Best WordPress Survey Plugins To Use In 2020! Choose Your One

Are you searching for the best WordPress Survey plugins?

So, you want to collect your customers’ feedback about your products.

Or, you want to collect your users’ feedback about your website, your content or anything related to the site.

Survey allows you to collect feedback so you can improve those areas which your users don’t like about your website or product.

Reasons Why You Should Conduct a Survey?

I have a real example to share with you. I had conducted a Giveaway on StayMeOnline’s 3rd Anniversary, where I asked all the participants to fill a Survey form along with the giveaway entries.

This small trick helped me to get what my users are thinking about my blog, and this helped me to know what they like and what they don’t.

So, now I have a list of good areas and bad areas as well in my blog. I know what needs to be changed to give a better user experience.

It can be beneficial if you know what your visitors do not like about your website.

This is the importance of a survey, and This is what it used for.

To Collect Users Feedback: A survey mainly conducts to get feedback about anything you are providing your users or customers. It can be anything a Website, product, service or any course. Getting feedback about your product can help you to work on the areas that your customer are not liking.

Know Your Users: You don’t know much about your users need if you can find what they are looking for, then it will be helpful for you in doing business.  You can produce the content or product according to their need to provide them what they are looking for.

Provide a Good User Experience: If you are improving your products on your customers need bases and producing what they want. Then you are eventually providing a Good User Experience which will tie them with your company.

Now for creating a Survey form for your WordPress website, you need a plugin which can make this easy for you. I know you can also do this without a plugin, but that will be a time-consuming process.

And not everyone knows how to code, So, I am going to share a list of Best Survey Plugins for WordPress Website, you can use any of them to create a survey form for your WordPress website.


Best WordPress Survey Plugins To Use In 2020! Choose Your One

Whenever “Form” word comes in, My recommendation is WPForms. The best Forms builder of WordPress, It makes very easy for even non-coder to build a form just in few minutes.

WPForms is a drag and drop form builder which makes easy for the beginners to create their form, apart from that, it also has pre-built templates which save time. You can easily create any forms like contact forms, payment forms, survey forms, subscription form etc. using it.

WPForms has 2+ million active installations with 5 Stars Rating, which proves how much popular it is. Whenever you search for WordPress Forms Builder, you will get WPForms on the top.

How to Create A Survey Form Using WPForms?

Follow these steps to create a Survey form for your WordPress site using WPForms.

Step 1. Go to WPForms>Addons and search for Survey and Polls addon, Install and Activate it.

Best WordPress Survey Plugins To Use In 2020! Choose Your One

Step 2: After activating Survey and Polls addon, Now go to WPForms>Add New to create a new form.

Step 3: Enter your survey form name and then Select Survey form pre-built template. It will save you time.

Best WordPress Survey Plugins

Step 4: On the next screen, you will see the builder interface, where you can see all the tools you need to build a form. You can design your survey form using left-hand side drag-n-drop tools.

You’ll notice your survey form already has the following form fields:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Rating
  • Likert Scale
  • Paragraph Text
Best WordPress Survey Plugins To Use In 2020! Choose Your One

You can customize every field available on the pre-built template you used, or you can add any type of field using available tools on the screen.

Step 5: You need to enable survey reporting to receive the results of the survey. To do this, go to Settings » Surveys and Polls. Then, click on the Enable Survey Reporting check box. It will enable survey reporting sitewide.

If you are using Survey Form template, then it will be already enabled by default, but if you are using any other template or blank template, then you need to enable it yourself.

Enable Survey Reporting

Step 6: Now your form is ready to be placed on your website, Click on Save button on the top of the right side, and then click on the Embed button there.

Best WordPress Survey Plugins

You will see a pop-up which will contain a Shortcode that you need to place where you want to show this form.

This is how you can create a Survey form using WPForms, isn’t it easy?

Try WPForms Now

Quiz And Survey Master

Best WordPress Survey Plugins To Use In 2020! Choose Your One

As it name suggests, Quiz and Survey Master plugin can make it easy for you to create quizzes and surveys on your WordPress website using its easy to use interface.

This is a freemium WordPress quiz and survey plugin which comes with amazing features. You can check its demo here, Sample Quiz & Sample Survey.

Here are some of the amazing features of Quiz and Survey Maker:

  • Email notification after competition of Quiz and Survey
  • Assign your quiz and surveys to categories
  • Allow users to share the results on social media
  • Allow multi-page survey
  • Schedule your quiz or survey should be live on your site
  • Enable comment box for your quiz and survey pages
  • Show users why the answer is correct
  • Track time of users spent on quiz or survey
  • Create and display math formulas
  • Set the number of tries a user can take the quiz or survey
  • and a lot more…

Crowdsignal Polls & Ratings

Best WordPress Survey Plugins To Use In 2020! Choose Your One

CrowdSignals also known as Polldaddy, is the most famous polls and survey plugins for WordPress, it’s not a contact form plugin as other in this list.

It is created only for surveys and polls, if you are looking for contact form builder then it should not be in your mind. Having a simple drag-n-drop which makes easy to create surveys and polls.

It has a free version and also available premium, as usual, the free plan will have some limitations. It will show its logo with your surveys and polls you will create using this plugin.

Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms

When you ask, best the WordPress survey plugin after WPForms?

I must say Ninja Forms… Ninja forms is another best Forms plugin which offer their premium addons separately, So if you need one or two addons, then you don’t need to pay for a costly bundle.

It also has a free plan which you can use if you don’t have money to invest in a Form plugin, Of course, they will have some limitations but good for you if you have basic forms needs.

Here you can read a comparison between Ninja Form Free Vs Premium.

But if you want to create a Survey form using Ninja Form then you need to buy at least two addons Conditional Logic and Multi-Part Forms to create a survey form.

You can buy them individually or with any premium plan.

Read More:

Formidable Forms Builder 

Best WordPress Survey Plugins To Use In 2020! Choose Your One

Formidable Forms is another a best-known solution for WordPress forms.

It is a drag & drops WordPress form builder plugin which you can use to create contact forms, surveys, quiz forms, registration forms, payment forms, purchase forms, email marketing forms, and just about any other form you can imagine.

It also offers pre-built form templates or you can also create a custom form and has free and premium plan so if you don’t have money to buy it then it is available free as well.

You can also show your report on graphs and charts and also can share with your site audience.

Gravity Forms

Best WordPress Survey Plugins To Use In 2020! Choose Your One

Gravity Forms is one of the oldest Drag-n-Drop Forms builders for WordPress. You can check the demo for Gravity forms by clicking here.

Gravity Forms can be used for contact forms, WordPress post creation, calculators, survey, employment applications and more.

It comes with many addons which you can use to create different types of forms, including Survey form.

However, you can view survey results inside the WordPress admin area, and there are no charts/graphs available to display your survey results.

For creating a Survey form, you will need to buy at least the Elite plan to access the survey addon.


These all are the best WordPress Survey plugins which you can use to create a survey on your site. I am sure you got one name which you want to go with.

I am using WPForms which is the best solution for all forms need of a WordPress website and recommends you too to use WPForms for your website.

It is very simple and easy to use, you can create forms in 5-minutes using their simple drag-n-drop form builder.

If you found this list helpful then must let others know about this by sharing it.

If you have anything to discuss or If I missed anything then let me know by comments below.

Best WordPress Survey Plugins

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