A Completely Guide For Blog Commenting Effectively

Whenever we talk about link building or backlinks, Blog Commenting comes first. Is it really important for SEO? If yes, then how? Because blog commenting generate No-Follow links.

Many beginners think that No-follow links are waste but this is not 100% true. If you are one of then who thinks the same.

Here @ StayMeOnline, We always talk about the SEO and blogging tips. And today we are going to learn about the importance of the Blog Commenting.

Whenever you search for ways to create backlinks then you can see one method on all the posts on SERP which is Blog Commenting.

Blog Commenting generates No-follow links, Right?

No, it is not totally right. There are some blogs which allow do-follow comments links. They use CommentLuv WordPress plugin for this work.

Here you need to know what is CommentLuv?

CommentLuv is commentator friendly plugin which allows the commentator to get a Do-follow link.

This plugin will visit the site of the comment author while they type their comment and retrieve their last blog posts which they can choose to include at the bottom of their comment when they click submit.

You can read below’s post to get the list of CommentLuv Enabled Blogs.

Secret Power Of No-Follow Links

Most of the people have a wrong thought in their mind that No-Follow links are useless, waste. But this is not 100% true.

Don’t you know What Is No-Follow Link?

No-Follow links are the links which stop search engine bot to follow but a human can easily follow or go through the links. You can read more about No-Follow links from the below post.

I know that most comment links are no-follow, but no-follow links are still important. Here are the benefits of the No-Follow links.

Generate Traffic

As I have mentioned above, No-follow only stops search engine to crawl or follow but a human (visitor) can easily go through the link.

Like, You have commented on any blog then it will take some time to approve. After approval, whenever someone clicks on your name which you have written on the comment then will land on your website/webpage.

For getting traffic, You should write a comment which is making sense and people should like it to read. Not only submit a comment like “Nice Post” or “Informative Post” Because no one will go to click on it or even want to look at it.

Your comment should be adding value to the post, you can write which users have missed adding in the post. It will show that you have knowledge about the same and people will like to read your blog as well.

So this is how No-follow link will generate traffic for you.

Increase DA, PA & other Metrics

DA, PA & other Metrics are not associated with the Google or other search engines rather they use these metrics to decide the ranking of a webpage.

Though nofollow links are not seen as a direct ranking factor by Google and other search engines, but other sites like Moz, ahrefs, Alexa have a complete index of all your backlinks.

So having a good number of nofollow backlinks (from good sites) can easily help you increase your DA, PA and other metrics.

Make Your Site Safe

Having balance number of No-follow and Do-follow links make your website natural. So your website will be safe from the future Google Updates.

No-follow backlinks can help you in diversifying your profile which can help you escape any potential Google penalty.

How To Find Do-Follow Blogs To Comment On?

I have shared a link to the post which you can use to find CommentLuv enabled blogs for the Do-Follow links.

I am also going to introduce you to a tool which will make this task easy for you. You can use it to find do-follow blogs for comment and also commentluv enabled blog as well.



Don’t you know about this tool? No problem, I am going to explain it to you.

DropMyLink is a free tool to find the links building opportunity, you can easily find do-follow links and guest post enable blogs for building links.

It will not only help you find do-follow blogs and guest post blogs rather you can also use it to find the forum for creating links.

It has a very basic interface and it is not very hard to use it. Here are the steps to find do-follow blogs for commenting using DropMyLink.

  1. First, You need to create a Free account.
  2. Enter your keyword or niche for which you are finding blogs to comment on.
  3. Choose Comment Backlinks from the Category
  4. Choose Footprint, you can choose Do-follow comments or CommentLuv Premium
  5. Hit the search button

How To Comment Effectively?

Comments are not only the way for admiring the author for the post he has written rather you can use it to share your knowledge and experience with the authors.

You can also ask your queries to the author which you have on the same which he has written about.

But all comment is not equally able to attract others to click on the name to visit your website/blog. Here are some tips which you should take in mind while commenting.

Choose Blog To Comment On

Commenting is not to comment on every or any blog you read. You should take care of below’s point before choosing a blog for commenting.

  • The Blog Should Be Active Currently
  • Related to your niche
  • Have Good Domain Authority
  • Have Good Page Authority
  • CommentLuv Enable
  • If Do-follow good if not then still good
  • Popular and Reputation

Write To Attract

You have ever clicked on the name of the commentator to visit the blog which wrote “Nice post” and “Informative Post” or any other comments which have 3-4 words.

Never Right?

Commenting is not only for admiring the author who wrote the post, it is for asking your queries, giving the suggestion or adding extra stuff.

Always try to write your comment which force author to reply to, readers always want others blogger who has known so if you write a good comment then the readers will definitely click on that to visit your blog.

Choose Right Post

Choosing right blog post for commenting is equally important as choosing right blog is, here are some tips which will help you to choose a right blog post to drop a comment.

  • High Page Authority
  • Latest Published
  • Don’t comment on old posts
  • High Traffic
  • Don’t drop comment on every post

Always try to comment on the latest published posts because you will be the some of or only one who comments on the post so the chances that others will see and read your comment will high.

Use Real Identity

Maybe you also always use a dummy name while playing video games like me. But when you are commenting on a blog then you should always use your real name because you are promoting your brand. And also use your profile pictures, you can use Gravatar for this.Comment

I am sure you have a Gravatar profile because every blogger has if you don’t have then run fast and create one for you.

I suggest you to use your social media handler name so it will make easy for others to find you on social media sites.


Blog commenting is just like you are leaving your identity somewhere so people can see it and connect with you. Blog commenting is the best ways to promoting your brand and creating backlinks. 

Never use offensive or abusing words because it can harm your brand reputation and your image as well. Always show respect with your words.

Blog commenting is the best way to build links, an important part of Off-Page SEO

Don’t forget to share your suggestion and queries in the comment section below.

How you find Do-Follow blogs for commenting? And How Often you comment on blogs?

🙏 One Humble Request!

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