Best Affiliate Programs For Bloggers To Start Affiliate Marketing

When looking for best method to make money online, hands down for affiliate marketing.

There is no doubt that affiliate marketing is a far better online earning method than other available out there.

If you started your blog then you might be looking for some high-paying affiliate programs to join and start earning by promoting your niche-relevant products.

Well, you will get a big list of programs here that you can join and kick-start your affiliate marketing journey.

So, before showing you the best affiliate programs, let me share what you should look before joining an affiliate program.

Things To Check Before Joining An Affiliate Program

There are tons of affiliate programs out there, but not all of them works good.

Beginners quit from affiliate marketing because they fail to touch the minimum payout threshold set by their merchant, they lose all the money they earned so far.

By this incident, they start thinking negative about affiliate marketing and start taking it as a SCAM.

Usually, affiliate programs have $50 to $100 minimum payout which is quite easy to touch and get your money into your account.

1. Commission Rate

Commission Rate is the fixed rate of commission you will get when you refer a successful sale to merchant.

There are three types of Commission Rate:

  1. Fixed Amount: Fixed Amount: Some merchants offer a fixed amount for each sells an affiliate sends.
  2. Fixed Percentage: You will be paid a fixed percentage from the product’s cost as commission when you refer a successful sale, the commission amount can be varied if the customer buys a higher plan.
  3. Tier-Commission: In this, Merchant has various slots of commission, your commission rate depends on the sale volume you are referring in a month. You can increase the commission rate by generating more sales. SiteGround is the best example of this type of commission affiliate program.

So, you should look at the commission rate of the affiliate program you are going to join.

2. Payout Methods

There are different methods of accepting payments online from anywhere in the world like Paypal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer…

You must need to look at payment methods of affiliate program use to pay affiliates which you are going to join. In most of the affiliate programs, you will found they have a PayPal option to pay to their affiliates.

3. Cookie Duration

Cookies are the small files that get stored in your visitors’ web browser when they click on any affiliate link placed on your blog.

If someone clicks on your affiliate link but didn’t make a sale, after some days he came back and purchased the product directly from merchant’s website.

Even in this case, you will get the commission, this is the power of cookies.

While joining an affiliate program, consider checking the cookie life.

4. Minimum Payout Threshold

Minimum Payout threshold is the limit of amount you have to reach to get your money into your account.

Usually, affiliate programs have payout threshold in the range of $50 to $100 which is quite easy to reach to get money into account.

5. Features & Reputation Of Products

The product you are going to promote should have a good reputation in the market if you really want good income by the promotion of that product.

If the product has a good reputation and amazing features, then you hardly need to do anything except recommending that to your audience.

Top Affiliate networks

When I started my blog, I was focusing on Google AdSense to earn from my blog. But it was hardly making some dollars for me…

I was amazed when I saw an email that you have generated a sale, I only worked two days to promote that product but generate a good amount.

That was the day when I stopped using Google AdSense and started focusing on affiliate marketing.



ShareASale is one of the most popular affiliate networks or you can say affiliate marketplace where you can find thousands of merchants to promote their products.

ShareASale was started in 2000 and grown to be a place where you find high-paying merchants to earn good income as affiliate commission.

You can find many popular affiliate programs on ShareASale. ShareASale provides you the single dashboard from where you can manage all your merchants and their products. You can find links, banners and coupons for all the merchants you joined through ShareASale for your promotion.

It will also manage your payments, you can withdraw your money once you reach the 50$ and payment methods are PayPal, Wire Transfer, Check via mail etc.

You can find all the links, banners and deals/coupons for all the merchants you joined for on ShareASale dashboard.

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates

Amazon is no.1 online store in the world. It has more than 12 million products from various categories like home appliances, furniture, books, clothes, and many other products.

Amazon has an affiliate program named “Amazon Associates” that lets you promote any product that Amazon sells.

The commission is different for product-by-product you can check all the products commission rates here…

Amazon is qualified for all type of niche because it has tons of categories, for instance, if you have a blog about dog food then you can easily find dog foods to promote.

Commission Junction (CJ)

Commission Junction

Commission Junction aka CJ is another popular affiliate network where you can find thousands of affiliate products to promote and make money from affiliate marketing.

CJ is a platform which helps affiliates to find high paying merchants to promote and helps merchants to find potential affiliates to increase the sales and reach of their products.

Just click on the Advertisers in the navigation bar to search for merchants to promote.

13 High paying Affiliate Programs For Bloggers

So, here is the list of high-paying affiliate programs that you can join and start promoting through your blog.

WP Engine

WPEngine affiliate program

WP Engine is one of the best-managed WordPress hosting providers, it might be expensive for beginners because of having low-budget. But trust me, it worth spending money.

The best thing is, WP Engine has their gate open for affiliates, they allow to promote their hosting and make money through their award-winning affiliate program.

WP Engine doesn’t have an in-house affiliate program, you can join their affiliate program through ShareASale.

