Best Affiliate Programs For Bloggers To Start Affiliate Marketing

We have talked many times about the Affiliate Marketing here at StayMeOnline.

For me, Affiliate Marketing is the top way to earn from the internet, and I have earned my first online income from it.

What About You?

I have seen many bloggers who choose Affiliate Marketing instead of Google Adsense to monetize their blog. Because they found it very easy to earn from, many people found it very difficult to get approved and in the initial days your Adsense earning will be some cents per month.

Wait, A Minute…

Don’t you know What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the art of selling products online. You don’t need to have a product to sell. You only need to promote other seller’s products.
In Simple Words, In Affiliate Marketing you only have to refer peoples to purchase any particular product if they purchase that product then you will get the commission.
The Commission is not fixed. It totally depends on what product you are promoting. It can be $1 to $500 or more.
I have shared this topic completely, you can read that here.

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I am sure, you want to start Affiliate Marketing on your blog. But don’t know where to start from.

So, This post will be quite helpful for you because here I am going to share the best affiliate programs for bloggers.

This list will be based on my personal experience and the recommendation from the top bloggers who are earning big amount from affiliate marketing. 

Best Affiliate Programs For Bloggers

I have started using affiliate marketing from the day 1 of my blog and got many good affiliate program’s names in the period. 

This list will help you to choose the best affiliate programs to start earning.


ShareASale is the top affiliate programs marketplace, here you can find many top affiliate networks to start from.

ShareASale was started in 2000 and this is a place merchant and the affiliate comes in contact with each other.

As an affiliate, you can see a list of the merchant and choose any from them to send an application to. if you qualified for them then they will approve your application.

Here you go, you will get your affiliate links, banners and other things on your ShareASale dashboard to start promoting products.

The best thing is, they have tons of affiliate programs so you can find affiliate programs according to your niche.

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates

I have already shared a complete guide on Amazon Associate, if you did not read that then you must read that first from here.

I am sure you know about the Amazon and you use it for shopping as well.

Amazon Associate is the Affiliate program owned by the Amazon which allows their affiliate to promote Amazon products on their website/blog to earn a commission.

The commission is different for product by product. If you want to start using Amazon so read this post for a step by step guide.

Amazon is qualified for all type niche because they have tons of categories, for instance, if you have a blog about mobile phones then you can easily find mobile phones to promote. If Fashion blog then you can easily find fashion related products.

And another example, If you are a YouTuber then you can get many products like Cameras, mics, tripods and much more to promote and earn from Amazon.

Commission Junction (CJ)

It is the same as ShareASale where merchant and affiliate come in touch with each other.

CJ is another a great affiliate programs marketplace, here you can find all type of affiliate programs. You can easily find most suitable one for you.

It is elder than ShareASale, but both are similar. You can find tons of affiliate programs to choose relevant one.

You can signup for CJ account by clicking here…


I am sure you are aware of the above word, Bluehost is one of the best hosting providers for WordPress website. Maybe, you are using this for hosting your website.

If you are blogging about the WordPress hosting then you must signup for the WordPress affiliate program.

You will receive up to $65 by per sale which comes from your affiliate link.

I have seen many blogger’s earnings report and the most of the income they generate from the Bluehost affiliate program. It is the best platform for you to start your affiliate career.

Join Bluehost Affiliate Program


Best Affiliate Program

MyThemeShop is one of the best theme providers for the WordPress website. I am using their theme and also I am recommending others to use that because I am one of their affiliate marketers.

They have their affiliate program as well to allow others to promote their themes and plugins and earn a high commission out of it. You can signup for this by clicking here.

You can earn up to 55% per sale from the MyThemShop affiliate program. It is the good amount, isn’t it?

StudioPress (Genesis)

Genesis is the top WordPress theme for the WordPress users, It is my favourite theme and I am planning to move to it.

