: Make Your Brand Logo In Simple Steps

Limitations of the free version…

  • High resolution files up to 500px
  • Need to give credit to DesignEvo
  • Transparent PNG not available
  • No Support
  • Not Print Ready
  • No vector files
  • Limited edit & re-download
  • You will not get Font files
  • No copyright ownership

These are the limitations you will face in the free version…

Basic: If you have the low budget but want to download the high-resolution files for your logo then it is the best option for you. It also has a few limitations if we compare it with the Plus plan.

Here are a few limitations…

  • You will not get Font files
  • No vector files
  • No copyright ownership

These are the few limitations which you will face in the basic plan, but I think it will be ok for you to go with this limitation compare than the free version.

The basic plan will give you the high-resolution logo file, PNG transparent file, no need to give credit, support, print-ready file and unlimited edit & re-download.

Plus: This is the best plan for you if you are serious about your brand. Logo plays a very important role so you should take care of the quality while creating your logo. Plus plans is the best for the companies, it has no limitations.

Here is the logo I have created using DesignEvo, I have downloaded the same logo in two plans one is free and the other is a plus plan.

Free Version

It is the free version of the same logo I created using DesignEvo, It has low-resolution and also not transparent.

DesignEvo Free Logo

Plus Version

As I said above, Plus version doesn’t have any limitation. It is the best plan for who are serious about their brand. This logo is in high-resolution and transparent also.

DesignEvo Premium Logo

Do A Test To Check The Quality Of Both Logos

Now you can see both logos on your screen, let take a test to check which one logo’s quality is good. So, Zoom in your screen as much as you can then check which logo start becoming the blur and losing their quality.

Now let me know the result in the comments section, by the way, I know what the result came after the test… 😀

Now come back to the last step to download the logo, you know the difference between the plans and I hope you have made mind to which one to choose.

Select the plan you want, if you choose the free version then it will be downloaded immediately. you will not need to register.

You will see a pop like below’s image, and you need to share the DesignEvo and need to paste the code on your blog/website.

Download Logo Free

After this, click on the Download And Agree…

DesignEvo Free Logo Download

But if you want to choose any of premium plans(Basic & Plus) then you need to register yourself first then you will be able to proceed.

In case you choose any premium plan then on the next screen, you will see a checkout page where you will have to make payment by any of available method. You can also enter the Coupon code if you have any…

DesignEvo Checkout Page

Then Pay and Download Now, you will see a thank you message like this… And the last click on the Download Now buttons to download your logo.

DesignEvo Review: Make Your Brand Logo In Simple Steps

As I said above, I have downloaded the same logo in two different plan (free & plus). So, here are the Files I got after extracted from zip format.

Camparison free and plus

It will make you clear about the difference between Free and plus plan. Plus has Font files, Hiigh resolution logos, PNG transparent logo, Vector files and original files also. But Free logo has only three images.

Pros & Cons Of DesignEvo

Now come to the more interesting part which you are waiting for, I’m sure. The pros and cons of DesignEvo Logo Maker…


  • Easy Interface which makes easy to customize logo
  • Free Plan is also available
  • 5000+ ready to use Templates
  • Drag and Drop interface
  • 100+ stylish fonts & shapes
  • Available on Android, Mac & iOS


  • Transparent Logo not available in the Free plan

I haven’t found any more cons, so in case you will find any then let me know in comments. I will be happy to update the post in future.


When I was needed to create the logo for “StayMeOnline” at that time I was unaware of these tools. So, It took me much time & effort to create StayMeOnline’s logo.

This DesignEvo review is totally based on my personal experience, it is not a sponsored nor biased review.

But now I came to know about this awesome tool, it will be a good deal for me whenever I’ll need to create a logo in the future. I gave a 5-star rating because of its features and easy to use interface.

If you liked this review and found it helpful then here are some more hand-picked reviews for you:

Now let me know about your experience in the comments section below. And share this post with others to help them in creating a logo.

DesignEvo Review

by Ravi Dixit

Easy to use


I found DesignEvo the best tool for creating logos, it is quite simple and easy to use. The simple interface makes easy for the beginners to create a logo for their brand. It also has free plan for their people who can’t afford to pay in their initial days. DesignEvo also has an app for Mac, iOS as well as for android which makes easy to create a logo on the go.

DesignEvo Review

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