You can also earn bonus by referring more sales to WP Engine, see their bonuses:

WP Engine Affiliate Bonuses

Here are the some important details about WP Engine affiliate program:

Minimum Payout Threshold$50 (through ShareASale)
Commission Rate$200/per sale
Cookie Life180 days
Payout MethodsDirect Deposit, Check
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Bluehost Affiliate Products

Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosting companies out there and officially recommended by the for WordPress users.

If you have a blog like me where you talk about the web hosting then you must join the Bluehost affiliate program to earn some money while promoting Bluehost to your audience.

When you refer a successful sale to Bluehost, you will get $65 on each successful sale.

If you closely look at the income reports of top bloggers and affiliate marketers, you will see a huge part of their income comes from Bluehost.

Minimum Payout Threshold$100
Commission Rate$65 per sale
Cookie Life90 days
Payout MethodsPayPal
Join Now >>Register Now


SiteGround Affiliate Program

SiteGround is a popular and reliable web hosting provider and it is also officially recommended by the for WordPress sites.

I am using SiteGround hosting to host my blogs. It is known for its fast web servers with reliable uptime and a strong support system. You can read more about SiteGround and its features in this SiteGround review.

You can start promoting this amazing web hosting provider just after signing up for an affiliate account. They use tier-commission program that means, the more sales you refer, the higher commission per sale you will get.

Best Affiliate Programs For Bloggers To Start Affiliate Marketing

So, your commission rate depends on the sales volume you refer each month.

Minimum Payout Threshold$50
Commission Rate$50 – $100+ per sale
Cookie Life60 days
Payout MethodsPayPal
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Best Affiliate Programs For Bloggers To Start Affiliate Marketing

Cloudways is one of the highest-paying web hosting affiliate programs which offers up to $125 per sale and it also offers $100 as a bonus on each qualifying sale on occasional deals like Black Friday.

Cloudways basically one of the best-managed cloud hosting providers which offer excellent service and features, you can deploy your managed cloud server as low as $10/month.

You can join the Cloudways affiliate program from ShareASale, just go to merchants and search for Cloudways.

Minimum Payout Threshold$50 (through ShareASale)
Commission Rate$125 per sale
Cookie Life90 days
Payout MethodsDirect Deposit, Check
Join Now >>Register Now

A2 Hosting

Best Affiliate Programs For Bloggers To Start Affiliate Marketing

A2 Hosting has maintained good fame in the market when it comes to the best affordable web hosting for beginners. It is known for its turbo fast servers which guarantee up to 20x faster servers and a good customer support system.

You can start promoting A2 Hosting on your blog to earn up to $125 per sale. The basic commission rate is $55/sale but when you refer more sales you can touch the highest commission.

Minimum Payout Threshold$100
Commission Rate$55 to $125 per sale
Cookie Life90 days
Payout MethodsPaypal
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WPX Hosting

Best Affiliate Programs For Bloggers To Start Affiliate Marketing

WPX Hosting offers WordPress managed web hosting solution and lets you host your WordPress site on blazing fast servers which result in improving loading speed.

You can promote this amazing web hosting to earn up to 100$ per sale made using your unique affiliate link. WPX Hosting offers various commission slots, the more sales you send, the higher commission you will get for each sale.

WPX Hosting affiliate commission slot

WPX Hosting has in-house affiliate program that you can join by clicking here and start earning.

It also provides you custom landing pages and custom promo codes exclusively to your audience, and direct Skype access to you affiliate manager.

Minimum Payout Threshold$75
Commission Rate$70 to $100 per sale
Payout MethodsPayPal
Join Now >>Register Now

BeRush: SEMrush Affiliate program

Best Affiliate Programs For Bloggers To Start Affiliate Marketing

SEMrush is one of the best SEO tools available that makes easy to outrank competitors to gain rankings and organic traffic.

SEMrush offers more than 40 advanced tools that help in keyword research, competitors analysis, site audit, backlink audit and plenty of other SEO related tasks. You can read more about SEMrush in our complete SEMrush review.

SEMrush offers affiliate program named “BeRush” and welcome affiliates to promote their amazing tools and make some passive income. Because with BeRush, you can earn up to 40% recurring commission for SEMrush subscription sales.

BeRush has the “first cookie wins” attribution model and an unbelievable cookie life for 10 years. You can learn more about SEMrush affiliate program in this complete review.

Minimum Payout Threshold$50
Commission Rate40% recurring sale on every sale
Cookie Life10 years
Payout MethodsPayPal and Wire Transfer
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SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite Affiliate Program

SEO PowerSuite is the finest SEO tool available in the market, it makes easy to improve your rankings, outrank competitors, increase traffic and much more.

You can start promoting SEO Powersuite and earn average $197 per sale, you just need to join their affiliate program.

It offers you affiliate materials like links, banners, logos etc which helps in doing promotion.

Minimum Payout Threshold$35
Commission Rate33% commission
Cookie Life90 days
Payout MethodsDirect Deposit, Prepaid Mastercard, PayPal and Wire Transfer
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Best Affiliate Programs For Bloggers To Start Affiliate Marketing

LongTailPro offers 30% recurring commission on every sale made using your affiliate link.

