List Of 300+ Quality Blogs That Accept Guest Posts In 2021

Are you finding blogs that accept guest posts?

So, you are at the place today where you will get free guest blogging sites list that you can use to submit a guest post.

But wait, let me tell you something about Guest blogging before…

Guest Posting is not just a way of getting backlinks rather it also helps to increase your brand awareness to the new audience.

What Is Guest Blogging?

For the beginners, who don’t know what is guest blogging? Here is the definition which you should know before moving ahead.

Guest blogging is the SUPER WORKING way of Backlink building. By this method, you are allowed to submit a guest post (blog post) on someone else blog and it will be published under your name.

So, you are building your brand on someone other’s audience. Isn’t it COOL?

Guest Bloggers are also allowed to link their post or website in the post they write on other’s blog. It totally depends on the website you are writing your guest post on.

Some allow only 1 link through Author bio and some allow to add some relevant links within the post. And the profile of link, whether no-follow or do-follow also depend on the guest post website.

For this, you need to read their guidelines before submitting your guest post.

This is the win-win situation for both, Guest Blogger and owner of the blog where the post will be published.

Because as a guest blogger, you will be able to interact with a new audience and the website will get a new post. So, this is a WIN-WIN on both sides.

Guest blogging is the best ever method to build backlinks for your blog. But is it hard to find blogs that allow guest posts?

I don’t think so?

I’ve have CRAFTED a list of high PR guest blogging sites, this list will make your work easy. You don’t need to find guest posting blogs to submit your post. I’ve done this work already for you…

Benefits of Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is not only a good method for backlink building, rather there are many benefits are also. Here are some of them:

1. Get Targeted Traffic

Traffic is one of the main reasons why you should invest in the guest blogging.

Guest blogging helps in getting HIGH-Quality targeted traffic. You introduce your self or your brand to a totally new audience of someone else blog/website.

It gives you an opportunity to attract a NEW audience to your website/brand.

2. Help in Improving Writing

When I started my blog, my writing was not as good as it is now. It is because from the 3 years back I am continuously writing.

So, expertise comes with experience.

3. Help in Getting Email Subscribers

When people are coming to your blog from another website because they liked your content and want more.

So, there are high chances that they will subscribe to your newsletter.

4. Exposure and Brand Awareness

Guest Posting is a GREAT way to attract a new audience to your brand by showing your knowledge about a particular topic.

When you write a quality informative post on other blogs and their audience like that. So, they come to your brand and follow for more posts and knowledge.

You making a new audience aware of your brand or yourself as an expert of a particular topic.

5. Getting Backlinks

Guest Blogging is a popular method to build quality backlinks. However, no. of backlinks depends on the blog you are writing for, and whether backlinks will be followed or no-follow.

So, consider reading their guest post guidelines before submitting your guest post.

6. It Helps In Building Authority

If I ask how long does it take to build an authority blog or brand? Your answer might be years, right?

But with the power of guest blogging, it can be done in months. When you are writing for multiple blogs, your name or brand name comes again and again and people see it OFTEN.

This is a great way, especially for beginners…They can quickly make their blog an authority blog with the POWER of guest blogging.

How To Find Sites That Accept Guest Posts?

I’ve already created a list of 300+ free guest blogging sites list, you only need to select the blogs you want to write a guest post for.

If you still want to find sites that accept guest post yourself or your NICHE isn’t cover in this post then here is the easy method you can use find guest blogging sites.

You can easily find blogs that accept guest post by typing these search queries:

  • Your Niche + “Write For Us”
  • Your Niche + “Guest Post Guidelines”
  • Your Niche + “Submit A Guest Post”
Search for Guest Post Opportunity

Let’s say, I am in SEO Niche and I want to submit a guest post on SEO NICHE websites. So, I will search for SEO “write for us”.

And here are the results:

List Of 300+ Quality Blogs That Accept Guest Posts In 2021

As you can see on the above image, all the website accepts guest post and all are from SEO niche.

This trick works for all NICHE, you can use this to find guest writing opportunities in your niche.

List Of 300+ Free Guest Blogging Sites List

So, here is the list that you are waiting for… 300+ best guest posting websites, it will save your time because now you don’t need to find them yourself.

If you want this list directly in your email then enter your email below.



Blogging/Internet Marketing/Content Marketing


Freelance Writing


Travel Blogs




If you are from the education niche, then here are some high-authority educational blogs that accept guest post…




You can also find more blog using the queries, I have discussed above.

Steps To Do Guest Blogging Effectively

Imagine, you have sent a request for guest posting on some blogs and it got REJECTED!

