Blog Description: Effective Tips To Write Perfect Description In 2021

Do you want to know the importance of Blog Description?

Well, you are on the right post because it is gonna help you in the same.

This post is going to help you dive deep into information about this topic.

It is the basic thing which every blogger, content writer and SEOs should be familiar with.

When a searcher comes across your post in the SERP, the first thing they will see is your Description after reading Title. 

Your post or blog description directly affect searcher’s decision, whether to open this page or not.

AND indirectly, It can help you to RANK high for your TARGETED KEYWORD.


Yes, because writing a good description can help you to increase CTR(Click-Through-Rate) that is one of the 200+ ranking factors that decide a page’s rank.

Before diving deep, you should be known about the basics of Blog Description.

What Is Blog Description?

Blog Description aka Meta Description is the piece of text shown just after the link of your page in Google Search Results.

wpbeginner blog description

It helps search engines (be it Google or any other) as well as searchers to better understand your post’s topic.

Not only in Search Engine results, rather, It will also show along with your link when you or someone else share your post or blog on social media.

Blog post description on Social Media

It does not only help search engine to understand your content, rather, It also helps you get a high rank indirectly.

Blog Description is a method for bloggers or content writers to convince or persuade searchers to read or visit their blog or post.

I’ve divided it into two types for you to understand it more easily:

Blog Description: This is the description of your whole blog which will be displayed with your blog name and link in the search engine result page when someone comes across your brand.

As in the below image, this is the blog description which is defining WPBeginners…

WPBeginners Blog Description

Blog Post Description: Perhaps you already know this, This is the description of a specific post that presents a small summary of your entire blog post.

Here we have a post from ShoutMeLoud, where you can see they have summarized the post in some words that can help searchers as well as the search engine to better understand the post.

ShoutMeLoud's Blog Post Description'

Let me show you some Blog Description examples that will surely help you to write an effective one for you.

Blog Description Examples

Here are some blog description examples that will help you to understand how a PERFECT description looks like:

1. ShoutMeLoud

ShoutMeLoud Blog Description

Why it’s good? ShoutMeLoud is showing their achievement by adding an “award-winning blog“, it will help others to trust their content as It is a very popular blog because they won an award.

2. Bloggerspassion

Blog Description: Effective Tips To Write Perfect Description In 2021

Why it’s good? It has all the topics listed that they cover on their blog so searchers will get a clear idea that these are the topics we can learn from this blog. And it is also working as keywords to get it ranked when someone searches about these…

3. Loney Planet

Loney Planet

Why it’s good? They are starting their description with the question, Love travel? You would say YES if you love just after reading this. Wouldn’t you? And along with the question, they have clearly stated how they can help you with your travel.

Uber Blog Description

4. Uber

Why it’s good? As a taxi company, They have well written their description. You can get a ride in minutes, or if you are a driver then you can earn money also. Whether you are a rider or a driver, you will understand what it is for, in just 160 words written.

5. Backlinko

Backlinko meta description

Why it’s good? It is good because after reading their 160-words description, you will clearly get that it is all about advance SEO training and link building strategies.

6. SEMrush

SEMrush description

Why it’s good? Apart from adding words like SEO, PPC, content, social media and competitive research. They are that SEMush is trusted by over 4000000 marketers worldwide, which make them trustworthy.

I think it’s enough blog description examples to show you how a PERFECT description looks like. I have also explained why they are good, so this will help you to write a perfect description for your blog.

How Long Your Meta Description Should Be?

This is the important thing which you need to look…

Back in December 2017, Google increased the length of the meta description to 320 characters. SEOs get excited and started re-writing their meta description for their blogs.

In May 2018, SEOs get freaking out when Google unexpectedly dropped the length of meta description to 160 characters back.

You can write 160 words long meta description for each post or blog you want to add meta description for. It is highlighted by all WordPress SEO plugins.

Meta Description Limit

How To Write Blog Description In WordPress?

Writing Description of your blog is too easy with WordPress because they have plugins for each task which makes it easy.

