Top 18 Best Micro Jobs Websites To Earn Side Income In 2021

Today in this modern world, technology and the internet are one of the significant survival factors to live a better life, right?

Likewise, every coin has two faces. The internet could also be the same. You can use the internet in both ways, legal and even illegal.

The internet could easily provide you with some bad content, which would disrupt your mind and as well as it can educate you.

Through the use of the internet, you can now even earn money. Sometimes, these micro jobs also give you multiple times earning and as well as fame, as compared to your main primary job. 

Online micro jobs are mostly done from home. It can also be done from any point on the planet. The only requirement you must have is of active internet connection along with a laptop or computer.

These online jobs are not just limited to any age. In simple words, not only adults but also any student can do these works as a part-time career. Just you should have some technical and internet knowledge about it.

There are various best micro jobs websites available on the internet, on which you can work part-time, rather than your primary work and can earn money quickly.

Here is the list of 16 top micro-jobs websites list which you can use to start earning some side income:

1. Fiverr

Fiverr best Micro jobs websites

Fiverr is a well-known name present on the internet. It is a platform where thousands of people are making money through their skills.

At Fiverr, you can create some attractive gigs related to your skills. You can choose what type of service you can provide and how much time you are going to take to complete it and how much you would charge for the project.

The best thing about the Fiverr is, you can here offer any type of job that could be delivered online. You can provide services like Digital Marketing, freelance writing, designing, virtual assistance, data entry, graphic designing, and much more.

Once you have set up your profile with a good reputation, you can now decide to charge anywhere from $5 to $1000, depending on the type of service and quality you offer.

You can sign up as a “Seller” on Fiverr and can easily become a part of its community of freelancers who are offering on-demand services such as digital marketing, writing, video production, voice-over artistry, programming, graphic designing and many more.

The online buyers are generally entrepreneurs having small businesses that need your skilful help, building, and growing their businesses.

I was also using Fiverr to earn some money when I had started my blog, I was investing the money on my blog which I earn from Fiverr. Still have that Fiverr profile active, but not focusing. Except when I get an order through my old clients who are hiring my from years for their task.

If you also want to start your freelancing journey then I must suggest you to start with the Fiverr.

2. SEOClerks

Top 18 Best Micro Jobs Websites To Earn Side Income In 2021

SEOClerks is another awesome online micro jobs site where you can sell your professional skills at any price. SEOClerks will keep a 20% commission on every order you make through there platform.

In SEOClerks, you will find some micro jobs like – Article writing, Link Building, Logo designing, Blog commenting, and many other awesome gigs that can boost the business of any online company.

As it’s name suggest, it highly focused micro jobs websites for the SEO related tasks.

3. GigBucks

Top 18 Best Micro Jobs Websites To Earn Side Income In 2021

Gigbucks is a place where you can barter your services with somewhere around $5 to $50 per project.

Similar to some other micro jobs websites, here also you can offer internet marketing services.

They have a broad list of categories for Advertising, Business, Graphics, Music, Programming, Technology, and many other things.

4. Guru

Top 18 Best Micro Jobs Websites To Earn Side Income In 2021

Guru, the name is somehow interesting, but it is an awesome platform to find micro-jobs to make some extra dollars.

If you are a good programmer, you can get offers for some web design, script design, or any custom coded design. Writing and translation are also other tasks that you can offer.

You can design some graphics in Photoshop, CoralDraw, or any other designing software and offer your professional service to your clients.

5. Spare5 

Sqare5 microjob site

So the next platform, according to our list, is the spare5. This platform is new to the micro job sites, but it is doing well in the industry.

For a general idea, Spare5 is a part of a company named Mighty AI, a Seattle based company that mainly focuses on providing solutions to Artificial Intelligence related problems.

Since Spare5 is Artificial Intelligence related, you receive the tasks in only some limited categories like drawing, quality check, internet research, etc., but all of them are easier and fun to do.

Spare5 offers the job to people through a two-step process.

In its first step, you need to complete qualifier tasks with the specific accuracy required. Once you have completed the jobs (with the accuracy expected), then you will be given the paid tasks. Spare5 generally pays through Paypal with the minimum cashout as little as $1.

6. Truelancer

Top 18 Best Micro Jobs Websites To Earn Side Income In 2021

Truelancer is an Indian platform where you can provide your services depending upon your skills.

Truelancer gives you the option of offering – translation service, logo design, web design, voice-over, web development, Android App development, UI design, and many other professional services that you can offer to make money by working part-time on these micro jobs websites.

Truelancer is a good portal when it specifically comes to looking at any quality writers.

7. One space

Top 18 Best Micro Jobs Websites To Earn Side Income In 2021

One space is a platform full of writing jobs.

Back for a few years, this site was accepting members without any of its qualifications. But now it has made some rules and restrictions to register here as a member. 

Now at first, you need to upload your bio to their site to get their membership. Once your bio (resume) matches with their requirements, you will be receiving a welcome mail from them.

In this site, you will also have to complete some qualification tests, which will even unlock more opportunities for you.

One space transfers your payments through Paypal. It is mandatory to have your PayPal account. But a good criterion is that there is no minimum cashout limit for this site. That is, from One Space, you can withdraw your payment, even if it is a few cents. 

