No More Lose Your Visitors From Error 404 [Page Not Found]

I think you have countered with the Page Not Found Error which aka Error 404. I am sure you are familiar with, whenever you want to visit any URL and if that does not exist on that website then you will get this.

And if you have a website or blog then your users also getting this error whenever they do same. 

What you do, when you see an Error 404?

Let me share you, what I’ll do?

Whenever I see that error, I quit that page by using shortcut CTRL+W or the X on the browser tab. And I am sure that you also do same.

Approx. 95% people do same like you and me, 5% of people go to home page or any other page after getting a 404 error page.

Because of this error, You are losing your traffic which you should get. 

But if I say you can save that traffic from being lost, You may be thinking How?

There is a very simple but unknown trick which you need to do.

Have you ever try to find the reason why people leave your website after getting Error 404, They can click on the Hompage link to visit your homepage or they can correct the URL which they are trying to visit for.

Errors always very irritative and it looks Ugly. This is the main reason they leave your website. This can make a high impact on your traffic as well because maybe they will not come back.

You can save all those traffic to lose by customising your 404 Error Page and make it more good looking, so it will no more ugly for your visitors. And give them more options to visit i.e, your most popular posts and pages so they can click them and visit.

It is a very simple trick but very effective, it can save all your traffic which you are losing because of your Ugly and irritative Error 404 page.

Customize Your 404 Error Page

Many of bloggers have already written posts on the same topic and you need to have coding knowledge for that, But I will show you how you can do the same without coding?

WordPress plugins have all the solutions for the WordPress users, For this task, you need a plugin to Install which called 404page.

404 Page Error

Must Read:

After installing the plugin successfully, Go to Dashboard>Pages>Add New and create your new 404 Error page, make sure to make it good looking so your visitors will not get irritated by this.

Here are some tips which will help you to create an awesome and attractive Error 404 page.

  • Put an Image (Image speaks a thousand words, also show emotions), You can add your own profile image to increase users trust.
  • Write a Message (Add simple text message to tell your visitors that the page you are looking for is not found)
  • Add your Homepage Link
  • Show Your Recent or Popular posts/pages
  • Add Search Box to let users search on your website
  • Allow Users to Follow you on Social Media

Above tips will definitely help you to make an attractive error 404 page. But, how you can you show posts on the page?

Show Posts On Page

For this task, you also need help from a plugin called Display Post Shortcode.

Must Read:

Now you can below code to display post on your 404 error page, there are many posts filters available like the recent post, popular posts, and any single author posts. For more code click the link.

[php][ display-posts ](Remove Spaces)[/php]

By adding posts on your 404 page can increase the options for users to visit more pages of your website, so they won’t leave your site.

Have a look at my 404 Error page:

error page

Last Step

Now you have successfully created your error 404 page, but it is not done fully. The final step is remaining.

You need to connect your page to the 404page plugin. after that, whenever someone gets the error he will see your new 404 error page, which you have created.

Go to Appearance>404 Error Page and select new 404 error page from the drop down and leave other settings as default, hit on the save changes to make this live.

404page error

Now it is completely done, from now, whenever some try to visit the page which does not exist on your website then he will see you new and attractive error 404 page.

This is very simple and little trick to save your traffic from 404 error page, I hope you like and found it helpful. If you do so then don’t forget to use below’s social icons to share it with your blogging friends.

And Tell me after implementing this with your site, Is it working for you? And if you are facing any problem then feel free to comment below.

404 Error Page

🙏 One Humble Request!

I’ve put a lot of effort and done lots of research in writing this post to provide value to our blogging community. I will be glad if you share this post on social media. Sharing is caring 🤗

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10 thoughts on “No More Lose Your Visitors From Error 404 [Page Not Found]”

  1. This is true Some time 404 page is so irratating and we move to another website instead of searching on the same web site thankz for sharing this info with us.

  2. In many case it happens that reader landup on 404 error page. Since one should not lose any visitor and their trust, so instead of showing 404 error page we can also recommend post related to searched keywords. We can also apologize for page not found.

    This customizing plugins is worth using.
    Thanks for sharing.


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