Cons Of Full Time Office Jobs

Guys actually this post is so close to my heart because it all happened with me. When I was working for a company I was getting the salary from which I could not fulfil my needs, I couldn’t buy anything that I want to buy. When I was started my job I thought that I will purchase a laptop from my saving that I will save every month but the reality is that was impossible for me.

I was in trouble in my work. I adjusted a lot when I was working. And I never adjusted before that job So it was not my personality to adjust so it was full of troubles every day for me.[spacer height=”20px”]Lots of things that I have faced in my time. So I think to share my experience in an office job…

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Fixed timetable

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We all are known from the timetable of an office job. I think everyone hates timetable. During a job, we have to wake up at the same time every day and get ready for the office and at evening we leave office at the same time every day, there is no freedom in an office job. And the main thing is that after finishing we have only some hours to spend with family and some personal tasks (i means on Girlfriends or Boyfriends). And if you are a student and also working for a company so it is really hard to manage both things together.

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Feel like servant or in prison

Office jobs are just like you are a servant of your seniors and boss. They can order you to do any tasks you have to do otherwise you will be terminated. It doesn’t matter you like it or not but you have to do at any cost. Sometimes you are working regular from hours and you want some rest so in this situation you can’t take rest they will not allow you they want you to work regularly in working our because they pay you for it.

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Let assume suddenly one day you have an urgent work and you want a leave from your work so they will definitely deny your request. They don’t care how important your work is.?

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Follow Boss’s Orders

In office jobs, you have to be a puppet and let your boss control you.

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You have to follow orders of your boss and senior if they want to change your shift or project so you have to say yes for it otherwise resign.

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Politics of Office Jobs

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In an office, I have seen a lot of politics that take place in office between senior, juniors and colleagues.
All want to increase their image in front of the boss and want to increase their salary at any cost.
Forgetting increment they don’t care about making brotherhood and helping others.
[spacer height=”20px”]In my case my manager and project officer was changing my project after every month they also were helpless because they were also under control by the senior, that time I have appealed for it because I did not like to adjust.
But after doing a lot of argument I got two options:[spacer height=”20px”]

First is I have to adjust.[spacer height=”20px”]

Second is My termination.[spacer height=”20px”]

That time I can not take any risk because I was needed of money. And resignation from the job it was a big risk for me. Finally, I decided to adjust.[spacer height=”20px”]

Fix Salary

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Salary is fixed in every organization you work. This is the biggest cons of office jobs that I don’t like. When I was working for the company and when I got my salary that time I always want to left my job and start my own business but for starting a business I don’t have money to Invest.[spacer height=”20px”]

They do not respect your suggestions

We are only employees of our company so we don’t have any rights to give any suggestion and take any decisions.
We only have to do what they told to do. That’s only our job. Taking the decision in management or give suggestions it’s not our job if we will interfere in it so they definitely ask for resigning.
And at the end, it will our termination.[spacer height=”20px”]

Terminated at any time

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The job is not your wife, so why we believe that she will never leave us.
Our job can be take off from us anytime if we break any rule if we don’t follow their orders if we don’t adjust.
Even if they don’t need us. and then the other day they will post an ad that vacancy in XYZ Pvt. Ltd. apply fast…

[spacer height=”20px”]Conclusion…

This post is based only on my thinking and experience that’s why it’s my personal point of view.
It different to person by person. This can be not applicable in your life, in your company.
So you tell me are you comfortable with your job? Do not forget to your point of view about this topic in comments and you can also share your opinion on the social network like Facebook and Twitter.

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2 thoughts on “Cons Of Full Time Office Jobs”

  1. It looks like you were not satisfied with your job.

    This is the difference between a satisfied and unsatisfied job.

    I don’t think words like prison should be used. It’s a discipline. Imagine one day you made this blog big and hire staff and if they think the same you mentioned?

    The biggest thing is loving your job. Nowadays many jobs offer work from home facility, which is good. This is my opinion and I think people should not treat the job like slavery.

    • Yes, You are right Abhishek Pathak.
      I was also thinking same when I was writing that post.
      I am not saying that every job is bad, There is some office which is providing freedom to their employees.
      I don’t like to work in the 9am-5pm jobs. I need flexible time, I love to work when I want.
      Every person has their own point of view. I am doing job currently because I need it even everyone needs.
      If I hire a staff for my blog, They will be free to work when they want. They don’t need to work in the timetable. Many bloggers are doing same.
      We all are trying to make the change in the world.

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