8. Clickworker

Clickworker micro task website

Clickworker is one of the popular and oldest micro jobs websites that has been offering micro jobs for years.

One good thing, that they offer you the tasks based on your profile, which you can update right after signing up.

If you have any language certification, you can definitely upload them to your profile to receive any of your language-related jobs. In fact, people with language skills are even more rewarded with more number of tasks.

Clickworker accepts members from all around the globe. It can provide you with the minimum cashout of $10 through Paypal.

9. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk small jobs site

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk enrolls the task that remote workers chooses and completes it for a fee that’s set by the requester. 

Available jobs include – image and video production, data verification and cleanup, information gathering, data processing, and many more. 

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a very popular platform in some foreign countries. They focus on Human Intelligence Tasks, which they call it as HITs.

In fact, they have a total of 2105 HITs running at present, and these are some tasks where researchers, businesses, universities, and consumer product groups post tasks to be completed by online workers.

Here you can complete any assignments for some college students, make a report for them, create a PowerPoint presentation for them, or do some Excel sheet work for various people.

10. Appen


Appen is especially a translation and language solutions marketplace that also offers remote micro-jobs. 

The amount you earn through this platform depends upon the project you do. On average, you can easily earn from 2.5$ to 3.5$ per project per hour.

Average Appen hourly pay ranges from $9.00 per hour for Researcher to $30.00 per hour for Data Collector.

You can also work on some multiple projects depending on how much time you take doing it.

11. MicroWorkers


Another micro job site, similar to other websites, is this MicroWorkers. Here you can look for many small jobs like social sharing, app testing, site testing, etc.

Maintaining a higher rating and review on your profile could even lead you to do some special group of jobs that would pay you even more.

You can do your minimum cashout of $9 through Paypal or Payoneer.

12. EasyShift 

EasyShift get paid for small jobs

EasyShift lets you make quick cash from doing some of the small jobs in your profession. It even advertises your profession at local stores and shops.

You can even get its application support for perfect user experience. Users can download the EasyShift app on their mobile device and complete at-home or location-based “shifts”.

Most of the shifts mainly include taking photos of items in stores for consumer brands looking to track their products, and the turn-around time is usually 24 hours. 

13. Upwork

Upwork freelancing job

Being interested in micro-jobs. You are probably familiar with this name. Right?

Upwork is one of the popular names in the freelancing industry. Besides freelancing opportunities, it also allows people to post small projects. It even has 9 million registered users, 4 million clients who post 3 million jobs annually.

Just go to Upwork, create an account, and in the “find work section“, you can find the list of lots of jobs according to your interest and profession. 

This is one of the best sites, according to my experience. On this site, you can even get your work done with the help of an expert.

14. ProBlogger Marketplace

find micro jobs at Problogger Job board

This platform is one of the best destinations for online marketing.

ProBlogger is not going to offer you any single job, but it hosts various jobs board where you can find one, which is perfect and interesting for you.

If you are searching for any work like – writing, link building, web development, image editing, video editing, or any kind of work, this is a good place for you. In fact, you could especially find your work on this platform focused on online marketing.

ProBlogger was started by Darren Rowse, one of the top bloggers in the world. 

15. Freelancer

freelancer micro job site

“Freelancer.com” as suggests by its name, it provides you with the opportunity of freelancing. Here, if you want to earn, you need to will the bids (and of-course you will have to complete the projects).

Freelancer is a pioneer in the micro-job industry. It started its online platform to help freelancers to provide their tasks online.

They have more than 25,750,000 employers and freelancers worldwide from over 247 different countries and regions.

Pro Tip: Just create your account on this best micro job site and start making some handsome income.

16. PeoplePerHour


PeoplePerHour is a reliable freelance website where you can find both remote outsourcers and workers from your hometown. You can even hire contractors and also use the site as a source of a side income if you decide to apply some of your skills in the many listed categories

It is a marketplace where you can barter your work and time on per hour basis. Here you can list down your skills and expertise and ask price for that on per hour basis.

17. SimplyHired

SimplyHired Job search engine

SimplyHired is an employment and even an online recruitment advertising network-based company in Sunnyvale, California.

The company was launched in 2003, but in 2016, Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd., purchased Simply Hired. The company groups the job listings from thousands of different websites and job boards. 

SimplyHired is a legitimate, well-run business that has been going for almost ten years, helping employees find their work and employers find their candidates.

Note: Simply Hired is a free service company.

18. Skyword

Freelance jobs in Skyword

Designers, writers, videographers, photographers, and much more talented or skillful person can join Skyword.

You could upload a portfolio of their work and could be accepted into a channel. After been accepted, you can claim assignments or submit ideas. 

Your payment rates are determined by channel owners.

Skyword even provides with many tools for all of the essential elements of content operations like – strategy, planning, creation, activation, and optimization. 

Skyword’s international freelance community supports over 46 different countries.


If you are tired-of of your daily work or if you want to earn some extra through your skills. You would definately go for the micro-jobs.

And the above list of 16 micro jobs websites to make money by doing micro jobs, will help you. 

As the good thing about this is you can complete the jobs according to your own schedule. Here, you can be your own boss.

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