8 Best & Working Backlink Building Techniques In 2021

Backlink is the most common word you heard when it comes to SEO.

And backlink is the one of the most important factors in 200+ Google ranking factors that decides a web page rank in Google.

But beginners often bring spammy, low-quality backlinks when building backlinks for their blog, it happens become of less knowledge about the methods to build backlinks.

They get attracted by the schemes that promise to bring tons of backlinks at once to their website. But often this wrong method brings Google penalties and hurt their organic traffic and rankings.

If you are looking for the best strategies and techniques to build backlinks then this post is going to help you a lot. Because I will be showing the best 8 backlink building techniques.

But before any backlink building method, you should have a clear image of backlink in your mind…

What Is Backlink?

The word Backlink is explaining its definition itself. Back+Links where “Back” word stands for back to your site and “Link” stands for links.

When someone links to your blog or any particular page of your blog in their website/blog, it called a backlink. There are two types of backlinks.

  1. No-follow backlinks
  2. Do-follow backlinks

A no-follow backlink doesn’t pass link juice from one site to another, it clearly shows a message to Google and other search engines bot to not follow this link when crawling the page where it placed.

Whereas, A do-follow backlink passes link juice from one site to another and let Google count the backlink when deciding a web page ranks in SERPs.

Google considers do-follow backlinks as a vote by another site where it placed to your site. It shows a signal that you have quality content that’s why others are linking to you.

So, it is clear that Do-follow backlinks are more powerful than no-follow backlinks but it doesn’t matter no-follow backlinks are useless.

No-follow backlinks can bring some quality referral traffic from the site which linked you with a no-follow backlink. It also helps in maintaining a natural backlink profile.

There are some other benefits as well which you can have a look here…

Best & Working Backlink Building Techniques

Here I am going share some working backlink building techniques that I personally use to build backlinks for my blogs.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is my favorite backlink building method… But most have this misconspection that guest blogging doesn’t work anymore.

But it is a myth, I am actively doing guest blogging on others blog and building quality do-follow backlinks.

So, basically what you need to do for building backlinks through guest blogging?

Guest Blogging is a backlink building method where you can post content on others blog and in return you will get a backlink from there. No. of backlink and whether it would be followed or no-follow depends on the blog guest post guidelines.

You might be thinking how to find blogs that accept guest blogging?

I made this easy for you already, you can easily find blogs that accepting guest post within your niche from our list of 300+ blogs that accepting guest post.

This list is divided into various niches, you can easily find blogs relevant to your niche and sent them your guest posting pitch.

However, there is a simple method you can use to find blogs for guest posting within your niche.

You just need to enter “your niche” + “write for us” in Google, that’s it! Google will show you all the blogs that accepting guest post relevant to the niche you searched for.

Search for Guest Post Opportunity

Here are some alternate Google search operators you can use:

  • “your niche” + “guest posting”
  • “your niche” + “contribution”
  • “your niche” + “submit a guest post”

Here are some tips which will help you to send a guest posting request that get instant approval.

  • Read their guest posting guidelines to know what type of backlink they provide…
  • Crawl the entire blog where you are going to publish a guest post and find out the topics they didn’t cover
  • Read some of their content to know about the writing style they use
  • Use your business email for sending guest posting pitch(optional)
  • Send at least 4+ post ideas you can write for them
  • Share your previous work if you have any

Create Quality Content

Well, if your content have enough information about the topic it is written on and provide value to readers, then it might become an auto backlink building machine.

Think for a second, who don’t want to link to the quality content.

When you are writing in-depth articles and readers are loving them, you will see backlinks coming automatically.

Here are some tips that will help you to create a quality content that bring backlinks automatically:

  1. Spy top 3 or 10 posts that are ranking for the keyword you are going to write on.
  2. Cover everything around that particular topic, also try to find out what top-ranking pages missed and you cover those points in your post.
  3. Add FAQ Schema and cover some most commonly asked questions about the topic you are writing, you can use Google people also ask box and AnswerThePublic tool to find questions.
  4. Include images and videos in your posts which helps in understand more easily.
  5. Add a table of contents to make easy for readers to navigate your lengthy post.

Build Backlink Through Testimonials

Have you ever been asked for sharing some lines about a blogger or a blog?

Do you know that you can earn a backlinks in return?

Yes, this is one of the easiest method to build backlink. You just need write a few lines about someone or his blog.

See below image to know what I am exactly talking about:

8 Best & Working Backlink Building Techniques In 2021

Apart from a backlink, this method can also help you in getting some exposure from others blog.

Blog Commenting

Another easiest method which you can use to build backlinks to your blog. If you are thinking that you can build only no-follow backlinks through blog commenting.

