Buying Backlinks On Fiverr? Should You Buy Or Not? (Confession)

Have you ever come to know about buying backlinks on Fiverr only for 5$?

When I was started my blog, I come to know that creating backlinks is must for getting high rank in SERPs. But it is not as easy as it is looking, creating backlink takes time and require effort as well.

I am sure you have also seen different gigs on Fiverr which offers thousands of backlinks only for 5$ or $10.

THINK? Is it really easy to create thousands of links very fast?

Getting a high rank will be like taking a cup of tea.

Let me tell you my story…

When I had just started my blog, I came to know that I’ve to create backlinks for appearing on the first page of Google Search Results. And If my post appears on the first page then it will give me huge organic traffic.

I start doing white-hat SEO techniques to build Backlinks for my blog but it was taking too much time.

I was a beginner at that time so didn’t have any idea about the silly mistake I was going to make and which will be going to hurt my site ranking & traffic in future.

But now, I totally realized that it was the biggest mistake of my blogging career which hurted my website a lot.

So, I decided to write this post and make you aware of the effects of buying backlinks on Fiverr or anywhere else.

Buying Backlinks On Fiverr. Good Or Bad?

The question is not easy to answer, It is looking pretty easy to get thousands of links only for $5 or maybe $10.

Is SEO that much easy?

If it is as easy as it is looking… Then everyone will be standing on the first page of Google Search Engine Results Page and enjoy the high spike of traffic.

So, let me share you which one gig I purchased at that time and which types of links I got. And also, how much did I pay for those spammy links?

Gig I Purchased

As I already mentioned above that I was not that much knowledgeable about the SEO, as much as I am now. That time, I was known of one this that creating backlinks is very essential for getting high rank in SERPs.

I came to know that one can purchase backlinks for some dollars, I was happy to know that I only need to order a gig and that’s all. And someone who is expert in SEO will create tons of backlinks for me.


I started searching for GIGs which can offer me a good deal.

Create backlinks

And after checking out some of the results that I got after clicking the Search button. I got a gig which I found good and decided to order.

Buy backlinks on fiverr

This GIG was offering 5000 Mix Platform High Authority Contextual Links for only $5, which is very low price and affordable for me as a beginner who started his blog 1 week ago.

The buyer asked for the 5 days to complete this order…

That GIG was providing me links from the following platforms.

  • Articles
  • Wiki
  • RSS
  • WEB 2.0

Then I checked the ratings and reviews of Seller which was also impressive. He has the 5-star rating and all positive review from his buyers.

I found that GIG is best for my requirements, So I placed the order and start waiting for the delivery day.

On The Delivery Day

Finally, the day came I was waiting for. This was the day when I will get the report of my order completion.

I got a message from the seller which had an attached file with the message.

Buying Backlinks On Fiverr? Should You Buy Or Not? (Confession)

I was very excited and wanted to open the file to check out the links he has created for my blog. He had created 9000+ links for my blog, he said that I was dealing with him the first time so as a bonus he created 4000+ extra links.

Yipeee! I got a BONUS…

I was very happy after getting this bonus, but I was totally unaware of upcoming negative SEO effects in future because of these Spammy links. I was not known that I will lose my ranking in the search engine results page.

I did not care about the bad SEO effect I will have to deal with in the future. That day, I was happy because now my website has more than 9k+ backlinks but I did not know that these numbers of spammy or bad links are going to hurt my website in the upcoming months.

So, I downloaded and opened the file seller attached with his message. I opened it using Excel and started checking links one by one to know where they are placed on.

I found all the links belong to:

  • Forums Profile, which will be removed when the administration will be coming to know about this inactive or spammy profile.
  • Blog Comments, which were totally irrelevant from my blog niche. Before writing this post, I checked some of the blog comments backlinks he had created for me and found the maximum of links are removed now.
  • .gov & .edu Links: Wow! .gov and .edu links only in $5. Isn’t it amazing when you heard it? I also checked these links before writing this post and found the same as blog comments, almost all links removed now.
  • Directory: He did also create directory links for me, but sadly saying almost all links are removed now. Some of them are showing 404 not found error.
  • Social Bookmark links: I have also checked these link as well and links are removed now showing 404 error. I analyzed one thing here which is, he had created all links on one social bookmark site www.katalogbiz.de from different users. And this site is also not working now.

