Learn Blogging From Zero To Hero

Do you want to learn blogging?

And going to start your own blog that will make money for you?

Starting a blog is the best decision I took in my life so far. In result, now I am living a boss-free life and I can work from anywhere at any time.

Even I can work in pyjamas — Isn’t it good?

I can now spend as much time I want with my family & friends which I wasn’t possible when working in 9 to 5 job.

Blogging gives me FREEDOM and life which I can enjoy without any boundaries.

Blogging From Zero To Hero: Comprehensive Guide 2021

But it was tough to explain people around me what I am doing the whole day just by sitting in front of the computer.

Things got changed as per the time. Now people started taking online businesses seriously, be it blogging, affiliate marketing, digital marketing and so on, they stopped considering it as a SPAM which they used to take years ago.

Let’s come back to the topic…

You want to start your blogging journey, right?

But before moving further, I want to make some very important points clear to you. Because I have seen bloggers who take their first step into blogging and after some time they QUIT.

I don’t want you to do the same…

Blogging Is Not For You, IF...

I have seen many beginners who start blogging just by seeing other top bloggers income report, just to assume that they can also make the same money in months. But they forgot about years, top bloggers spent on reaching that level.

You must have to keep patience because blogging literally takes time to show you results, you can’t think to earn money from the first month. 

There is a simple rule…

In this guide, you will not see any rocket science that will help you to earn from day one.

I will share the step by step method to start a blog that will make money for long-run for you.

Start With The Basics First

I always prefer to clear the basics before moving further. 

For me, Blogging is simply a process or art of sharing your skills/knowledge/expertise with others via an online platform which is known as a blog.

The best thing is you can make money at the time when sharing your knowledge with others.

Isn’t it amazing?

10-Days Blogging Course

What do you think, is it really simple as it looks like?

No… There are many other things involve in blogging. Blogging is not just about writing new content and publishing them on your blog.


You started getting huge traffic and money started rolling into your bank account. 

There are many other things also involved in blogging, which we will look at later in this post. Blogging is more difficult than it used to be in 2012 and ago. 

Pick Your Perfect Niche

This is the most important thing that needs your 100% attention.

I have seen bloggers quitting from blogging just because they don’t find their niche comfortable working with.

Once you picked your niche and started your blog and later with time, you realized this is not perfect for you, or for making money. Your all hard work will be ruin.

That’s why I am saying you must give your full attention to niche research.

Finding a perfect niche is the first thing that comes when you starting blogging. Let’s take a look…

Blogging From Zero To Hero: Comprehensive Guide 2021

So, what is a niche in blogging?

Basically, A niche is a topic or theme on which your blog will be all about, and all your post will be written around that particular niche.

Niche is a topic of your blog that you will be covering on your blog. Let’s say, my blog’s niche is Blogging. I cover how to start blogging and make money through a blog, affiliate marketing and SEO are the connected topics.

There are many benefits also for having a niche for your blog, let’s take a quick look at benefits:

  1. Niche helps in building a targeted audience
  2. It helps in gaining expertise about that particular niche
  3. It also helps in affiliate marketing

When it comes to finding a niche, I recommend four-step formula:

  1. See inside you and find things you like doing.
  2. Find the profitability of the niche you found in the first step.
  3. Is that niche eligible for long-run?
  4. Check the competition

These are the four steps that you need to follow when hunting for your perfect niche to start your blog.

Read all the four steps in-detail and I have gathered 100+ most profitable niches to start your blog. You can use that list to find the perfect niche for your blog.

Register Perfect Domain Name

When you are done with the Niche research, it’s time to register your brand name or domain name.

You brand name is going to be your blog’s identity, so you should choose it carefully.

There are many important things to consider why purchasing a domain name for your blog, from SEO as well as users point of view.

So, let’s take a look at those important things.

Blogging From Zero To Hero: Comprehensive Guide 2021

For those, who are totally new:

A domain name is the address of a website that visitors enter in their search box to visit the website/blog. 

Computers use an IP address to access a website, IP is a string of numbers which is difficult for a human to keep remember. So, eliminating this problem, domain names were developed.

Let’s assume, you just randomly picked a domain name for your blog but later with the time, you realized that it is creating problems, whether it is SEO related or for users.

That time, it will be very hard for you to change your domain name and rebrand your blog.

So, for being safe, you should register your domain name carefully.

A domain should not:

  • be difficult to remember for users
  • contains hyphens
  • have double letters
  • contains any trademark name
  • be too long
  • and so on…

Choose A Fast & Reliable Hosting

There are tons of web hosting providers available but choosing a fast and reliable hosting provider is not easy.

You may also need to care about your budget as you are a beginner with low-budget.

So, I am going to share some best WordPress hosting providers that will be affordable for you.

Let’s have a look…

Best WordPress Hosting


You might be thinking that why should I pay for hosting when I can start for free with blogger.

Well, yes you can easily start a blog for free with blogger. But I don’t recommend that.

It is good for you if you just want to learn but if you are serious about blogging and want to start a blog that will generate money then you must go with the WordPress self-hosted platform.

If you want to read a comparison then consider reading this comparison post between Blogger vs WordPress.

When it comes to finding best web hosting, you must look at following features in a host you are going to select:

  1. Reliable uptime stats
  2. Good server speed
  3. Allow hosting multiple sites
  4. Strong support system
  5. Money-back guarantee

There are tons of web hosting companies available but not all are good and affordable, I have listed some best and affordable WordPress hosting from my own experience.

Start Your Blog

When you found the niche, registered your domain and also purchased a hosting account, then now you are ready to start your blog.

It’s not difficult to start a blog nor you need to have any development skills. 

It’s pretty easy to start a WordPress blog and manage that effectively using the plugins available in the WordPress repository.

Start your blog

You even don’t need to worry about the designing part, you don’t need to learn designing skills or hire a designer.

There are many free and paid WordPress themes available out there which makes designing part too easy.

It’s all just the game of simple clicks and some drag-and-drop.

I highly recommend you to choose GeneratePress theme for your blog because it is very lightweight and easy to customize WordPress theme. 

The good thing is, it has both versions free and paid so if you have low-budget you can go with their free version.

Read the complete GeneratePress review here… 

Click on the below button that will take you to the how to start a blog guide, you can skip some initial steps because we already covered those steps here.

Make Money From Your Blog

Most awaited part comes in… 

How you can make money from your blog? And what are the various methods available to use to make money from a blog?

There are too many ways which you can use to monetize your blog and start earning. But not all of them works well.

I will share here, the methods I use personally for my blogs and methods that work in 2021.

Let’s take a look:

Start your blog

There is a popular name always taken by beginners when it comes to earning from a blog, that is Google AdSense.

But I don’t use it on my blog now. I used it in my initial 6 months but it didn’t work well for me.

 I was hardly able to make some dollars, I amazed when I got my first earning from affiliate marketing in just working for only two days on a single product. It was a Christmas sale…

From then on, I stopped using Google AdSense and started focusing on Affiliate marketing. And now, affiliate marketing is my primary earning source.

I don’t say that Google AdSense won’t work for you, but it depends on various things, mainly on your traffic.

But I can say, if you focus on affiliate marketing, you can start earning even if your blog is new with very low traffic.

Ravi Dixit

It's Your Turn

This is how you can start a blog and make money from that. You have the knowledge now but the execution is the game.

What you learnt in this post is meaningless until you execute that.

Don’t wait for the right time, Start now!

Blogging From Zero To Hero

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