5 Easy Steps To Change Theme In WordPress+ Discount on Theme

We always take care of, what should we wear today? We always want to look smart, good looking or Handsome.

People always want to impress others by their styles, their clothes and by their dressing sense.

Let Imagine, you are wearing a dress daily from last month. Is it looking attractive to others? No! Never! 

Totally I want to say that dressing always matters.

The dressing makes you attractive. Similarly, your blog’s theme is like the dress for your blog. It makes your blog design attractive to others. 

A theme provides an identity to your blog, It gives your blog its identity which helps peoples to identify your blog.

What is Theme?

A theme is a set of files which work to give the design to your website. These files known as template files. Basically, a theme has the header, footer, stylesheets and many other files. These all files are in the .php format, You view these files by going Appearance>Editor.

Today we are going to talk about how to change a theme. Many beginners don’t want to change their theme because they found it complicated but it is not 100% true. Changing a theme is easy than installing a WordPress plugin.

I have created an Infographic for you to understand more effectively.

Before proceeding with the image I recommend you to test your page speed. You can easily check your page loading speed PageSpeed Insights and  GTmetrix. Why am I recommending this? I will answer this after this image.

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I hope now you understood how to change a WordPress Theme. You saw how much easy this is?

There are few more steps which are not covered in above image.

Test Loading Speed

I had recommended above to test your page loading speed. Because by testing loading speed you can ensure, which theme work fast? old or new.

You can increase your page load speed by following the instruction.

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Monitor Bounce Rate

Fix your third eye on your Bounce rate in Google Analytics.

Bounce rate is the percentage of the visitor who left your site immediately after viewing the first page.

It will help you to understand that your visitors like the changes or not. You can create a post for this to ask your visitors to comment their feedback about the changes.

Some Thing Special For You

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As you know I have changed the theme and the Logo. So tell me how is it? do you like these changes or not? You can leave a comment here or connect with me on Facebook and Twitter.

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