Enable Author Tracking In WordPress With This Easiest Method In 2021

Do you want to setup Author Tracking in your WordPress blog?

Then you are on the right place because this post is gonna help you to setup Author tracking in WordPress.

But before going deep into the tutorial, Answer one question, Why you want to setup Author Tracking?

Let me GUESS!

You might have a multi-author blog where you have more than 1 authors who are writing posts for you. And you want to track their performance, Did I get it RIGHT?

I am sure I did…

Author Tracking can help you to track the performance of your authors, you can easily know which author’s post is performing well than others.

With Author Tracking, you can easily:

  • find the most popular author on your blog
  • sort page views for articles by author
  • find which author’s post keep visitors on your blog
  • get instant WordPress author stats for optimization

In this post, I am going to show you the exact and easy steps you can follow to get all your authors’ stats within your Google Analytics dashboard.

As you might know, Google Analytics doesn’t have any settings to set up author tracking in WordPress. You will need to add custom codes to track author on your blog which might be out your cup of tea.

For setting up Author Tracking in WordPress, you must have to use a plugin called “Google Analytics For WordPress By MonsterInsights“. I am using it on all my blogs to get all traffic and tracking insights on my WordPress dashboard.

What Is Google Analytics For WordPress By MonsterInsights?

MonsterInsights, Officially known as Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress by MonsterInsights, is the most popular Google Analytics plugin for WordPress.

It makes easy for you to connect your Google Analytics with your WordPress blog, even if you don’t have the technical knowledge to do that.

MonsterInsights is a beginner-friendly plugin that doesn’t require you to have any technical knowledge and you don’t need to make your hands dirty with codes.

It has 34 million downloads and more than 2 million active installs which makes it most popular Google Analytics plugin for WordPress.

For more deep explanation, read complete MonsterInsights review here…

I know the question arose in your mind, Is MonsterInsights a free Plugin?

WELL, It is!

But you can’t set up author tracking with MonsterInsights Free version. you must have to buy its premium version to get the Author Tracking add-on.

Here is the pricing of MonsterInsights:

MonsterInsights Pricing

BUT, you must have to buy their Pro or Agency plan to get the Author Tracking feature which can allow you to track the author of your blog. The Pro and Plus plan will cost you 199.50/year and 399.50/year respectively.

You can get the best available DISCOUNT if you buy using this link…

Once you have purchased MonsterInsights, this is the time to Install and Activate it to your WordPress site.

Install MonsterInsights To Your WordPress Blog

Now it’s time to make things ready to set up Author tracking in your WordPress blog. The first step is to install and activate MonsterInsights to your WordPress blog.

If you already know how to install a plugin and can set up MonsterInsights yourself, then you can skip this step.

For installing MonsterInsights, head over to Plugins>Add New from your WordPress website. Search for the MonsterInsights…Install MonsterInsights

Click on the Install button and then Activate it

When the plugin is activated on your blog, then you need to upgrade it by adding your license key which you can do by going to Insights>Settings then scroll a bit you will get license key box where you need to enter your license key.

Enable Author Tracking In WordPress With This Easiest Method In 2021

Login your MonsterInsights account that you created while purchasing. Copy the license key from there and paste it to the box shown in the above image then click on Unlock Pro Features Now.

After unlocking the Pro features, you need to connect your Google Analytics to WordPress site which you can do by going to Insights>Settings.

Now you are good to go to setup Author Tracking on your WordPress blog using MonsterInsights.

Setup Author Tracking Using MonsterInsights

You have installed MonsterInsights plugin to your website which means you are ready to set up author tracking.

As I already said, it is very easy to add author tracking in WordPress using MonsterInsights because you don’t need to play with codes.

Here you need to install an addon called Dimensions which you can easily install by going to Insights>Addons and click on Install button to install Dimensions addon.

Enable Author Tracking In WordPress With This Easiest Method In 2021

Dimensions addon will help you to Track authors, categories, tags, searches, users, and more in your WordPress blog.

Once it is installed, It will be activated automatically. Now you are fully ready to add author tracking in your WordPress blog.

For adding Author tracking, you need to go to Insights>Settings then Conversions. Scroll down to the bottom and you will be seeing Custom Dimensions box.

Click on the Add New Custom Dimensions…

Add author tracking using Custom Dimensions

You will be seeing a dropdown menu after clicking the Add New Custom Dimension button, select the Author from the menu.

WordPress author tracking

The changes will be saved automatically. You don’t need to click any save button.

Now it’s time to open your Google Analytics and select the site where you want to setup Author tracking(Of course it should be the same where you installed MonsterInsights).

Enable Author Tracking In WordPress With This Easiest Method In 2021

After selecting the property, Go to Admin>Custom Definitions>Custom Dimensions.

Enable Author Tracking In WordPress With This Easiest Method In 2021

Now, Click on + New Custom Dimension in the table.

Enable Author Tracking In WordPress With This Easiest Method In 2021

It will open a small form where you can see a Name field, enter the Author there and keep all settings as-is… Click on Create button to add the custom dimensions.

Enable Author Tracking In WordPress With This Easiest Method In 2021

The last step, you need to keep the same ID for Custom Dimension ID in your MonsterInsights settings. If both (Index ID and Custom ID in MonsterInsights) are the same then you don’t need to do anything.

But if they are not same, then copy the Index ID from the Google Analytics and change MonsterInsights Custom Dimension ID to make it the same as Google Analytics Index ID.

Enable Author Tracking In WordPress With This Easiest Method In 2021

Enable Author Tracking In WordPress With This Easiest Method In 2021

Now you need to add Custom reports in your Google Analytics to get data of your authors. You can add Custom reports by going to Customisation>Custom Reports

You need to add Author in Dimension Drilldowns and then click on the Save button.

Enable Author Tracking In WordPress With This Easiest Method In 2021

Everything is done now, you have added Author tracking and also custom reports which can show you data of your blog authors. Now you should be able to see the traffic data but when it is enough to show.

Here is an example:

Enable Author Tracking In WordPress With This Easiest Method In 2021

To get further insights, you need to add Author as a secondary dimension which you can do by going Behavior>Site Content>All Pages. From here choose any primary dimension (for example Page Title) and go to the Secondary Dimension dropdown below it.

Under the custom, select Author to view the custom reports with other primary dimensions as shown in the below image.

Enable Author Tracking In WordPress With This Easiest Method In 2021

It’ll add Author section next to each Page title, it will provide you even more useful and personalized data which will help you to track your authors’ performance.

Enable Author Tracking In WordPress With This Easiest Method In 2021

Add Author Tracking Using MonsterInsights FAQ

There might be some questions in your mind regarding this post, this FAQ section might answer them. If not, then feel free to drop in comments I will surely reply as soon as possible.

Q. Is MonsterInsights Free?

A. Yes, It has a Free version as well. But if you want to add author tracking then you can’t to it with Free version. You need to buy the Premium version to get these features.

Q. Does Plus plan have Author Tracking Feature?

A. No, It doesn’t have. It is available with Pro and Agency plan which will cost you 199.50$/year and 399.50$ respectively.

Q. Do I need to put codes on my website for adding Author Tracking?

A. NOT at all, MonsterInsighs is a beginner-friendly plugin. You don’t need to add codes on your website or anything else. It is very simple to use, you just need to install and activate it.


Now I am sure you come to know how easy it is to add author tracking in WordPress using MonsterInsights. Not only Author tracking, rather there are also tons of things which you can do with MonsterInsights.

This is the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress that helps you to get more useful and personalized Google analytics data. To know more about MonsterInsights, read our complete review…

If you are ready to buy MonsterInsight then click here to buy with best available discount price.

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