WordPress has many SEO plugins which handle all SEO related things within a website, and I am sure you might be using one of them. If not then install any of the following plugins:

I am using RankMath SEO plugin for most of my blogs, this is the new name in the WordPress SEO plugins but still growing very FAST.

Here is the process for writing a meta description for RankMath SEO plugin, if you are using Yoast SEO then jump to this guide…

Blog Description: You can easily write a Blog description for your blog using RankMath SEO plugin. you just need to head over to SEO Titles & Meta then you can see Homepage at the left side menu.


If you have assigned a page as Homepage then you need to edit that page’s meta in order to change the homepage meta.

This is how you can simplly write a blog description for your blog. Now let’s how to write blog post description.

Blog Post Description: For writing blog post description, you need to open the blog post you want to write a description for, and scroll down to the bottom to find RankMath SEO widget or any other SEO plugin’s widget if you are using any other than RankMath.

Blog post description

Click on Edit Snippet to write the description for the post…

Once you click on Edit Snippet, it will open the editor for you and at the bottom, you can see the description box in which you need to write your post description.

Blog Description: Effective Tips To Write Perfect Description In 2021

This is how you can write a blog and blog post description using RankMath SEO Plugin. If you are using Yoast SEO or any other SEO plugin on your blog, don’t worry because the process is almost the same.

Why Do I Need To Write A Blog Description?

So, you know what is Blog Description very well.


BUT still, there are many other questions too that you should be known about blog description or you can say meta description.

Wondering? Why do I need to write a blog description if it will not directly help me to RANK?

Yes, you are right… Blog Description is not a ranking factor…

BUT, it doesn’t mean it is not important at all… As I already mentioned that Blog Description directly affects CTR(click-through-rate) which is one of the 200+ Google’s ranking factorsright?

So, if you ask me again, is Blog Description important? I would say YES!

Here is why:

Increase CTR(Indirectly better chance to rank) & Organic Traffic

There are 10 results on SERPs for everything you search on Google, right?

But not all 10 results are going to get equal clicks. Instead, the top 3 gets more clicks, especially the #1 which has an average CTR of 31.7% according to Backlinko’s Study.

And CTR depends on two main factors, your Title and Description. Because these are the two things that represent a post on search engine result page.

After hitting search on Google, on the next page, the searcher will only see these two things.

Your post Title and just after that your blog post description.

So, you have to make sure that your post description is compelling to attract searchers to click on your link to read your post, instead of any other result.

Don’t Let Google Show Description For You

If you are not writing a blog description for your blog or your blog post then Google will show a description itself by grabbing some lines from the top of your pages on search results.

And this is not going to help you because it will be picked random lines from Google. It might not describe your post’s topic to the visitors and search engines.

Your topic will not be clear with the searchers and even Google won’t be able to understand what is all about…  It might not have your focused keyword in it which is recommended. In result, it will decrease your chances to rank for the keyword.

On the below example, you can see the meta description is auto-generated, no one can understand what inside after reading this. And It also doesn’t have the FOCUS KEYWORD too…

Blog Description: Effective Tips To Write Perfect Description In 2021

So, this is why you should write a blog description is a must.

You’ll Lose Chance To Put Focus Keyword In Description

The meta description is a recommended place to add your focus keyword that will help you to rank in search engine.

If you are not writing your blog description then your chances to rank for the keyword you are targeting is less.

For more information, read our complete 47-Step SEO Checklist…

How To Optimize Blog Post Description For A Keyword?

It is recommended to add your FOCUS KEYWORD in the meta description to increase your chances to rank high in Google or other search engines.

It is recommended by every SEO plugin you are using, whether it is RankMath or Yoast.

Focus keyword in meta description

Even in every On-Page SEO guide or checklist, you will be recommended to add your keyword in the meta description. Right?

Do you know why it is recommended?

Because… It makes clear for search engine and searchers to understand your content. Having the presence of the keyword in the description can give a clear signal to Google that this is all about this.

