Common Reasons Behind Google Adsense Rejection

I have remembered that when I had Applied to Google Adsense first time for my blog, they had rejected my application and the reason was insufficient content.
That time I realize how much tough to get approved in Adsense?
Because Google Adsense has tough Terms and Conditions and Policies.

So Today, I decided to write about some reasons behind the rejection of Google Adsense. So First we should understand the Google Adsense Terms And Conditions and Google Adsense Policies.
There Are Some reasons behind the Google Adsense Rejection:[spacer height=”20px”]

Insufficient Content/ Unacceptable Site

When I got rejected 4 months ago by Google Adsense The reason was Insufficient Content on my Blog that time I have only 7 posts on my blog so that’s why Google had rejected my blog.
This is the email which I git from Adsense:

google adsense rejection

But when I got that bad news I decided to reach at least 50 posts before applying again to Adsense again.[spacer height=”20px”]

And many times The reasons behind the rejection is Unacceptable Site this is because Google does not accept sites with porn content and site which has illegal contents.
So read all the terms and conditions and policies of Adsense then make sure that your blog/site follow all the points.[spacer height=”20px”]

Page Type/Design Of Blog

This Rejection about How you blog and page look? We also can say it is about Design.
Imagine, you have visited a blog which has a dark yellow background with white text on it, I know It will hurt your eyes and you don’t want to visit that blog again.
So, how can you think that Google Adsense will approve that dirty Blog/Site?
So always remember to choose a good looking Theme for your blog and your page should be also good looking it doesn’t contain too many Ads.[spacer height=”20px”]

No Privacy Policy, About Us Or Contact PageAbout us, contact us page ,staymeonlin

If your Blog has no privacy policy, About page or Contact page then the reader of your blog will feel unprotected in your blog.
So privacy policy page makes sure of your users that we will not misuse your privacy and your personal details.
[spacer height=”20px”]And About page will help Your Users and also Google to Know about your self it will increase trust for you in your user’s heart and for Google Adsense, It is a Proofs that you are not a Spammer.
Contact Page is also most important it will help users and also Google to Contact you.[spacer height=”20px”]

Blog Does Not Comply With Google Adsense Policies

Google Adsense Policies, Read all the points clearly make sure that your site complies with all the points.[spacer height=”20px”]
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