Best Google AdSense Alternatives In 2020

Are you looking for the best Google AdSense Alternatives?

No doubt, that Google AdSense is one of the best ad networks available. But in some cases, it doesn’t work.

Getting approval is not an easy process when you apply to Google AdSense. And there is always a risk of getting the account banned, there are many reasons Google look before banning an account.

Here are the tips you can follow to avoid getting banned from Google AdSense if it is your only source of INCOME from your blog.

Knowing some best Google AdSense alternative is good so when you get banned from AdSense you can use them instead.

I’ve seen many newbie bloggers who start their new blog and applied many times to Google AdSense but never get approval.

If you are one of them then this list of Adsense alternatives will definitely help you.

But before for the folks who don’t know what is Google AdSense….

What Is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a contextual ad network powered by Google. It is launched in 2003, and it is one of the best ad networks available on the internet.

AdSense is the first choice of a newbie who starts their blog and wants to make money from blogging.

Their first step is to apply for Google AdSense toward earning from their blog.

I am sure that you have seen ads like below image when you visiting any blog or website. These ads are powered by Google AdSense.

Best Google AdSense Alternatives In 2020
Google Adsense ads

Which Type Of Website Is Best For AdSense?

Google Adsense’s earning is totally depends on the NICHE of your site and where you are getting traffic from.

Here are some types of website which is best for Adsense:

Blog: Every newbie blogger start their blog with Google AdSense and blog is the best to make money from Google AdSense.

Event Blog: Event blogs having the highest earning potential from the Adsense. They are created to cover a specific event which generates HUGE traffic.

Forum: Forum is the sites where questions and answers take place rather than writing blog posts. A forum can also generate a good income from Google Adsense.

Online Tool: If you have a website that offers a free online tool that AdSense can work great here to make money for you. I have seen my friends who made HUGE money by created a URL shortener website and monetizing that using AdSense.

Why You Need Google AdSense Alternatives?

As I already said, getting approval from Google AdSense isn’t an easy task and there is always a chance of getting banned from AdSense.

I have seen many top bloggers whose account got banned and then they stopped using Google Adsense.

Not Getting Approval: Have you applied to Adsense many times? But didn’t get approval yet. There might be any reason for getting rejected by adsense from the following:

  • You are looking for a Smartphone
  • The brand should be MI
  • You have a budget of 10k

Banned From Adsense: Adsense banned your account by any reason, it might be any in this list. Now you need an alternative of adsense…

Want To Earn More: Do you know you can use multiple more than one ad network on your blog at the same time? Yes, you can use! When you are not satisfied with adsense earning and you want to earn more then you can use other ad network listed in this list along with the adsense.

So, now let’s see the best Google AdSense alternatives…

6 Best Google AdSense Alternatives

Let’s take look at the best alternatives of Google Adsense, some of them I have tested on StayMeOnline in early days and still using on my other blogs.

Program NameMinimum
Ad Type Payout method Apply$100 Display ad
Text ads
Wire transfer
Sign Up
PropellerAds$5Multiple TypeSkrill, Paypal,
Wire transfer
Sign Up
Display Ads
$20CPM Ad
(Display ad)
Wire Transfer,
Amazon Gift cards,
Sign Up
Adversal$20Display adsPaypal,
Wire Transfer,
Sign Up
Sovrn //Commerce
(Formerly VigLink)
$10Text ads
(Affiliate ads)
PayPalSign Up
Skimlinks$10Text ads
(Affiliate ads)
PaypalSign Up
(Pay Per Click)
Sign Up

Let me explain these alternatives more deeply so you can take the decision which one you should choose.


When you are looking for the best alternatives of Google Adsense, comes at the no.1 position. is also a contextual ad monetizing network like Google adsense which allows you to put ads on your website to make some money.

In my starting days, I have used along with Google AdSense on StayMeOnline. I was generating more income for me to compare than Google adsense. minimum payout threshold is $100 and they allow their publishers to withdraw their money via Paypal and Wire-transfer.

You can signup for by clicking here…

2. PropellerAds


Propeller Ads is a large ad network that offers various type of ads like Push Notifications, OnClick Ads, Native Ads and Native Interstitials.

They offer a very innovative interface with various ad types you can use, whether for Desktop or mobile. They have recently added web push notification.

You need to touch at least $5 to get payout through, except for Payoneer for which you want to earn $20 to get withdrawal.