In rest description, you can consider adding long-tail keyword and LSI keyword to your main keyword to increase the content relevancy.

In results, Google will know for which keyword it should rank your post to deliver a relevant search result to searchers.

Tips To Write Perfect Blog Description

As you know the importance of Blog Description… and why you need to write it…

Now let’s check some tips which you can use to write perfect blog post description or meta description for your blog post to get HIGE CTR. If your blog post description is not written well then you might lose traffic.

1. Add Your FOCUS Keywords

As it is recommended and I have already discussed above. Adding your focus keyword in meta description help Google and Searchers also to understand the topic of the blog post.

2. No More Than 160 Words

Meta Description Limit

There is a set no. of words limit of Meta Description which is 160 words. Make sure to keep your blog post description under the 160 words limits.

Note: SEMrush conducted an experiment for testing this limitation and found the variation of meta tags they used that exceeded 320 characters count performed better and ranked higher.


For more information, read this: Case Study: Will a Longer Meta Description Increase CTR?

3. Add Call To Action

Adding a call to action in meta description will help searchers to click on your result and read your content. You can add a call to action like:

  • Read more
  • Click to read more
  • What to know more?
  • Here’s how to get it!
  • Let’s see the shocking truth!

As you can see in the below image, I have added a clear call to action to attract searchers to click on the link to read more…

Blog Description: Effective Tips To Write Perfect Description In 2021

4. Catch Searchers Pain Point 

If you are searching for something on Google, it means you want to know something about the problem you are facing or just want to learn. Right?

As the same everyone does a Google search when they want to know something…

You need to catch the pain point of the searcher. As I did, see the image below…

Blog Description: Effective Tips To Write Perfect Description In 2021

Starting your description with a question is the best thing you can do…

5. Use “I” And “You”

It is the best thing you can use while writing a meta description for your blog post to make it more personal.

If you use I and You in your description, it will give a personal touch.

6. Use LSI Keyword

Add LSI Keyword(Latent Semantic Indexing) in your blog post description to make it more relevant to your topic and help Google and searchers to better understand it.

If you don’t know what is LSI Keywords? Consider reading this complete guide…

7. Include POWER Words

You have listened many times that you should use POWER Words in your title tag to get high CTR, right?

Yes, this is TRUE! See How Online Surveys Helped Teespring Increase Conversion by 12.7%

POWER words actually help to increase CTR. As it works for Title, the same you can do with the Blog post description to get HIGE CTR.

Here are some power words you can use in your meta description:

  • Controversial
  • Easiest
  • Hidden
  • Shocking
  • Secret
  • Unique

Here are 700+ Power Words That Will Boost Your Conversions you can check.

8. Write Unique Meta Description

Ensure all your pages have a unique meta description. Don’t use the same description on multiple pages, if you doing so it might trouble you.

I am sure now you got a clear idea on writing an effective and attractive blog post description that will help you to get high CTR. I know you will rock it…

FAQ About Blog Description

I have tried to cover some frequently asked question around the blog description that might help you to solve your queries.

What is blog description?

Blog description aka Meta description is a piece of text that shown with your blog in search engine result pages. It helps search engine as well as the searchers to understand what your blog is all about…

What is blog post description?

Blog post description is the piece of text that shows with your blog post in search engine results pages. You can describe here what readers are going to learn in this post and also add your keywords to helps search engines to better understand your content.

How to write blog description?

Write a blog or blog post description isn’t a tough task, you can simply do it using the SEO plugin installed on your WordPress, whether it’s RankMath SEO or Yoast SEO.

In RankMath, you can write the blog description by going RankMath SEO>SEO Titles & Meta and then locate the Homepage.

And for writing the blog post description, you can easily find the RankMath SSEO or Yoast SEO widget on each post you are writing in WordPress.


Now it’s your turn to write a perfect meta description for your blog. I have covered everything that you should be known about the blog description.

If you still have anything which is not clear with this post then feel free to let me know by dropping a comment below.

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Blog Description

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