Benefits of Offering Free Stuffs on Blog

It’s another new post on this blog.

I am 100% sure that you also have seen on many blogs that people are offering free stuff like an eBook or any other product that they are offering free of cost.
You think…

Why are they offering it free?

What are their benefits behind it?

And many other questions…

Take an example…

A new shop opened in your area. And the shocking thing is that the owner of that shop offering buy one and get one free or a huge discount on every product of his shop.

That time a question arrived in your mind that why he is offering a huge discount on this product. And the other questions are same as above…

Why are they offering it free?

What are their benefits behind it?

But the answer is same in both cases that are called Marketing. They both have products/content to offer and space for their business.But a thing is there that they both don’t have?

That is traffic or customers/visitors to purchase/use their product or content.

Generating traffic is the reasons behind all these activities. They are not stupid, they are playing smart.

I hope you understand why they are offering free stuff or discount. And in my point of view, this is a great way to get traffic on your new business/blog.

And there are the lot of benefits for offering the free stuff like an ebook, promo codes, event tickets etc. bloggers on their blog.

Get New Traffic

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As a discussed above that this is a great trick to get traffic on a new blog. Every successful blogger used this traffic on their blog when they want traffic because the reason is simple, people are always attracted for free or for the discount (it’s a fact, In fact, I also).

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When we offer eBook free of cost like an eBook for How to Blog. Then beginners will download our ebook.

Get New Subscriber

Every blogger wants to increase their subscribers they do a lot of things to do that, they do many tricks. Because the main benefit of Email Marketing is that it not let your visitors forget about your blog.

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As other, this is also a great way to increase subscriber on the blog.

You can add a subscriber form with the cool heading that you are offering a free eBook when they subscribe your blog. Your visitors will fill their email it the box and Gotch…You got a new Subscriber. (ha ha ha)

Just Like this…

Increase User Friendliness

It’s Make your visitors friendlier with you because they get every time an Email notification when you post a new Blog Post. And they might become on your blog to read that new post.

User Friendliness, StayMeOnline
The free stuff that they got from you, it probably helps them a lot to manage their blog and launching their blog and this little thing increase their trust on you. Now they can trust you and also on your content, next time when you post new blog post they definitely read it and wait for the new post because your content helps them.

Increase Sales of Premium Product

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Let take new shop example again from above …

New shop in your area is selling their product at a huge discount so people purchased the product and after that day the shop starts selling their product without discount or any other offer then people also start purchasing products from the new shop.

Let’s take this same for your Blog…..

After offering a free stuff that helps your visitors a lot and increase their trust on you and then if you launch an eBook that is not free and you fixed a price for it.

Visitors who got a free eBook there is a lot of chances that user may purchase your premium stuff because they have a good experience form you, your free stuff helped them a lot so they are thinking that premium stuff will definitely help them.

As discussed there are a lot of Benefits of offering free products on your blog but important thing that your stuff should be helpful for your visitors it should help them in their blogging life.

So take time and create a helpful stuff for your visitors and it will definitely give you benefits in future.

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