Then you are wrong, my friend!

You can build quality do-follow backlink as well through blog commenting method. There are many blogs that use CommentLuv plugin to incentivize their commentators when they comment to their post.

So, what is CommentLuv plugin?

CommentLuv WordPress plugin is a commenting system for WordPress sites, it will help you to incentivize your commentator by giving a do-follow backlink to one of their blog post.

8 Best & Working Backlink Building Techniques In 2021

As you can see in the image above, I got two backlinks, one is no-follow with my name and the second is do-follow pointing to a post on my blog.

Let’s see, how you can find CommentLuv enabled blogs for building quality do-follow backlinks?

There is an easy tool that you can take help from to find CommentLuv enabled blogs… The name of the tool is DropMyLink.

Open DropMyLink tool and enter your keyword or niche in the search box. Select comment backlinks as the Category and Footprint Comment Luv Premium.


Just after hitting the search button, you will see all the blogs that have CommentLuv commenting system.

List Of CommentLuv Enabled Blogs In 2020

It’s very easy to find CommentLuv commenting system enabled blogs using the DropMyLink tool. But I made this a much easier task for you by gathering 50+ CommentLuv enabled blogs.

Get Interviewed On Other Blogs

This won’t work for you if you are using it for building backlinks as a new blogger who just started a blog.

But if you are in blogging for a long-time and have an authority blog then this is amazing for you.

You might have been asked by other bloggers for Interviews this can be an opportunity for you to get some backlinks and exposure for your blog.

Ravi Dixit Interview

Skyscraper Technique

An advanced link building technique, but worth trying. Because it has the potential to bring quality backlinks to your site.

The skyscraper technique is an advanced backlink building techniques where you can build backlinks by creating more in-depth content than the pages which already got tons of backlinks.

It is founded by Brian Dean founder of Backlinko. This technique includes three steps:

  1. Find pages with tons of backlinks
  2. Create more in-depth content
  3. Reach to linking domains

1. Search For Pages With Tons Of Backlinks

It starts from searching posts that got good amount of backlinks under your niche. For this, you can spy on competitors and find out their best performing posts with tons of backlinks.

I prefer using SEMrush always when it comes to any task related to SEO, be it spying competitors, keyword research, site audit, backlink audit and any other.

Claim the 14-days free trial of SEMrush to spy on your competitors’ well-performing posts.

Head over to SEMrush backlink analysis tool and enter your competitors’ domain in the search box and hit search. SEMrush will show you the backlink report for the entered domain.

SEMrush backlink analysis tool

On the report, you will be seeing the total backlinks, backlink profile, top anchor text and some other related metrics to backlinks.

Scroll down to the bottom and find top pages of the domain that got good number of backlinks.

SEMrush top pages

Now you have the posts that got good backlinks from other domains. SEMrush makes it pretty easy to find top linked pages of your competitor’s domain.

Now it’s time to jump into the second step of this Skyscraper technique…

2. Write More In-Depth Content

Now you have the top pages of your competitor that got good number of backlinks.

The second step is the most important step in this link building technique, you need to create more in-depth, more-visulized and up to date content than your competitor.

In short, you need to make a linkable content.

Here are some tips that you can follow to write an killer article:

  • Read your competitor’s post and find out what are the points they forgot to mentiond in their post about that particular topic. Make sure to cover them all in yours.
  • Add FAQ Schema in your post and cover up to 6 – 8 questions keyword for the targeted topic.
  • Cover everything about the topic you are writing, do research and find out the things people are searching about that topic.
  • Make your post more visualized than your competitor, add more images, infographic and video.
  • Include examples about the topic you are writing, it makes more easy for others to understand with the help of examples.
  • Write a catchy title for your post that can attract others to click.
  • If your competitor’s post is a list type post then try to make your list bigger than your competitor.

Follow the above listed tips and you will surely come up with a killer in-depth post than your competitor. But keep it in mind, this is the most important part in this link building technique.

3. Reach Out To Linking Domains

Now look at the third and final step of this Skyscraper technique.

You have a high-quality content than the competitor you want to steal backlink from(yes you can say that), now you need to let the domain owners know that linked to your competitor that you have more in-depth content than the one they linked to.

But it is not as easy as it looks like…

You need to be a bit smarter in it to get good result out of this outreach.

Hello, [Name]!

Today, I was searching for [Your Topic] and I came to know this page [URL].

Then I came to know that you linked to this article [Article Title].

So, this email is to let you inform that I have also created a similar. It is [Name of Article], But mine is more in-depth, more up-to-date. Here is URL: [URL]

Might be worth a mention on your page.

keep up the awesome work…

[your name]
[your domain]

Broken Link Building

Broken link building is a popular backlink building strategy in SEO.

