11 Best Domain Name Generators To Find Your Perfect Name In 2022

Starting a new blog? Therefore you’re looking for a domain name generator tool to come up with a perfect brandable domain name for your blog.

But before we dig deep into this topic, you should understand that domain research is a crucial step involved when you are starting a new blog. Because your domain name is going to be your brand name, people will use it to remember your brand and visit your blog.

In short, it is going to be the identity of your blog. If you failed to find a perfect brandable domain name then it will become very tough to change it in future. You may lose all your organic traffic and rankings.

If you are a complete newbie, then Domain name is the address of a website that people use to enter in browser to visit that website. For example, StayMeOnline.com is a domain name that you can use to visit this website.

It’s not that hard to come up with a brandable domain name, you just need to keep in mind the followings tips when choosing a domain name for your blog:

  • Always prefer selecting a .com domain
  • Make sure your domain is short
  • Never use hyphens in domain name
  • Don’t repeat a word
  • If possible, include your keyword in domain
  • Use a trusted domain registrar to buy your domain name

What Is A Domain Name Generator?

A domain name generator is a tool that helps you to find domain name ideas for your blog or website. It shows you catchy domain name ideas according to your entered word or phrase. Also, at the same time, it shows whether this domain name is available to register or already taken by someone else.

Using a domain name generator helps in saving time when you are finding a perfect domain name for your blog. Because it gives you thousands of domain ideas with just a single click, you just have to select one which suits your brand.

You don’t have to check domains one-by-one in any domain registrar because it also shows whether it is available or not, thus it saves a lot of time.

11 Top Domain Name Generators (Free & Paid)

BTW, there are tons of domain name generators are available over the internet but not all works great when it comes to finding the perfect domain name. I have shorted out that list for you and compiled the best 11 business name generators:


Nameboy domin name generator

When it comes to using a domain name generator, I always head towards Nameboy.com to find perfect domain name ideas for my blogs. It is pretty simple to use and has a clean interface as well.

It only requires you to enter one or two keywords then press the Submit button, that’s it! It will show you tons of domain ideas based on keywords you entered.

I have entered the keyword “Blogging” to find relevant domain name ideas, here is what I got with Nameboy:

11 Best Domain Name Generators To Find Your Perfect Name In [year]

I found some great domain name ideas with the word Blogging, also it shows me whether it is available to buy or already taken by someone else.

Nameboy makes it pretty easy to find good domain names for your blog or website.

Squad Help

Squad Help

SquadHelp can help you to come up with a great domain name for your upcoming blog by launching a naming contest where you can get help from thousands of creative experts to finalize a good name.

Also, you can select your perfect domain name from their pre-made names which are available for sale on SquadHelp. All the names include the matching domain and a professionally designed complimentary logo.

SquadHelp is the best premium business name generator tool available on this list. It may cost you a bit but every single penny is worth it.

SmartWP’s Name Generator

11 Best Domain Name Generators To Find Your Perfect Name In [year]

SmartWP Domain Name Generator is an AI-powered, 100% free business name generator tool that makes it easy for you to find your perfect domain name where your blog will be live. It helps in finding the SEO friendly and brandable domain name just with one single click.

You just need to enter your keyword and hit the Search Domains button, it will show you tons of domain names. The best thing is, it only shows the domain names which are available. Again, it saves your time here because you don’t have to deal with the “already taken domains“.

And provide you with a button to buy the domain name directly through the NameCheap, so you can don’t need to open the NameCheap and enter the domain name to buy it. Instead, just a single click will bring you to Add To Cart page with the domain you want to buy. It is a time-saving thing…

Domain Wheel

Domain Wheel domain name generator

Domain Wheel is another straightforward and free domain name generator tool that comes with a clear interface. It asks you to enter a keyword so it can provide you with relevant domain name ideas.

It provides you with a direct buying option with the Bluehost, so you can just need to proceed with buying when you found a domain perfect for you.

It even provides you with a list of domain suggestions that rhyme with your given keyword, as well as a list of random suggestions you can choose from.