LongTailPro makes easy to find less-competitive nd less-competitive keywordlong-tail keywords to target in order to gain higher rankings and traffic.

Minimum Payout Threshold$50 (through ShareASale)
Commission Rate30% commission
Payout MethodsDirect Deposit, Check
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Mangools Affiliate Program

KWFinder is a keyword research tool by Mangools which makes keyword research easy, you can easily find less-competitive keywords using its intuitive tools and options.

For promoting KWFinder, you need to join the Mangools affiliate program. Once you join the Mangools affiliate program, you can promote all products of Mangools.

Mangools offers 30% lifetime commission, means you will get every month or year when customer referred by you pay to merchant.

Minimum Payout Threshold$150
Commission Rate30% lifetime commission
Cookie Life30 days
Payout MethodsPayPal
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ConvertKit Affiliate Program

ConvertKit is one of the best email marketing services out there which makes easy get most out of email marketing. It also has an affiliate program that lets you earn by promoting ConvertKit to your audience.

The amazing thing is about ConvertKit, you send customers and get 30% recurring income. Let’s say, you refer a sale, you will get 30% commission from the total cost and it’s not enough, ConvertKit will pay you 30% every month for the same customer...

Minimum Payout ThresholdNo minimum payout threshold
Commission Rate30% recurring commission
Cookie Life60 days
Payout MethodsPayPal
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Best Affiliate Programs For Bloggers To Start Affiliate Marketing

GetResponse is another a good email marketing service when you are looking for an affordable email marketing tool with low-budget.

If you are an affiliate and searching for email marketing affiliate programs with recurring commission then the search is incomplete if you don’t include GetResponse.

There are two types of affiliate commission programs that GetResponse offers, Bounty Program and Recurring Program.

In Bounty Program, you will get $100 commission on every successful sale of GetResponse made using your affiliate link. Whereas, In Recurring Program, you will be paid $33% recurring commission.

Best Affiliate Programs For Bloggers To Start Affiliate Marketing
Minimum Payout Threshold$50
Commission Rate$100 one-time commission or 33% recurring commission
Cookie Life120 days
Payout MethodsPayPal and check
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Best Affiliate Programs For Bloggers To Start Affiliate Marketing

AWeber affiliate program is known as the AWeber advocates which you can sign up without any cost and start promoting AWeber to your audience to get 30% recurring commission.

AWeber pays their affiliates monthly when they reach the minimum payout threshold of $30 for US and $50 for non-US affiliates. Payout methods are PayPal and check by mail.

Minimum Payout Threshold$30 for the US and $50 for non-US affiliates
Commission Rate30% recurring commission
Cookie Life1 year
Payout MethodsPayPal and check
Join Now >>Register Now


Affiliate marketing is a booming method to make money online. The fun fact is, you will promote products which you don’t own and earn income as commission.

I have shared some high-paying affiliate programs that you can join to kick-start your affiliate marketing journey.

These are the only 13 affiliate programs but you can easily find thousands of affiliate programs around your niche to start promoting relevant products to your niche and make some passive income.

Let me know how many affiliate programs you already joined from the above list and which one is your favourite?

Share this list of best affiliate programs if you found it useful for you.

Best high paying affiliate programs
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  1. Those who are not in the development field, their content can also be used to make money by product promotion. Thanks for the helpful information on affiliate programs (hosting). I really appreciate you for encouraging thousands of blogger with the proper information, and also the motivation.

    These are best affiliate marketing tips for the guys in the WordPress niche. This is very important & informative to learn at the beginning. I was always bothered how the affiliate program works & how I market the products but after learning from this article, I understood that its simple to start this market by just making hard work on it. I believe these are the great affiliate programs, to begin with. They provide almost everything for newbies like me to start with. Well, I’m going to try this immediately & I hope it goes smooth.

    Quick questions are; my blog is new (9 months old) and able to drive only a few hundreds of readers per day. Is there any minimum threshold of traffic before making money from affiliate sites or should I apply it now; also I want to ask that how much traffic and page views are expected to apply for the affiliates programs require your reply about it. Can you please show which are the best affiliate programs for technology & travel niche? Thanks in advance.

    • Glad to know that you liked this post and found it useful.

      There is no minimum traffic requirements for affiliate marketing, you can earn even if you are getting 10 visitors per day on your blog.

      You can use Amazon affiliate and promote tech gadgets like phones, laptop etc on your blog. And the same for the travel, you can promote travel-related product.

  2. Hello Ravi Dixit,

    First of all, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful post. I have a question in mind. How to get approval from ShareASale Affiliate program? Is there any minimum visitor requirements for a blog they need to accept an application?

    • There is no minimum requirement of visitor that your blog should be getting.

      Here are the tips that you can follow before applying to ShareASale:
      1. Use your own custom domain(however, you can use Gmail or other emails too, but custom domain increases the chances to get approved)
      2. Your blog that you submit should be ready, not in maintenance or incomplete. You should have all the important pages added.
      3. Provide accurate information about you and how you will promote.


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