You can register for Propeller Ads by clicking here…

3. Amazon Native Ads

Amazon Shopping Ads

I am sure you have seen bloggers earning from Amazon Associates by promoting Amazon products on their blog. You might get it wrong but it is one of the best alternatives of Google AdSense.

Bloggers are using Amazon Native Ads to monetize their blog to make money from their blog. Amazon was only offering an affiliate program, but you can use it as an Adsense alternative.

Similarly to AdSense, Amazon Native Ads also shows contextual ads. The showing ads will be similar to the page where they are showing. You only need to place the code once on your blog then it will scan your blog and show relevant ads over the pages.

Register for Amazon Native Ads here…

4. Adversal


Adversal is self-served advertisement platform that allows you to set up your own ads in just a few minutes.

It has a very smart interface that allows you to start, stop and pause your ads, it makes easy for you to control your ads. Once you are done with everything, you can leave it to do the work itself.

Adversal is another a good ad monetizing network but the downside is, it is not for beginners because you should have at least monthly 50,000 page views traffic to be eligible to apply.

Adversal minimum payout threshold is $20 and you need to spend 35 days to get paid.

Available payment methods are Paypal, Wire Transfer and ACH.

Apply for Adversal by clicking here…

5. Sovrn //Commerce (Formerly VigLink)


Sovrn //Commerce formerly Viglink is a text-based ads network that allows you to monetize your text via VigLink. It is best for blogs that link to business and e-commerce sites.

Viglink is totally different from other networks, Viglink allows you to make money through affiliate sales. Here you can read a complete case study of Viglink on a fashion blog.

If your blog has low no. of external links or you don’t link to external pages, It will add links to money-related phrases like Apple, iPhone etc…

The minimum payout threshold is $10 and you have payout method Paypal available.

Apply for Viglink from here…

6. Skimlinks


Skimlinks is the best alternative of Viglinks, It works the same as Viglink does.

Skimlinks will covert your money-related phrases into affiliate links and when a sale generated through the link placed on your blog.

You will get a commission for each sale you generate not for the clicks or impressions. By this way, you make 10x money than adsense can make for you.

You can register for Skimlinks here…

7. Bidvertiser


Bidvertiser is a direct advertiser platform that helps you to find the best matches between publishers and advertisers.

It focuses on banners, pop-under and slider advertising for both types of devices mobile and desktop. It also offers a referral program that you can use to make money by referring to both advertisers and publishers.

Their minimum payout is $10 which you can withdraw using Paypal, Wiretransfer, Bitcoins or Cheque.

Join Bidvertiser by clicking here…

8. PopAds

Best Google AdSense Alternatives In 2020
Best Google AdSense Alternatives In 2020
Best Google AdSense Alternatives In 2020
Best Google AdSense Alternatives In 2020
Best Google AdSense Alternatives In 2020

As its name suggested, PopAds is the best ad network that claims to highest paying for Popunder type ads.

PopAds have 50+ advertisers around the world, and they also offer a referral program for both advertisers and publishers. There are lots of targeting options that allow you to improve your campaigns.

Register for PopAds by clicking here…

Bonus Alternative

Here is a BONUS for you…

You might be seen that there are no ads running on StayMeOnline. Want to know why?

Because I am neither using Adsense nor any other ad network. Rather, I using Affiliate marketing to make money online.

Affiliate marketing is the best way you can use on your blog to make 10x money than any ad network. You don’t need to add ads on your blog which might hurt user experience nor there is any risk of getting banned like Google Adsense.

Google Adsense or any other ad network’s earning totally depends on the traffic your blog is getting and your NICHE also. But in Affiliate marketing, you don’t need to have a HUGE no of visitors on your website.

Rather, you can make money even if you are getting 100 visitors daily.

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing then here are some post you can read:

Choose Your Favourite Adsense Alternative

I am sure this list of best Google Adsense alternatives helped you to know about the one best adsense alternative of your blog if you are not getting approval or banned by adsense.

In starting, I was using Google Adsense but later I started using and Viglink along with Adsense.

But now, I am not using any ad network. I am only using Affiliate marketing to make money through my blogs.

And I can say Affiliate marketing is the best method you can use to make money from your blog.

Let me know in the comments which one you are going to use from this list and your thoughts about Affiliate marketing.

Best Google Adsense Alternatives In 2020
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  2. Hello Sir, I have learned lots of things from you blogs. I do have a

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    • Hi, Utsab!

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