Invitation To Be The Member Of StayMeOnline Community

This is the 100th post of the StayMeOnline, I am happy today because of the response I got from all of my readers. That is very supportive and motivative.

And StayMeOnline got 530+ Total comments from all the posts. Traffic is not good but according to a new blog, it is good. I have good traffic as a 5-6 Months blog should have.

2 Years before, I was reading a lot about the Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, SEO tips and tricks and much more about the same on which I am writing currently.

I had taken part in the conversation on Forum and Q&A site because I always find many new things there which help me to increase my knowledge.

Even currently, I am a member of the 2-3 popular forums and I use Quora a lot for answering other’s question in my niche.

And at the same time, I can increase my knowledge as well by reading what others are thinking about the same topic.

I have started my blog to share my knowledge about all those topic which I was reading years ago. My main motive was behind starting a blog was helping others.

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These 4 Blogging Habits Will Make Your Blog/Website Immortal

4 Blogging Habits

This is very good feeling to come back with another blog post after a long time, it is not a long time for everyone. It is only 3 days I did not publish a blog post. But it is very long for me because I usually publish one post daily.

StayMeOnline was suffering from the errors and those errors were because of one of my mistakes which I have made. 

I always learnt from my mistakes and happy to say that the mistake makes me more knowledgeable, more strong and motivates me as well.

The last couple of days was not good for me at all, StayMeOnline was not properly live in those days. And I feel sorry for the inconvenience you have faced those days. But the good news that is StayMeOnline is live and I promise it will live forever.

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[Best Ever Deal] Get Any Premium Theme & Plugin At Just $19 By MyThemeShop


Do you want to start a new blog in this year? This is the best time to start your new blog.

And if you are planning to launch your blog then you need a good start like you need to purchase a hosting, and theme for your blog.

Today I come with the best deal for you.

I know you know the benefits of using a premium theme, if you don’t know the difference between a free theme and a premium theme then I recommend you to read this: Free WordPress Theme Vs Premium WordPress Theme

This deal was the best deal of this Black Friday and Cyber Monday but It is very good to see that it comes again as 400k Users celebration sale of MyThemeShop.

MyThemeShop is one of top themes and plugin seller company, I am using its theme from the first day of my blog. MyThemeShop has reached their 400k users and they are celebrating their success and at the same time, they are giving an awesome discount on their premium themes and premium plugin.

If you are planning to purchase a premium theme or launching your new blog then it is the best time to do so, because you will never get the same deal again.

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