Genesis is in demand WordPress theme, everyone like me wants to move to Genesis and I am sure if you join its affiliate program then you will earn a high commission.

Here is the something interesting in StudioPress:

  • You will get 35% commission on every sale
  • Two-Tier affiliate program
  • Payout methods are via bank transfer or ACH.
  • 60-day cookies

Studiopress do not have their in-house affiliate program rather they host it on ShareASale. So you can start their affiliate program by ShareASale.

Join StudioPress (Genesis) Affiliate Program 

AWeber Affiliate

AWeber is the one of the email marketing service provider and also recommended by the top bloggers to their users.

Here are the benefits, you will get:

  • 30% recurring commission
  • 365 day cookie duration
  • Dedicated affiliate management
  • Variety of creative assets
  • Commission tracking
  • No cost
  • Get paid via monthly check

You can signup for the AWeber Affiliate program to start earning by clicking here.

Social Pilot

Social Pilot affiliate program

SocialPilot is a social media automation tool which is very popular and recommended by the tops and successful bloggers.

It helps you in scheduling updates on multiple social-media accounts & also you can automate by auto-publishing using RSS.

I took a test ride for testing it out, you can also do the same because they offer 14-days trial for the new users. I think this is a good number of days to test it.

You will get 30% Recurring Commission per sale which they will get by your affiliate link. 

Join SocialPilot Affiliate Programs

SEMrush (aka BErush)

SEMrush Affiliate program

SEMrush is the main factor behind the success of the top blog.  SEMrush is a popular international SEO toolset company that develops SEO and search analytics software.

The company provides intelligence data including website traffic information, keywords, projected AdWords spend, and other SEO-related data.

Get 40% recurring commission for every new user. You get a commission every month, not just the first one!

Join SEMrush Affiliate Program

At The End

When someone starts a blog, he makes a mind that he will apply for Google AdSense and then put ads on the blog then earning will start. But this is not easy as it is looking, this all will take too long to give you a good amount. You should have much traffic to earn from AdSense.

But Affiliate marketing is not same, you can earn if you have minimum traffic. I mean, you can earn from the first day of your blog.

You will only earn peanuts(very small amount) from the adsense rather you can earn unlimited amount from the Affiliate marketing.

I have shared some best affiliate programs which you should use to start your affiliate marketing career, I am using them personally and found very good.

Here are some handpicked Blog Posts, I am sure you will like it…

Note: We have a forum too where you can ask your queries and other members will help you. There is an Affiliate marketing category especially for affiliate marketers, you can share your queries regarding this there.

Share in Comments: Which one you like most?, if you are already an affiliate marketer then Have earn from affiliate marketing yet?

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4 thoughts on “Best Affiliate Programs For Bloggers To Start Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Those who are not in the development field, their content can also be used to make money by product promotion. Thanks for the helpful information on affiliate programs (hosting). I really appreciate you for encouraging thousands of blogger with the proper information, and also the motivation.

    These are best affiliate marketing tips for the guys in the WordPress niche. This is very important & informative to learn at the beginning. I was always bothered how the affiliate program works & how I market the products but after learning from this article, I understood that its simple to start this market by just making hard work on it. I believe these are the great affiliate programs, to begin with. They provide almost everything for newbies like me to start with. Well, I’m going to try this immediately & I hope it goes smooth.

    Quick questions are; my blog is new (9 months old) and able to drive only a few hundreds of readers per day. Is there any minimum threshold of traffic before making money from affiliate sites or should I apply it now; also I want to ask that how much traffic and page views are expected to apply for the affiliates programs require your reply about it. Can you please show which are the best affiliate programs for technology & travel niche? Thanks in advance.

    • Glad to know that you liked this post and found it useful.

      There is no minimum traffic requirements for affiliate marketing, you can earn even if you are getting 10 visitors per day on your blog.

      You can use Amazon affiliate and promote tech gadgets like phones, laptop etc on your blog. And the same for the travel, you can promote travel-related product.


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