You might be aware that broken link hurts a website’s SEO and also impact user experience.

So, in this you can build backlink for your site just by letting others know that they have a broken link on their blog.

Yes, it is as simple as it looks here.

There are two steps involved in broken link building technique…

  1. Find broken links on websites you want a backlink from
  2. Offer your content as a replacement

Find Broken Links On Website You Want Backlinks From

This is the most important step which need your full attention and effort.

There is a free tool that you can use, basically it’s a Chrome extension named “Check My Links“. It has the potential to make finding broken links easy on any website you want backlinks from.

You just need to install it on your Google chrome browser and visit the website you want backlink from.

Click on the CheckMyLinks icon at your extensions bar while on the site, it will show you the status of all the links placed on that page you are on.

8 Best & Working Backlink Building Techniques In 2021

You may need to visit multiple pages to find some Invalid links(broken links) in the website or blog you want backlinks from.

This is the hardest part of this technique, you may need to spend lots of time to find broken links within a website. I recommend searching on posts which have tons of outbound backlinks, listicle and statistics article are some examples of this kind of posts.

Create A Replacement Post And Reach Out

After finding a broken link, it’s the time to let them know about that dead link and offer your post as an replacement.

Now you need to have a replacement content before doing a outreach to the website owner about the broken link.

Here are the tips you can follow to create a good replacement content for broken link building:

  • Use Web Archive tool to take a look of the post which got removed, it will give you an idea how it was and what you need to cover in your replacement content.
  • Cover updated data about the topic the post covered.
  • Use images and other form of media to make your post visualized.
  • Write a lengthy post and cover everything about that particular topic.

Once your replacement post is ready, it’s the time to reach out to the website owner which has dead link. You can use this following outreach template:

Hello [Name],

I was reading your post [Content with broken link] and found there is a dead link pointing to this page [Broken Link Destination].

[Screenshot of broken link page]

Your post is really useful, thanks for sharing it with us.

Anyway, if you are looking for a replacement of that dead page, you may want to check out this post: [Your replacement post URL]

Thanks and keep sharing your amazing knowledge.

[Your Name]

There are high chances that you will end up getting a backlink from the website because you are helping them to fix their broken link with a quality replacement post.

Who don’t want to get a broken linked fixed with a replacement? And you are helping in doing so…

Claim Unlink Brand Mentions

You can say that this is one of the easiest method to build backlinks, because here the chances are 100% of getting a backlink.

Sometimes content writers write posts and forget to provide a link to the citations, they mention brands and website but don’t provide backlinks.

In SEO, it is known as the “unlinked brand mentions“.

You need to find all those websites which mentioned you or your blog but didn’t provide a link. You might be thinking how you can find those websites.

Well, there are two methods I am going to share with you… First is free and the second one is paid.

Let’s start with the FREE one first…

There is a free tool offered by Google named “Google Alerts“, you can use this tool to set up an alert for your brand name and when someone mentioned your brand in their website, it will notify you.

Let’s see how you can setup one for you…

Go to Google Alerts and enter your brand name in the search box, one Create Alert button will appear just down to the box. There are some other options also available which you can see and set just by clicking on Show Options beside the Create alert button.

Google Alerts

After setting Google Alert for your domain, whenever someone mention you, you will be notified by Google on the same domain that you added while setting up alert.

So, this is the free method you can use. Isn’t it pretty simple to use?

Let’s see the paid one…

I am using the SEMrush for performing keyword research, site audit, backlink audit and plenty of other SEO tasks. It is really amazing to tool grow a brand’s online presence and gain traffic.

SEMrush also offers a tool named “Brand Monitoring” that will help you to track your brand mentioned whenever someone mentions your brand on their website or blog.

For setting up Brand Monitoring for your blog, you need to add a project(your domain) in SEMrush. After adding your domain as project, you will see plenty of tools.


You will be seeing the Brand Monitoring tool, click on the Setup button. There will be a pop up appear where you need to enter the brand name which you want to monitor and select the country. Once everything is done, hit the Start Tracking.

Brand Monitoring Setup

Now SEMrush started tracking your brand mentions.

The both ways I shared above will help you to track your brand’s mentions, if you found any unlinked mention then you can read out them to ask for a link to your site from the same unliked brand mentions.


These are the best and working backlink building techniques that you can use to earn quality backlinks for your blog, I am not saying all those will work for you but most of them will do if you do them in a effective way.

Which one is your favorite backlink building strategy? Let me know in the comments…

If you found this list useful then must share it with others to help them in building backlinks with ease.

Best Backlink Building Techniques

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