Settings To Change In CloudFlare After Changing The Host

Are you using Cloudflare CDN?

Have you changed your hosting provider or planning to change?

And thinking what to do with the Cloudflare settings to use it after changing the hosting provider?

So, You are in the right place because we are going to discuss exact same here.

When I started using Cloudflare CDN, I was surprised after seeing the improvement in the speed and performance of my website.

Using CDN is the best and working way to increase the loading speed of your WordPress website so I am sure you don’t want to lose this after migrating the host.

If you are new in the CDN then here is what is CDN? If you already know this then feel free to jump to the next section of the post…

What Is CDN?

content delivery network or content distribution network (CDN) is a geographically distributed network of proxy servers and their data centres. The goal is to distribute service spatially relative to end-users to provide high availability and high performance. by Wikipedia

Let me explain it more so you can understand more easily.

A Content Delivery Network (or Content Distribution Network) is a system of strategically positioned servers around the globe. The main goals of a CDN are speed, scalability and high-availability.

Usually, when a user visits your website, they first come across your web host’s server(like Bluehost, HostGator).

But If your website has high volume traffic then your website can overload which can make your website load slow or maybe can lead server crash.

So, CDN can help you to save your website from loading slow or crashing, When you use a CDN, your content cached and stored on all its servers. Now when a user visits your site (original server), the CDN technology redirects them to the closest server to their location.

A CDN service has its servers in the different locations to deliver your content fast to nearby users who are visiting your website. Let’s read below example to understand this.

For example, Three users are trying to access your site from the different location like first from the United States, second from the United Kingdom and third is India then they can access your website with the closest server.

Below image will help you to understand this more easily:

CDN benefits

Read More:

Cloudflare is known as the one of best CDN provider and the best part is, It has a free plan as well so beginners can easily use it. Here is the video for you to setup Cloudflare if you don’t know how…

Read a step by step guide about How to step Cloudflare for your website?

Setting up Cloudflare for a new website is not a tough task but what to do when you migrate your hosting provider.

It is easier than setting up Cloudflare for a new website, In this post, You are going to learn What settings will you need to do after migrating host in Cloudflare?

Settings In Cloudflare After Changing Host

As I said above, Using Cloudflare after changing the host is easier than creating a new Cloudflare account for your website.

Here are the steps you need to do when changing a hosting provider…

  1. Download and Upload files from your old to a new host
  2. Export and Import MySQL database
  3. Point DNS to the New Host

The 3rd step is important for us now, This is what you will take care of…

If you were using Cloudflare with your old hosting provider so you were pointed to your domain to Cloudflare using their nameservers which they have provided you.

You don’t need to touch the DNS or don’t need to point your domain to the new host rather all step you need to do in your Cloudflare account.

So, open your Cloudflare account by clicking here.

Then go to DNS Settings…

Settings To Change In CloudFlare After Changing The Host

And change server IP address from your Old Host to New Host in the Value column, simply double click on the IP Address to change.

Settings To Change In CloudFlare After Changing The Host

Change all sections which are pointed to your old host IP, point them to the new server IP address.

This is all you need to do for using Cloudflare after migrating hosting provider.

But now you might be thinking that how to find IP address of your new host.

How To Find New Host IP?

When you have changed your hosting provider and want to change the IP in Cloudflare DNS that time one thing which is really important to know, what is your new host server IP Address?

But wondering how you can find it?

It is very easy to find new host IP, Just login to your Cpanel and find Server Information or Expand Stats, mostly host has it in their Cpanel.

Find the section where is your IP Address mentioned like shown in the below image…

Settings To Change In CloudFlare After Changing The Host

You can read this for more information about how to find the server IP address in various hosts?


I am using Cloudflare from day one of my blog, I must say that Cloudflare really helps in improving the loading speed of my blog.

I always recommend beginners who are searching for methods to increase the loading speed of their website.

When you are planning to change the hosting provider then don’t forget Cloudflare otherwise you will lose the speed and performance you were getting before.

I have shared the steps you need to do after changing the host in order to use Cloudflare with the new host, I hope you liked this post and found it helpful too if you did then share it with others.

If you still have anything uncleared then consider leaving a comment below…

Cloudflare Settings

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8 thoughts on “Settings To Change In CloudFlare After Changing The Host”

  1. Hey Ravi,
    Thanks for this great post. I have a question, I have registered a domain on Namesilo and I have hosting provider iPage.

    I have changed the name servers in the domain to point at my host. If I want to use cloud flare I have to update the nameservers on my domain provider and then it will not point to the hosting providers. What I can do in this situation?

  2. Hey Ravi,
    Thanks for the reply but I am confused, you didn’t get my point.

    I have a domain with Namesilo and hosting with the iPage. Right now the domain name server points to iPage if I want to use cloud flare I have to change the name servers.

    If I change the name servers in the Namesilo then it will not be directed to my hosting. How to solve this problem?

    • Sorry for the inconvenience, That was because I didn’t get your question.

      If you are new on Cloudflare then follow the guide I shared the link above.

      If you already have an account with the Cloudflare and you were using it before with the same website, but if you have changed your hosting provider recently and pointed DNS to the new host then change the IP address in the Cloudflare from your Old hosting provider to new, all steps are mentioned in this post. And then change the DNS point to Cloudflare…

      If you still have any queery then please create a topic in the forum by clicking here, and explain your concern…

  3. Your outline is very efficient. You should create more and attach to some kind of YouTube Channel. Either way. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction and educating my on the Cloudflare experience.


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