11 Content Promotion Tactics To Promote New Blog Post

Being a Blogger, you write posts consistently on your blog but if you are not able to get traffic on it then all your hard work is valueless.

Do you think that only hitting publish button is enough?

That all is blogging, not? Blogging means not only producing content but how you promote blog post matters a lot.

Blogging isn’t only about creating blog post consistently but content promotion plays a very important role.

If you just stopped after hitting publish button, then your new blog post will be meaningless or useless without getting traffic.

As usual, I took part in the #ShoutersChat Twitter chat which always conducts by ShoutMeLoud and the topic was Blog Plan For 2018, in that we all discussed the blogging plans and the promotions. You can read that post Blog Plan For 2018 A ShoutersChat Recap

Let Imagine, You are the owner of any particular company and you launched a new product but it will not get sale till then you promote that product.

Promotion means, Let people aware of your new product so they can decide whether they should buy this or not by knowing the features and advantages of that product.

This is exactly what is in blogging, You have to promote your blog post to let people come to your blog and read your new blog post.

All the steps you should take to promote or distribute your content called Content Promotion or Content Marketing.

Content Promotion Tactics

#1. Build an email list and send them your new post every time you publish one. You can read this for some free email marketing service providers which you can use to do so. You can also start 30-day free trial of AWeber.

#2. Answer related question to your blog post on Quora. This is the best way for me to get traffic on my blog post for the long term because your content will never end on Quora.

#3. Reddit known as The Front Page of the Internet, Submit link or text post on Reddit to get huge traffic. Read my success story with the reddit here Know: How I Double My Blog Traffic Using Reddit?

#4. Add your new blog post to the Social Bookmarking websites like StumbleUpon.

#5. Share your content on various Social Media Networks, Use Social media management tools to increase your Social media presence.

Here is the list of the Social Media Site where you should share your content.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Google+

You can use Jetpack Publicize to make this easy if you are a WordPress user, It will automatically share your new blog post on all your social profiles.

#6. Make your blog post SEO optimized to get high rank in the search engine, and high rank will give you organic traffic.

Must Read:

#7. Use Web Push Notification to send browser notification and inform your visitors about your new blog post.

Must Read:

#8. Start Vlogging besides Blogging to repurpose your blog post into videos, it will also increase traffic to your blog post.

#9. Convert your blog post into Slides and upload them on SlideShare, leave blog post link in the description to get traffic.

#10. Build Backlinks for the new post. I have already shared many ways to create backlinks, you can read it 5 Unknown Ways To Get Quality Backlinks To Your Site

#11. Use Paid promotion to promote your new blog post. In this, you need to spend money but trust me it will give you huge traffic. Your money will not be wasted.

Closing Thoughts

There are infinite numbers of ways to promote your new blog post after clicking the publish button.

I have discussed all those tactics which I always use to promote my new blog post. If you want more content promotion tactics then I prefer you to read How To Promote Your Blog With 107 Content Promotion Tactics?

Don’t forget to share in the comment section, How you promote your blog posts? And Which one tactic is driving most traffic for you?

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