A popular and free domain name generator tool that is mostly preferred by Bloggers for finding domain name ideas for their blogs.

As with other tools available in this list, its search also begins with a keyword so you are required first to enter a keyword and then it will show you tons of domain name ideas.

It also has some sorting options available on the right side, you can use them to get your desired ideas. If you want to have the keyword(you entered) at the starting of the domain name or at the end, you will get the sorting option there for the same.

leandomainsearch results


Panabee domain name generator

Panabee is a simple tool to generate domain names, business names, websites names and apps names. It has a pretty visual interface. It requires you to enter at least two keywords or domain names to show you domain name ideas.

It also shows you the already taken domains to get inspired and gather more ideas for you. You get a wide range of filter options that you can use to find your perfect domain name using the Panabee.


DomainsBot Domain Name Generator

DomainsBot is an advanced and paid domain name generator tool available out there, there might be other paid tools also available that does the same work but I’d recommend only DomainsBot.

You can try it with its free 30-day trial option available, so you get the chance to test its features before actually locking yourself with any of its plans.

It has three plans, Tiny, Small and Enterprise that cost starting from $19.95, $39.95 and $99.95 per month respectively.


11 Best Domain Name Generators To Find Your Perfect Name In [year]

All the domain name generator tools usually work the same, so NameStation also. But it is a lot better than any ordinary tool available on the internet. Because it is fully-featured domain name ideas generator tool where you need to enter a keyword and perform your search.

NameStation provides several filter options to help you narrow down your choices and pick up the perfect domain name for your blog or website. But you require to signup with NameStation before you make a search with the tool.

It also has the option to hide the taken domain so you can only focus on names that are available to register.

The registration process is quite simple and 100% free, just enter your email and choose a password. Either you can use your Google account also.

Dictionary Domains

11 Best Domain Name Generators To Find Your Perfect Name In [year]

Dictionary Domains provides unregistered dictionary word domains for your next blog, site or business and it is completely free to use.

They offer an email newsletter for domain names which you can join by entering your email address at the subscription bar at the top and you will start getting new domain ideas to your inbox directly.

It has a pretty clean and straightforward interface, with a filter option where you can select the desired domain extension you want. Also, there you can find an option to choose the domain length.

Dictionary Domains provides a direct buying option for available domains through GoDaddy, NameCheap, Gandi and Domain.com. So, you don’t need to go to your domain registrar and search for domains manually.

Shopify’s Business Name Generator

11 Best Domain Name Generators To Find Your Perfect Name In [year]

If you want to find a perfect domain name for your eCommerce store then this would be the perfect tool for you. The tool is created by the Shopify team itself to help their customers find the perfect business name for their store.

Once you find your perfect business name, you can directly sign up for a Shopify account directly from the tool page. Also, Shopify allows you to register your domain name by paying the registration fees when onboarding.

Here are the business name generated by Shopify when I made a search for “food”:

Shopify business name generator


11 Best Domain Name Generators To Find Your Perfect Name In [year]

A very straightforward domain name suggestions generator tool that has not been changed much over the years, having the same old look. It can generator thousands of domain name ideas for your entered word or phrase.

You get the filter options like you can select your desired domain extension so it will provide you domain suggestions with the same extensions.

It also has the Word Group option available at the interface and you can select whether you want the word at the beginning or end of the domain so it provides results accordingly.

Only one drawback of this tool, its interface is cluttered with options and ads which makes it distracting when using the tool.

2 Trusted Domain Name Registrars To Register Your Domain

It is recommended to use only a trusted domain registrar to purchase domain names. But when it comes to domain registrars, there is a huge list of names available but are they all trusted?

It’s very hard to say! But I can help you out because I have tested many domain name registrars so knows some trusted name.


NameCheap domain registrar

NameCheap is a popular domain registrar that also offers web hosting, business email and web security products. I am using NameCheap as my primary domain registrar, all my domains(including staymeonline.com) are inside the NameCheap.