He also used to create links from the Social network, Guestbook and some other but all of these are useless.

All types of links he had created for me are useless now almost all links are showing errors which are 404 error, database error, link removed, unable to connect to database and some website are no longer available on the internet.

Now you come to know that purchasing backlinks on Fiverr is completely a wrong decision and it will hurt your website in future. Now let me share the NEGATIVE EFFECTs I faced because of this.

Negative SEO Impacts I Faced

This silly mistake took my blog down and I lost all the traffic which I was getting, and ranking as well. I was writing posts daily when I started this blog because in the starting I had a lot of topics to write on.

This habit helps my blog to grow, I was standing in a good position as a beginner, but this mistake changed everything.

In the first and second month after buying backlinks, everything was good except I was getting tons of spam comments but after the second month my ranking started going down.

#1. Start Getting Tons Of Spam Comments

We daily check our WordPress admin panel to checker either someone commented on our post or not, if yes then we need to reply them.

It’s very motivational when we get comments from a real person who read our post and ask their query or say thank you for writing such a great article that helped them.

You know, Comments are the main factor that motivates me to come with useful and informative posts.

But, what will happen if you start getting tons of spam comments every day?

Isn’t it irritating?

Yes, this is very irritating. Not, only irritating rather it demotivates us from our work.

Here is the stats of Akismet Anti-Spam, I am sure you know very well about it.

Akismet Anti-Spam

If you are looking at plugins for stopping spam comments on your website then check it out: 7 Tools for Stopping Comment Spam in WordPress

I was getting a lot of spam comments every day, this was demotivating me from my work. I was not able to write even think to write a new blog post.

#2 Lossing Ranking In SERPs

Ranking matters a lot…

Isn’t it matter?

Everyone is trying to get appear their posts on Google’s first page…

I had a good number of keywords which are ranking well in SERPs but after making this silly mistakes my keyword ranking started dropping every day.

Here is the screenshot of last 6 month’s keyword ranking flow

StayMeOnline Last 6 Month Ranking

I almost lost all ranking keywords, I was totally frustrated those days and didn’t know what to do and how to solve this out?

I almost wanted to quit blogging because I had lost everything I earned from day 1 when I started my blog. Then I read this:

When you feel like quitting think about why you started

It motivated me a lot, I had made up my mind when I started blogging I decided to never give up. I started searching for the way to come back with this negative SEO effects. Try to reach out to other bloggers and SEO experts.

Finally, I got the way I was searching for to come back with this, to fight with this negative SEO effect.

Thinking, what is that?

I’ll share that with you but wait for a second, please. Let me share you the screenshot of recent keywords ranking.

StayMeOnline Keyword Ranking

This is the last one-month keywords ranking, I know it is not increasing with high speed but it ensured me that my blog is recovering from that Negative SEO effect.

Yes, I remember that I have to share the way which I used.

#3 Traffic

Traffic was another big factor because of which I wanted to quit.

Suppose, you are working hard on your blog, constantly writing blog posts but no one is coming to read it.

What will you think to do?

It is very frustrating, I know…

I’ve lost more than 80% traffic of my blog, my blog’s traffic dropped like a stone. But I managed to come back from this effect.

Let me tell you, How I did this?

How To Get Overcome From Effect Of Bad/Low Quality/Spam Backlinks?

Have you ever listened about the Google Disavow Tool?

I am sure you did if you have read my last post, that is the complete guide on Google Disavow Tool.

So, let me tell you what Google Disavow tool is?

Google Introduced “Google Disavow Tool” in October 2012, Google Disavow Tool helps publishers to let Google know about the backlinks of their site which they want Google to ignore while deciding their rank in Search Engine Result Page.