It will happen when you are not following the right way to do this. You might be selecting a blog and sending an email like:

Hello, Name!

I am yourname, founder of yourblog.

I want to submit a guest post on your blog.

Please let me know how I can submit.

Your Name

I get tons of email like this one DAILY!

What do I do? I ignore them…

These types of emails didn’t make any IMPACT on the owner of the blog where you want to submit your guest post.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to do guest blogging EFFECTIVELY!

#1 Find A High-Authority Blog

You need to find an authority blog that accepts a guest post from others. But I’ve already done this task for you.

I have already conducted a list of websites that accept guest posts. You only need to select some blogs in your NICHE.

As this list is divided into categories, so, it is easy for you NOW.

#2 Ready With Some Guest Post Ideas

Having some ideas to write on before reaching out for the guest post will help you.

I always get guest post requests from guest bloggers and they offer some guest post ideas. So, I can choose which one I want on my blog.

You have high chances of getting approved when you have some guest post ideas READY and mentioning when reaching out to blogs.

#3 Submit Your Request

After finding some authority blogs to submit a guest post on. Now it’s time to let them know that you want to write for them.

I recommend you to select more than 5 authority blogs from the above best sites for guest blogging. So, you can send them guest post request at once.

After sending the guest post requests, you need to wait for their reply…

#4 Write Your Blog Post

Once your request gets approved from any of the 5 blogs you sent your request for submitting a guest post.

Now you need to start writing your guest post…

You have to make sure that your guest post should be highly informative and it should cover everything about the topic you are writing on.

Here is how you can write a killer guest post that will help you to get most out of guest blogging…

Tools To Use For Effective Guest Blogging

Here are the tools that will make your Guest blogging for easy and effective.


MailShake will help you to do outreach to blogs where you want to write a guest post on. It is a paid tool but worth pay for it.

Their basic plan starts from $39 per user for one month that will allow you to outreach and also track the performance for the emails.


I am sure that you are already aware of this TOOL.

This is a MUST tool if you are not good at writing. All bloggers and content writers use this to improving their writing.

It is a FREEMIUM tool, means has both version FREE & PAID. You can buy Grammarly using this link to get the best available discounts.

Calmly Writer

I recently started using this tool for writing… And I can say, it helped me to write without being distracted.

Calmly Writer is an online writer that provides a distraction-free writing environment. It has also a Chrome app which you can use to write via Chrome.

Check out Calmy Writer


Hunter is a FREE Google Chrome extension that helps you to find the email address of any blog/website.

It will help you to find the contact email address of the blog where you want to publish a guest post.

You can easily download from here…

Ahrefs FREE Website Authority Checker

As I said above, you should find authority websites that accept guest post. But how will you know whether a website is an authoritative website or NOT!

Ahrefs website authority checker will help you to find Domain Rating of a website, the high rating a domain has the high authoritative it is.

Check Out Ahrefs FREE Website Authority Checker

FAQ: List Of Blogs That Accept Guest Post

What Is Guest Blogging In SEO?

In SEO, Guest blogging is known as the best method to build backlinks. Guest blogging allows you to write a post for other blogs.

In return, you get a backlink or more depends on their guidelines. And also you introduce yourself or your brand to a new audience.

Why Is Guest Blog Important?

Here is why guest blogging important:

  1. It helps in building quality backlinks
  2. You can write blogs post and increase traffic to your blog.
  3. You can show your expertise in a particular topic by writing on that.
  4. If you are new in blogging and not a good writer. You can use guest blogging to improve your writing

Does Guest Blogging Work In 2021?

Guest blogging still works in 2021. I must say that this is the best method you can use to build backlinks and show your expertise to a new audience.

Should I Accept Guest Posts On My Blog?

Google doesn’t like gust blogging at all… Yes!

But it doesn’t mean you should not allow others to write a guest post on your blog. Don’t do this because you will get a new blog post published on your blog by others.

If you allow guest blogging on your blog, you will get traffic and also you are providing value to your readers.

How To Find Blogs That Accept Guest Post?

I have already added 300+ blogs that accept guest posting. Still, if you want to find some more blogs, you can use Google search query like:

  1. Your Niche + “Write For Us”
  2. Your Niche + “Guest Post Guidelines”
  3. Your Niche + “Submit A Guest Post”

Try It Now

I am sure now you got the clear idea of how to do guest blogging EFFECTIVELY.

Guest blogging is still the best method to build backlinks, but some still have a misconception that Guest Blogging is DEAD.

Here are some hand-picked blog posts which you will like to read:

I hope you liked the post and found it helpful if you did then show some love by sharing it with others.

Have more blogs that accept guest post then feel free to contact us.

Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

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