CloudWays Deal: Save 20% On The First 3 Months

Who doesn’t wants to save money online…

Everyone does…

Choosing a hosting provider is the first step which comes in days when you are planning to start a new blog, It is very important to choose a good hosting provider when starting a new blog.

Everyone starts with shared hosting plans in their initial days of blogging because that time they don’t have much traffic.

But as long as time going their blog will be not comfortable with the shared hosting.

So, why don’t you start with the Cloud hosting?

Yes, I know that it cost high than Shared hosting. But it can give best performance and speed for your blog.

Whenever we talk about the cloud hosting, Cloudways come first in our options list. Because it’s popular and trusted cloud hosting provider.

For the beginners, It cannot be affordable because they have the tight budget in the initial days.

But I have an awesome deal for you to start your blog with the cloudways with a huge saving on your billing.

I was also happy when I got an email from them. It is also great chance for you to upgrade from shared hosting to cloud hosting if you are currently in shared.

Cloudways is giving 20% discount for 3 months on each and every plans, this deal is valid for the new users who will be signed up using their given Promo Code:  EASTER18.

So, here is step by step guide to grab this deal.

How To Get 20% Off On Cloudways?

As I already mentioned that this is for the new users who will be signed up using that promo code.

So first, you need to create an account on Cloudways, Click on this link to create a new Cloudways account.


Enter your email and choose a password, then select your role from the drop-down and your monthly average spend. Click on the Gothey send an OTP w a Promo Code link to enter your coupon code, enter Promo Code: EASTER18 to get 20% discount. As shown in the above image…

Here you need to verify your phone, enter your phone number and they will send an OTP which you need to enter on the next screen.


Enter the code you got in the message…


Now you have created your account successfully and you can see this welcome message on the screen. Now you need to check your email which entered before and check there will be an email from the cloudways with the Activation link.Cloudways

Click on the Activate Account Button.

Activation Email Cloudways

Now choose your application and plan…

File some information like Name of your Managed App, Name You Managed Server and project. I named them for this tutorial, you should name them carefully.


Choose the plan which you want to go ahead with, there are many options available for you but choose which you can afford and good for performance as well.

Now after making everything done, click on the Launch Now button which you can see at the bottom of the page.

That’s it, this is all you need to do to get this deal…

But thinking that you didn’t make any payment so what’s the deal.

Cloudways offer 3 days free trial for the new account, so it means, you will not have to pay any account to use for 3 days. You will see a notification for this as well like the image below.

After the 3 days free trial, you only need to upgrade your account and make payment. You will get 20% off for 3 months.

There is no expiry date of this deal but I had a chat with Cloudways team and got to know that this is live for at least a month. So don’t wait just go and grab the link.


Grab The Deal

I am sure you are going to purchase because you don’t want to miss it, if you have any query or facing any difficulties then must let me know.