This tool will let you inform Google about the backlinks of your website which you don’t trust on, which you want Google to ignore totally.

If you want to know more about this then check this out…

Basically, the Google Disavow tool helps you to let Google know about the bad quality backlinks on your site, doing so will help Google to ignore those links when deciding your ranking in SERPs.

My ranking was decreasing because of those low-quality link which I purchased from Fiverr, So I simply informed Google about those links by uploading my Google Disavow link file.

This process is not that much easy as it is looking, please go through this guide to learn how you can create and upload your GDT file.

Must Read:

Wrapping It Up

Mistakes make men perfect…

I always follow this mantra, From my point of view, Mistakes can be the best teacher of anyone. I never afraid of making mistakes but I always keep in mind that I have to never give up.

If I make anything wrong then I have to make this good back. By doing so, I always learn new things which help me to grow up.

This silly mistake helped me to learn more about SEO and backlinks. It was not easy to get back everything normal as it was earlier but it was not impossible too.

I had taken a shortcut for getting thousands of backlinks in some days, but there is no shortcut in SEO.

Google Disavow tool is not an easy tool to use so make sure to follow all the steps I mentioned in the Google Disavow tool guide. Using it without knowing it well can hurt your website’s SEO negatively.

You will be in another problem if you try to use it without knowing about it well before.

I hope you found it helpful for you if you did then must share it with others and let them know about buying backlinks on Fiverr is good or bad.

If you have any query or suggestion then just leave a comment below.

Buying Backlinks On Fiverr

🙏 One Humble Request!

I’ve put a lot of effort and done lots of research in writing this post to provide value to our blogging community. I will be glad if you share this post on social media. Sharing is caring 🤗

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22 thoughts on “Buying Backlinks On Fiverr? Should You Buy Or Not? (Confession)”

  1. Hello Ravi,
    This is one of most important thing, a beginner should aware of.
    Thanks for writing this detailed. This will surely help and stop a beginner from doing this type of silly mistake.
    Abhishek Verma

  2. Hi Ravi,
    After reading all those i can understand that which is the best and which one we have to choose as starter. Thanks For This Post. It Solve My One Of Major Problem that was backlink.

    • Am totally shocked and happy at the same time. Thank you Ravi. You are God sent to me. Am facing this issues right now and even thinking of quiting or creating another blog. Before reading this awesome and motivational post. My ranking are dropping drastically from 2000 daily pageviews to 200 daily pageviews. Thanks because right now am going to fight against those spammy backlinks.

      Please I will like to have your Gmail account or please your phone number. Thanks

  3. Thank you for the post and covering all the details about Fiverr Gigs.
    I was about to buy PBN Backlinks from one gig, but before that, I want to make sure if it’s working or not?

    So I checked on youtube but didn’t find any helpful information and then.
    But your this post helps me to understand about fake Gigs.

    But still, I have a query.
    There is one guy on Fiverr who is providing 80 niche relevant blog comments backlinks for just Rs.371.

    Review about his service is excellent, so it is okay to go with that Gig?

  4. Absolutely agree with you, its 100% not safe. Google clearly says buying links is against their violations and it will come back to haunt you when you site is punished for this. Fiverr people are also just putting these links on blog sites and forums which won’t help you anyway. Backlinks are hard to get and for good reason. Sites are not going to just freely link out to anyone who asks them. It should benefit both parties. Highly suggest you go about backlinks in a different way so your site doesn’t get affected

  5. I was going to buy some backlinks from Fiverr because the gig was very cheap and attractive. As a last minute thought I searched on google and found almost everyone advises against it. Any other tactics to build backlinks other than Fiverr?

  6. Hey there Ravi! I saw your interview on Geniusblogging.
    I also bought dozens of backlinks from Fiverr and that is the worst mistake I’ve ever made in my blogging journey.
    I also wrote about my experience of buying them.
    Thanks a lot!


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