You can get a variety of domain extensions available to register at NameCheap, it provides domain privacy for free. Whereas, other domain registrars take extra charges for this.


When talking about domain registrar and GoDaddy is not mentioned in the list — it is impossible!

GoDaddy is a popular & trusted domain registrar company where you can buy domains at very high discounted rates for the first year. But yes, you will need to pay the normal or higher charge when you renew your domain next year.

You can get your .com domain registered as low as $0.01 for the first year if you are purchasing it for two years at once. But this is just for the first year, they will be charged high renewal charges when you renew your domain name.


Dig Deeper

Don’t forget to read this guide where I have shared the top 3 methods to save money on domain renewal.

How To Get A Free Domain?

All the tools mentioned above are tested by me personally for generating domain name ideas, especially the NameBoy(that is my favourite). Now when you have a domain name already selected for your blog, it’s time to get it registered before anyone else get it.

But what if I say that you can get this domain for free? Yes, if you did not grab the hosting for your blog already then you have a chance to get your perfect domain for free for one year.

Bluehost is a popular web hosting company that is officially recommended by WordPress.org for WordPress websites. Bluehost offers a free domain name for the first year with all their hosting plans.

>> Get a free domain name with Bluehost, it will send you to the official Bluehost website where you can select a hosting plan. All plans come with a free domain name for the first year.

Bluehost plans

Now choose a plan that suits your need and pocket size, I recommend going with the Plus or Choice Plus plan because you get unlimited websites there. This means, if you want to start new WordPress sites in future, you won’t need to look for another hosting.

setup your domain

Enter the domain name that you selected after using domain name generators to find a perfect domain name inside the create a new domain box.

Enter your details like first name, last name, address, phone and email etc. to create an account with the Bluehost. Choose your billing cycle and you can see you are getting the primary domain registration for FREE.


At last, enter your card details to make the payment and grab your free domain along with the hosting account.

Once you made the payment through your card, you’ll get a free domain name along with one year of hosting with Bluehost where you can host unlimited websites.

FAQs About Domain Name Generators

What is a domain name generator tool?

A domain name generator is a tool that helps in generating brandable domain names for blogs, businesses and websites. It makes it easy to come up with tons of domain name ideas and select one that suits your brand.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is the address of a website that people uses to enter in their browser to visit that website. Like StayMeOnline.com is the domain name that is connected to this blog so when you enter this domain name in the browser, you will be landed on this blog.

How to choose a catchy domain name?

Here are a few tips that will help you to choose a catchy and brandable domain name for your blog:
1. Always stick with the .com domain extension
2. Use your main keyword in the domain(if possible)
3. Avoid using double letters
4. Domain should be easy to spell and pronounce
5. Avoid adding hyphens in the domain
6. Always select a short domain name

Which are the top domain name registrar to register a domain?

Here is the most popular & trusted three domain name registrar:
1. GoDaddy
2. NameCheap
3. Google Domains

Can I change my blog’s domain name in future?

Yes, you can but it is a very challenging task and requires top-level SEO knowledge because there are high chances that you may lose rankings and traffic.

Is it ok to use a hyphen in the domain name?

No, it is not okay to use the hyphen in the domain name neither it is recommended in SEO. Having a hyphen makes it difficult for users to remember your brand.

How long should a domain name be?

Always consider selecting a short domain, its length should be between 6 to 14 characters.

Conclusion: Which Domain Name Generator Is Perfect?

Domain name generators make it easy to come up with a brandable yet catchy domain name for a brand. It saves time from searching domain ideas from scratch. You just need to enter a word related to your niche and it will show you tons of domain name ideas in seconds.

There are plenty of domain name generators are available and I have listed some of the best and most popular tools that you can use to end your search for a perfect domain name.

If you ask me which one is the perfect domain name generator tool, then I would highly recommend NameBoy. I use it every time when I look for a new domain name.

Now I want to know from you, did you ever use any of the above-mentioned domain name generator tools? Have you found your perfect domain name yet?

Drop your answer in the comments section below.

Best Domain Name Generators
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